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Director's Cut
Rating: ESRB: T (Teen, 13+)
Region: Worldwide

Original Version
Rating: ESRB: T (Teen 13+)
Region: Worldwide

Release: May 29, 2012 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Gladion
George Stobbart really only wanted to go on a holiday and relaxedly enjoy the day in a café in Paris. An explosion in the café, initiated by a clown, destroys his plans, though. George joins the investigation because a man was killed by that explosion. He meets the reporter Nico at that, and the two reveal a Templar conspiracy.

Broken Sword is a classical point-and-plick-adventure. The dialogue is funny, the story engaging and the game itself has cult status. The Director’s Cut was released on Nintendo DS and Wii in 2009. It now contains playable scenes with Nico. Furthermore, more riddles were added. A lot of things have been changed altogether, e.g. conversations were shortened, some objects are not accessible any more, a search help was added etc., but those things are irrelevant for this report. The PC-version of the Director’s Cut is, at the time, only available via download.

The Director's Cut has made it impossible to die. Whatever you do to make George kick the bucket, it just won't work any more. The first part of the report therefore deals with George's eight ways of dying. The rest of the censoring is strange: The blood was removed only at two spots, for the rest of the game, the Director’s Cut is as "bloody" (e.g. Khan's death) as the original. Furthermore, one murder was altered. The Director's Cut is also included on the Wii-Version.

The censored Director’s Cut(PC-version) was compared to the uncensored original (PSX-version).
# 1 A Final Checkout:
George finds an old templar map in the hotel Ubu which he has to retrieve from there. Shame that Guido and Flip are waiting just outside the hotel for somebody to come out with the map. The director’s cut has made it impossible to leave the hotel with the map.


Now a slightly longer dialogue follows
which ends lethally for George.

# 2 Turning into Dust in the Museum
There is a tripod to steal in the museum, but Guido and Flap join in. There is only little time to evade the two in the original. The Director’s Cut proceeds automatically so you don’t get busted.

# 3 Pushing Daisies from Underground:
Below the church court in the Montefaucon, George discovers a subterranean secret entrance. A meeting of the templars is taking place here. Again, only the original version allows the player to disturb the meeting.

# 4 Going Down in the Desert:
Khan asks George about what he found in the cave. Wrong answers lead to George getting shot. Right answers also lead to getting shot, but George can quickly use jump down the cliff.

# 5 Dusting in the well:
George finds a secret well in the Villa de Vasconcellos. After pressing the stone lion’s tooth, you have to jump away quickly, otherwise George is being squashed. In the Director’s Cut, George automatically jumps aside.

# 6 Getting Grilled on the Train’s Roof:
There is an electricity box on the train’s roof. If you are stupid enough to go there, you are being grilled and fall of the roof.

# 7 Going into the Casket by Train:
George is getting shot if he doesn’t pull the emergency break quickly enough. Again, this happens automatically in the Director’s Cut.

# 8 Getting Finished off One Last Time:
On trying to escape the templar hideout, Guido blocks the exist. Once more, one has to act quickly and throw the torch at the black powder. Otherwise...

Fitzgerald is getting disposed of:
Fitzgerald is being run over by a sports car and obducted in Lochmarne. The blood from his face was removed here.

Eklund's Death:
In the original, Eklund is being stabbed, in the DC shot by Rosso. They even thought of putting a gun in Rosso’s hand.

Rosso's End:
Directly after Eklund, Rosso has to kick the bucket. The blood was removed in the Director’s Cut.