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Saw VI

original title: Saw VI


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Feb 08, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version (R-Rated) and the Unrated Director's Cut (Both were taken from the US DVDs from Lionsgate.)

Theatrical Version: 85:11 min without credits (90:17 min with credits) in NTSC
Unrated Director's Cut: 85:50 min without credits (91:39 min with credits and the additional scene at the end) in NTSC

- 68 changes, including
* 22x alternative footage
* 17 scenes in which only the theatrical version is longer
* 3 changes of the audio track
* 2 changes of speed
* 1 other change

- time difference: 82,7 sec (= 1:22 min), including
* additional footage (Unrated): 272,6 sec (= 4:32 min)
* additional footage (Theatrical Version): 129,9 sec (3:10 min)

The movie

"Same procedure as last year...?"
Yes, everything stays the same. On Halloween, audiences in the US could again immerse themselves in the latest addition to the Jigsaw universe.

Like in the last two years, the story relies heavily on cutbacks. Jigsaw has been dead since Saw III after all. But of course, the producers did not abandon their beloved cash cow Tobin Bell completely. Furthermore, Perez, who was thought to be dead already, has an appearance, which is one of the reasons why Hoffman's (Jigsaw's succesor) secretive actions lead him more and more to a dead end. At the same time, another "game" that was planned by him is played. Hospital-manager William has to take responsibility for his reckless company policy. Here, the scriptwriters apparently tried to criticize the US health care system.
Moreover, we are given more information about Jill's involvement in the illegal dealings of her ex-husband and some well known characters from the previous movies like Amanda and Cecil play an important role, as well. Actually, quite a few of the questions that were left open in the previous movies are now answered. This is good for fans of the Saw franchise but people who are not familiar with the series will have problems to follow some of the cutbacks. In between all of that, we get some pretty intense gore and splatter effects. Those are not used as often as one would have expected but when they are used they are as extreme as in the controversial Saw III.

At the box-office, Saw VI flopped big time. Fans had already been critical of Saw V and for Saw VI, this is also reflected in the box-office returns. Of course, the movie was profitable due to its low budget but less than half of the returns of Saw V, which had only made $133 million worldwide and was thus significantly less profitable than the prequels, can only be considered a major flop. However, the prayers of many critics were not heard. Even before its theatrical release, two more sequels had been announced and at least Saw VII already has a fixed release-date, which will be October 22, 2010. The cash cow still has to make some money.

The Unrated Director's Cut

Another trademark of the series is the obligatory Unrated version for the DVD-release. Both versions have been in stores in the US since 26.01.2010. The Unrated version is presented in Widescreen and contains two audio commentaries and the usual featurettes and music videos. Unfortunately, the Theatrical version is only available in Fullscreen and does not have any audio commentary. However, the other bonus materials are on the DVD, which was not the case for Saw V.

Like the Unrated versions of its direct prequels, Saw VI Unrated can be considered a true Director's Cut, as the changes were not necessarily made because of complaints from the MPAA. Actually, the Unrated version only contains very few scenes in which the violence was extended or intensified. (For example, the few new shots from the beginning of the movie are less graphic than the rest of the scene.) This is due to the fact that the theatrical version had already been very graphic and made headlines because in Spain it was only allowed to be shown in adult theaters. Instead, the story is given a different direction from time to time. Sometimes those changes make sense, at other times they seem pretty random.

Again, the showdown was heavily changed. More than half of the changes can be found here. Besides the different sequencing, the most obvious change is the different ending of Hoffman's bear trap scene. In the audio commentary, the producers say that they had planned to connect the games that are about Hofman's and William's life.

In the theatrical version, Jill activates the timer of Hoffman's trap herself by closing the door after she has left the room. In the Unrated version, the timer is started later when Brent activates the switch. Therefore, his decision for William's death seals Hoffman's (alleged) fate.

Then the audience is given a nice little encore. For the first time, the Unrated version contains a new additional scene after the credits. This scene opens up new possibilities for the storyline of Saw VII.

Which version one prefers is purely a matter of taste. True Saw fans will want to have both versions anyway and that's why it can only be considered a rip-off that each version is sold seperately.

The running-time is listed as follows:
Theatrical Version in NTSC / Unrated Version in NTSC
04:06 / 04:06-04:08

A first and very short pan shot of the room - Eddie is quickly shown from the front (without blood). He cuts himself, his face is distorted by pain.

2 sec

04:34 / 04:36-04:41

An additional shot of Eddie cutting himself is shown. This is followed by a short shot of Simone. Then the camera pans around her from the back. The theatrical version continues with the next shot, which is an unsteady pan shot from the front.

4,6 sec

alternative footage
04:40-04:41 / 04:47-04:48

Before Eddie throws the first piece of meat into the box, an alternative shot of Simone is shown. In the theatrical version, she is only horrified (1,4 sec) but the Unrated version shows an additional shot of her arm (1,6 sec).

Theatrical VersionUnrated

alternative footage
04:43 / 04:50

The scale points to the other direction (both 0,5 sec).

no time difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

alternative footage
05:56-06:00 / 06:03-06:31

After the title is shown, a new scene follows in the Unrated version. First, the black screen is noticeably longer. Then a shot of Cecil and Amanda follows. This is obviously a flashback. The images are blurry and one cannot hear what they say.

Then the first words from Jigsaw's tape are played during a blackscreen. Immediately after that, Strahm's flashback begins.
(28,1 sec)

Instead, the theatrical version shows how Strahm plays the tape.
(4,1 sec)

the Unrated version is 24 sec longer

alternative footage
07:23-07:30 / 07:54-07:59

After Strahm's dead body has fallen down to the ground and Hoffman has looked upwards, the scene ends with an alternative shot.

In the theatrical version Hoffman walks foward (6,2 sec), in the Unrated version he walks to the door behind him (4,7 sec).

the theatrical version is 1,5 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

only the theatrical version is longer
19:22-19:23 / 19:51

For a chance, some violence was removed from the Unrated version here. Only the theatrical version shows a short flashback of the trap from Saw V when Perez mentions Seth Baxter.

+ 1,5 sec

alternative footage
20:04-20:30 / 20:32-20:53

Some unimportant alternative footage is shown when Jill enters the doctor's office. (Theatrical Version: 25,5 sec / Unrated Version: 20,3 sec).

Here, a different take was used, which becomes obvious when Jill meets the gay pornstar and his female escort. In the theatrical version they are standing when they complain to Jill's colleague. In the Unrated version they are sitting. Furthermore, the theatrical version shows an additional close up of Jill trying to calm down the two. For the next shot of Hoffman a different part of the shot was used. This is followed by an alternative shot of Jill and Hoffman walking into her office. The new shot was used to ensure a smooth transition to the next scene.

the theatrical version is 5,2 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

alternative footage
21:15-21:22 / 21:38-21:41

In the theatrical version the shot is longer at the beginning. Hoffman sorts some envelopes on the table. There are only five envelopes and one can guess that Jill knowingly withholds the 6th envelope.
Then he asks, "Is that all there is?", and she says yes.
(6,5 sec)

The Unrated version doesn't show the hint and only shows him from the front. Then an inter-cut to Jill follows.
(2,6 sec)

the Theatrical Version is 3,9 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

only the theatrical version is longer
24:02-24:04 / 24:21

The beginning of the shot was removed from the Unrated version:
After the flashback to Amanda and Jigsaw, Jill says "Okay, John" into the empty room before she switches the light off.

+ 1,8 sec

only the theatrical version is longer
28:18-28:20 / 28:35

A close up of Hank and a flashback to him in the lawyer's office were removed from the Unrated version.

+ 2,6 sec

28:23 / 28:37-28:38

Instead, the next shot of him, the one that shows him in chains, is slightly longer.

0,7 sec

40:15 / 40:30-40:31

William is shown slightly longer, then the shot of Allen begins significantly earlier.

1 sec

only the theatrical version is longer
43:06-43:12 / 43:22

In the Unrated version Jill walks up the stairs at the beginning of the scene - the two shots of her in the car and on her way to the hospital have been removed.

+ 6,2 sec

alternative footage
45:37-45:39 / 45:47-45:51

Alternative shots of Amanda are shown when she asks, "What do you know about life?". The Unrated version shows her threating Hoffman and in the next shot he is subsequently shown earlier(3,6 sec). In the theatrical version she stays calm. (1,8 sec).

the Unrated version is 1,8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

45:40 / 45:52-45:53

In the Unrated version, said shot of Hoffman is also slightly longer at the end of the scene.

0,4 sec

alternative footage
45:45-45:47 / 45:57-46:00

Again, an alternative shot of Amanda is shown when she announces, "because I'm not going anywhere". In the theatrical version, John is also shown slightly earlier in the scene before. Instead, the Unrated version shows the knee shot a little earlier.

(Theatrical Version 2,6 sec / Unrated 3,6 sec)

the Unrated version is 1 sec longer

Thetrical VersionUnrated

alternative footage
47:39-47:41 / 47:52-47:54

After John has given Jill the key, the Unrated version already shows how Jill takes it out in front of the box when he tells her, "when the time is'll know what do with it",
The theatrical version stays with the two longer and shows him earlier.

no time difference (both 2 sec)

Theatrical VersionUnrated

only the theatrical version is longer
47:45-47:48 / 47:58

The theatrical version shows said shot shortly afterwards and the flashback is shown without interruption. Furthermore, one additional shot in which the key is put into the lock is shown. (pictures only of that scene.)

+ 3 sec

Only the theatrical version is longer
52:52-52:53 / 53:02

The short cutback to Debbie's office (between a shot of her sitting gagged and bound against a wall and an inter-cut to William) was removed from the Unrated version.

+ 1,1 sec

alternative footage
53:10-53:12 / 53:19-53:20

The Unrated version shows Debbie slightly longer. She turns her head to the side.
(0,5 sec)

The theatrical version shows a pan shot of the corridor.


the theatrical version is shown 1,2 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

54:15 / 54:23

William gets steam into his face longer.

0,3 sec

54:18 / 54:26-54:27

A short additional shot of William backing off is shown between two shots of Debbie.

0,7 sec

54:39 / 54:48-54:50

Two more shots of the screaming William.

2,2 sec

55:34 / 55:45-55:46

Two more shots of William from the backside.

1,2 sec

56:49 / 57:01-57:02

An additional close up of Debbie's trap closing with a snap.

0,5 sec

alternative footage
57:55-57:59 / 58:08

In the theatrical version Brent turns to his mother after the shot of the monitor and says, "Someone's there. They're watching us."
(4,2 sec)

The Unrated version only shows the surveillance camera slightly earlier.

the theatrical version is 3,8 sec longer

alternative footage
58:06-58:07 / 58:15-58:32

In the theatrical version the lever is shown briefly.
(1,4 sec)

In the Unrated version Brent walks toward the lever in the same shot and suggests, "Let's pull it."
Tara disagrees, "No! We don't know what it does yet. It's too risky."
Brent walks away and says angrily, "Fuck!"
(17 sec)

the Unrated version is 15,6 sec longer

audio track
68:07-68:10 / 68:32-68:35

After the "merry-go-round" trap, which is identical in both versions, the audio track was changed slightly.
In the theatrical version the loop "Right now, you're feeling helpless" from Hoffman's tape, which is repeated throughout the whole scene, begins when the matching image is shown on the computer in the laboratory, whereas in the Unrated version it already begins at the end of the previous shot that shows William.

Moreover, the only thing the crew mentions in the audio commentary is that the last note of the score or rather the piano song that is played immediately after William has removed the key, is only played in the Unrated version. Right after that when he leaves the room the next part is exclusively played in the Unrated version.

alternative footage
75:38-75:40 / 76:03-76:17

The theatrical version briefly shows Jenkins in the other room after Brent has unsuccessfully tried to pull the lever.
(1,6 sec)

In the Unrated version Brent sits down between two shots of Sarah and says, "It doesn't make any fucking sense." Again, it is shown how the time is running out and after Tara has put her hand on Brent's head and walked passed him, the next shot begins slightly earlier.

(14,1 sec)

the Unrated version is 12,4 sec longer

audio track

The cutback to the scene in which Amanda finds her letter while Hoffman is reading his own has been extended. In connection with that, Hoffman slowly reads the letter out in a dark and gloomy voice.

76:18 / 76:55-76:57

Here, the Unrated version shows another inter-cut to the present in which Hoffman reads the letter that was meant for him.

2,2 sec

76:21 / 77:00-77:02
Another inter-cut to Hoffman before Amanda sees the letter in the flashback. In addition to that, an inter-cut to the letter and three single shots of Hoffman are shown.

2,1 sec

76:24 / 77:05-77:08

Here, the Unrated version shows one more (blurry) shot of Amanda and Cecil before Jill enters the door. (The shot is signicicantly shorter than before)

2,2 sec

alternative footage
76:27-76:29 / 77:11-77:13

Shortly after that the Unrated version switches to Jill. She turns off the light. Then the Unrated version returns to the shot of Cecil at a later moment, whereas the same shot is shown without any interruption in the theatrical version.

no time difference (both 1,6 sec)

Theatrical VersionUnrated

alternative footage
76:32-76:34 / 77:16-77:23

Now, the same the other way round. The theatrical version shows Jill and the light switch. (no pictures this time),whereas the Unrated version stays with the two longer. However, the Unrated version is longer in total and the relationship between Amanda and Cecil becomes more understandable.

Cecil: "She's been good to us.
Amanda, after she has grabbed his crotch: "I've been good to you."
Cecil: "I know..."
Amanda: "Please, please, go."
Cecil: "You drive me crazy."

(Theatrical Version 1,6 sec / Unrated Version 7,3 sec)

the Unrated version is 5,7 sec longer

76:43 / 77:32-77:34

After the door has been pressed against Jill's belly, the Unrated version shows Amanda's reaction.

2,3 sec

76:49 / 77:40-77:43

Before John appears in the flashback, the Unrated version shows one more time how Hoffman is reading the letter.

2,6 sec

only the theatrical version is longer
77:17-77:18 / 78:11

The letter in Hoffman's hand is shown longer in the theatrical version.

+ 1,2 sec

only the theatrical version is longer
77:21 / 78:14

The close up of Jill with the taser was removed completely.

+ 2 sec

only the theatrical version is longer
77:30-77:33 / 78:21

Shortly afterwards and before Strahm appears, an additional shot of the suffering Hoffman as well as Jill, who steps forward, is shown.

+ 3 sec

only the theatrical version is longer
78:08-78:09 / 78:56

Brent and Tara are shown slightly longer in the theatrical version.

+ 0,9 sec

only the theatrical version is longer
78:20-78:21 / 79:07

Jenkins is shown at the telephone earlier in the theatrical version.

+ 0,3 sec

only the theatrical version is longer
78:24-78:25 / 79:10

...and slightly longer at the end.

+ 0,5 sec

audio track
78:47-78:49 / 79:32-79:34

During the flashback of Harold and his family in William's office, only the Unrated version plays the words, "Come on, let's go!"

only the theatrical version is longer
78:53 / 79:38

Brent and Tara are shown slightly earlier when Brent realizes that the murderer of his father is standing in front of them.

+ 0,4 sec

only the theatrical version is longer
80:43-80:45 / 81:28

The two shots of the "acid-needle"-trap are missing from the Unrated version.

+ 2,7 sec

only the theatrical version is longer
80:57-81:02 / 81:40

A couple of shots were removed from the Unrated version.
Jill is busy with Hoffman's bear trap. William watches Jill set the timer to 45 seconds but it doesn't start.
The next shot of Hoffman also begins slightly earlier (since she takes her hand away from the timer, whereas the Unrated version pans directly to her after the close up of Williams.

+ 4,8 sec

81:56 / 82:34-82:36

Another shot over Tara's shoulder.

2,5 sec

82:16 / 82:56-82:58

Between the shots of the acid-needle-trap, which is meant for William and was activated by Brent with a lever, an inter-cut to Hoffman,who is looking around in panic, was removed.

1,6 sec

82:23 / 83:05-83:09

Inter-cut to Hoffman in the Unrated-version: The timer of the bear trap already starts here, obviously as a result of the activation of the acid-needle-trap. In contrast to the theatrical version, the timer starts counting down from 60.

3,4 sec

alternative footage
82:38-82:40 / 83:24-83:25

An alternative shot of the flalling Hoffman is shown.

no time difference (both 1,4 sec)

Theatrical VersionUnrated

82:41 / 83:27-83:35

After Jill has stepped aside, the Unrated version shows a couple more shots.

A close up of Hoffman is shown, then the timer counts down to 47. Then Jill says, ""Game over!" and walks to the door.

Moreover, the shot of Hoffman begins slightly earlier than in the theatrical version.

8,4 sec

change of speed
82:41-82:43 / 83:35-83:36

The following pan shot of Hoffman is shown in the Unrated version at double speed.

the theatrical version is 1 sec longer

alternative footage
82:43-82:44 / 83:36-83:37

Next, the theatrical version shows a shot of the shocked Jenkins (1 sec), whereas the Unrated version shows another close up of Hoffman (1,2 sec).

the Unrated version is 0,2 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

alternative footage
82:46-82:52 / 83:39-83:42

The flashbacks of Williams are different, a freeze frame is shown till the next shot of him at the grid.

The theatrical version first and slightly longer shows him, then how he declines Harold's offer and finally a short conversation with John.
(6,5 sec)

In the Unrated version, he welcomes John in the corridor and he is shown in one more frame when Jigsaw is shown on the tape.
(3 sec)

the theatrical version is 3,5 sec longer

82:53 / 83:43-84:05

The Unrated version shows many more fast flashbacks, among them also scenes that are shown in the theatrical version earlier. Furthermore, there are some inter-cuts to the panicking Jenkins and Hoffman's fight with the bear trap begins earlier. (he cuts open his hands with the apparatus on his head)

21,6 sec

only the theatrical version is longer
82:57-82:59 / 84:09

In the theatrical version John says, "Who devised that formula?"

+ 1,3 sec

alternative footage
83:23-83:52 / 84:33-84:35

After William's bloody lower body has fallen to the ground, the theatrical version is significantly longer because the (45 sec)-timer is activated by the closing door or rather the string that gets cut here. The different shots of his attempt to escape and Jill's "Game over" are shown.
(28,8 sec)

Here, the Unrated version shows nothing but a first alternative shot of Hoffman's bloody hand followed by a shot of him from the side before both versions continue with a shot of him and a flashback of Amanda.
(1,8 sec)

the theatrical version is 27 sec longer

alternative footage
84:04-84:05 / 84:47-84:48

Different shots of the timer. In the theatrical version the timer is already down two more seconds.

no time difference (both 1,4 sec)

Theatrical VersionUnrated

alternative footage
84:42-84:47 / 85:25-85:27

The Unrated version shows John saying, "Do you like how brutality feels, Mark?". Then the shot of hoffman standing up from Saw IV is shown.
(2,5 sec)

In the theatrical version this is shorter and only Jigsaw is shown. Then two different flashbacks follow. Jill says, "I'm only carrying out John's final requests" and Hoffman locks the door.
(5,1 sec)

the theatrical version is 2,6 sec longer

alternative footage
84:50-84:53 / 85:30-85:32

Now Jill says the same sentence in the Unrated version, "I'm only carrying out John's final requests" (2,2 sec), whereas the theatrical version shows a flashback that's missing from the Unrated version. Hoffman says, "From now on I control the lessons of the game!" and Jill's reaction is shown. (3,2 sec).

the theatrical version is 1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

other change
85:04-85:06 / 85:43-85:45

The montage of short shots, where people leave through different doors, is shown in the opposite order.
In the theatrical version - John, Amanda, Hoffman and Jill. In the Unrated version Jill, Hoffman, Amanda and John.

no time difference (both 2,3 sec)

Pictures from the Unrated-version)

only the theatrical version is longer
85:11-85:12 / 85:50

The theatrical version shows a slightly longer blackscreen before the credits begin.

+ 0,7 sec

86:32 / 87:10-87:26

Three additional entries in the credits of the Unrated version. (before Director of Photography)

16,5 sec

change of speed
87:00-90:17 / 87:54-90:54

Beginning with the entries that scroll from bottom to top, the Unrated version is faster..

the theatrical version is 17 sec longer

90:17 / 90:54-91:39

AFTER the credits one more scene is shown. This scene probably takes place before Saw V and makes it appear in a different light. Amanda goes to the kidnapped girl named Corbett. She is the daughter of Lynn and Jeff from Saw III and spoilers some facts about her saviour, "Remember, don't trust the one who saves you!" Finally a short shot with her on Hoffman's back (Compare: Saw V). Then Amanda leaves.

45,2 sec