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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: May 04, 2008 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version (represented through the Thai-DVD from EVS) and the Director's Cut (represented through the German Rental DVD from Eurovideo).

The Director's Cut of ALONE IN THE DARK contains a few rather pointless story extensions, but also three new gore scenes and one fight scene. Unfortunately, the sex scene from the Theatrical Version is missing.

The Director's Cut is about 94 seconds longer than the Theatrical Version.

04:08 Min. - 04:48 Min.

On the plane: The boy tells Carnby, that one can get nightmares from cheese and hands him his coloring book. He goes on to say that there are no vampires or ghosts and that one does not have to be scared in the dark - as his mother has told him. The next sentences are in the R-Rated in alternative shots, but the end of the scene is missing in the R-Rated.

Here Carnby returns the book to the boy and says that adults only talk that way because they don't know the truth. The boy gets a bit scared. In the R-Rated, it is not shown how the book is handed around, it just goes from the boy to Carnby and back, resulting in some nasty continuity flaws.

Duration: DC 20 sec. longer.

12:53 Min. - 13:16 Min.

The two fat dudes mention that Aline's boyfriend (=>Carnby) has been missing for three months and continue to goof around.

Duration: DC 23 Sec. longer.

20:37 Min. - 20:58 Min.

One guy tells Burke that the paranormal activities are going well over the scale of his measuring instrument.

Duration: DC 21 Sec. longer.

36:32 Min. - 37:02 Min.

Aline wants to go back into the office to get her stuff but is stopped by Burke. When he lets her go eventually, he sends a guard after her.

Duration: DC 30 Sec. longer.

40:44 Min. - 40:48 Min.

Carnby says that the parasite on his spine is dead and that they should leave it there.

Duration: DC 4 Sec. longer.

43:57 Min. - 44:15 Min.

Miles wants to have data from Antonio but there aren't any.

Duration: DC 18 Sec. longer.

46:05 Min.

Oh boy: The complete sex scene between Aline and Carnby is missing in the DC, resulting in one hell of a continuity flaw because Aline is naked later on for no apparent reason.

Duration: R-Rated 69 Sec. longer.

53:20 Min. - 53:25 Min.

A soldier is sliced up pretty badly; his spine is torn apart. Unfortunately, the cut is pretty bad as well because he has an armored vest on that magically disappears when his spine is cracked.

Duration: DC 5 Sec. longer.

53:29 Min. - 53:42 Min.

A soldier tries out his Martial Arts skills against an enemy. The R-Rated continues as he knocks out the second enemy.

Duration: DC 13 Sec. longer.

70:48 Min. - 70:51 Min.

Close-up of the soldier who had the right half of his body bitten off.

Duration: DC 3 Sec. longer.

75:01 Min. - 75:08 Min.

Miles is only torn apart in the DC. The shot of the building is longer in the R-Rated and we hear the killing noises from the Off.

Duration: DC 5 Sec. longer.

83:32 Min. - 83:35 Min.

We see Burke running away from the explosion.

Duration: DC 3 Sec. longer.

83:58 Min. - 84:16 Min.

Burke lies on the floor. He coughs and turns around slowly.

Duration: DC 18 Sec. longer.