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CKY 4 - The Latest & Greatest


  • European DVDs / 4th. US Edition
  • First US Edition
Release: Feb 03, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut European DVD version (similar to the 4th US DVD issue) and the uncut US DVD first issue.


CKY is an essential component to the origin story of the legendary MTV show Jackass. In 1998, Johnny Knoxville & Jeff Tremaine were with the Big Brother magazine and had the basic idea, first skits (teaser tests) had already been filmed. At the same time, Bam Magera and his friends from school were shooting the footage in Pennsylvania (skating footage, attacking each other with a rather low level of disgust, jokes with clueless pedestrians) which was released on VHS in March 1999 as "Landspeed presents: CKY". CKY was actually the name of the band of Bam's brother Jess who is responsable for most of the soundtrack songs. Knoxville & Tremaine took notice, recruited the boys and hired Steve-O - the big break was about to happen soon.

Until 2002, three sequels knows as "CKY2K", "CKY3" and "CKY4: The Latest & Greatest" were released. In the meantime, "Jackass" became an unexpected success and thanks to that, several new editions of the CKY series were released on DVD. Attentive fans from the beginning noticed two things:

Single pieces of music had been replaced or entirely removed from the later versions. Obviously, one did not think of copyright problems. As a result, some band or their managers complained about their songs being used without permission. Incredibly curious was the new version of the 4th installment which originally contained a rap video with Brandon DiCamillo playing several characters from Masters of the Universe (1983). A cease and desist order was the consequence, any subsequent version contains a different scene.

But even without censorship, Bam and the others always found a little something they would like to change (My regards to George Lucas :-) ). Compared to the VHS Version, even the first US DVD contains a few alterations resp. new and especially removed skits. In European regions, subsequent DVDs had been altered a lot. The copyright problem probably had a huge influence on these decisions because some of the public views were really close to crossing a line and since they did not have permission of the people they had filmed...

Nowadays, neither of the four installments is easy to get in their uncensored original versions. The European DVDs only contain the shortest versions.

Part 4: European DVDs and the US DVD release chaos

The fourth and last part is the one most heavily affected by censoring and the resulting various DVD releases. Without being lucky, you have to pay incredible prices to get the very sought-after first “porn edition” release. As the censoring history in the US is relevant for the European release as well, here a short summary:

1st release, allegedly 5000 units, EAN 7 30475 82403 9. During a skate montage, the song "No Big Deal" by Sahara Hotnights can be heard. The actual reason for it being in such high demand, however, is a two minutes long clip of Bam Margera having sex with his then girlfriend Jenn Rivell. Additionally, the GG Allin grave urination scene can be found as a separate, automatically starting easter egg.

2nd release, the same EAN with a slightly altered backcover (see further below). Probably due to copyright reasons, the previously mentioned song was replaced with "Buried Alive By Love" by HIM. At the same time, the skate montage and two similar scenes were cut together, and there are some other minor alterations as well. The grave urination was now part of the regular movie, which is why the running time is longer.

3rd release, new EAN 6 34991 14192 5. The main movie is identical to the 2nd release, but the bonus movie "The Video after the Video" was cut in two instances.

4th release and possible later releases: As was aready mentioned, there was a cease and desist order against the Skeletor vs Beastman clip, which was from then on missing (in addition to the other alterations made).

In Europe a version was released, which was largely identical to the 4th US release resp. contains all alterations made over time. There are also several blur effects applied to pedestrians’ faces – they had obviously not been asked for permission to film them. Also, there was only one censoring in the bonus footage – the "fire in the hole" scene is in the movie again, although it is blurred and has a color effect applied to it.
A reason for additional confusion is the fact that the Haggard promo clip was put at the beginning of the movie file, whereas the rest of the 14-minute bonus footage is separate. Because it all is part of the main movie in the US, the running time difference seems more drastical than it is.
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00:00-01:02 / 00:00

The Haggard promo clip can be seen before the main movie on the US DVD and is stored as a separate file. In the European DVD, it Is part of the main movie file.

+ 61,7 sec

06:12 / 05:10-05:47

Before the discussion with an elderly man on a parking lot there is an indoor skating part. The background music is rather low key, the guys can be heard laughing etc.

This and two other skate scenes were moved and are shown directly after each other, featuring a new soundtrack.

36,5 sec

Recut / Additional Footage European DVD
08:10-08:41 / 07:45

Mike Vallely arguing with a black policeman (?) is shown directly after the parking lot scene in the later versions (and consequently in the European version). Originally, it can be seen later at 22:54 / 23:27-23:52, and there is a small cut right before Bam’s jump over the steps in the middle.

+ 31,2 sec (exclusive: 5,8 sec)

Now there is a rather long skate montage, which uses scenes which were originally used at other points in the movie.
The reason for this montage is the background music: The first release features No Big Deal by Sahara Hotnights, which was then replaced with Buried Alive By Love by HIM.

Alternative Footage / Additional Footage European DVD
08:41-09:02 / 07:45-07:55

There are different skate park scenes at the beginning, which are shown again later in both versions.
The European version also features some additional footage of Bam at the beginning and an extra shot at the end, of the recut.
European DVD 10,7 sec longer

09:08-09:24 / 08:01

After the jump next to the house, the Euro DVD sticks to the skater a bit longer and then shows Bam’s last indoor jump from the scene block at 06:12 / 05:10-05:47, afterwards the aforementioned ramp scene.

+ 15,4 sec

Recut / Additional Footage European DVD
09:27-09:31 / 08:04

After two identical jumps of Bam in the skate part, he and Tony Hawk can be seen headbanging in the car.
However, the Euro DVD shows two more indoor jumps from 06:12 / 05:10-05:47.

+ 3,4 sec

09:36 / 08:10-08:14

There is a rail grind and a small flip over the ramp here.

4 sec

Alternative Footage
09:43-12:57 / 08:21-09:37

At this point the two versions are completely different, basically every single shot of the original "No Big Deal" montage and the remaining indoor moment from 06:12 / 05:10-05:47 as well as the passage at 21:54 / 21:55-22:42 were put together in a new order.
With the second looping accident the versions are in synchronicity again.

European DVDs 118,3 sec longer

In this part, there is a short scene of two girls kissing. In the European version, they have black bars over their eyes.

European DVDFirst US DVD Release

There are a few short shots (~ 5 sec), which seem to be missing in the US release. Among them there is one with a very obvious blur effect on the faces of the people around Ryan Dunn.

13:18 / 09:58-10:25

The policeman can be seen going away a bit longer, then there are several skate scenes which could be seen a bit earlier in the European version.

26,5 sec

13:18 / 10:25-13:20

After the skating part, there is a Skeletor vs Beastman clip, in which Brandon DiCamillo is rapping and jumping around in costumes again, while Bam is playing key. Inbetween, there are He-Man shots and two action figures of the series in sex positions.

[Skeletor:] Who's that? Now get outta here. Ah, you fool, get the fuck out. Mhm, you ready?
[Beastman:] You goddamn better believe it.
[Skeletor:] Then take your drawers of and work your legs, open your ass up like a keg, let me tap it, I must have it, mmmm, furry fool, you are mine, I'll drink your ass like wine, and when semen pours all over your head you know you must be dead.
[Beastman:] Skeletor, I knew your groove, but shake it so damn good. When you cum on through my hood I'll give you a piece of wood.
[Skeletor:] You furry fool, I know and I will not disagree. But there is one thing we don't like, and it starts with He-Man. Oh, no, I don't know which way to run or turn.
[Beastman:] Don't worry, Skeletor, your pants on fire, my cock will burn. My cock's on fire, for more dick. You know Skeletor.
[Skeletor:] Yes my head is so damn thick like yours, no brain inside, just a lot of fucking fur. And if I ripped it off, you'd find a boy and call him her. Right?
[Beastman:] No, Skeletor that's not what I'd do, I'd bend you over and shoot chocolate goo - in your asshole. Let me lie, let me tell the truth, Now who are you, I don't know,
[Skeletor:] Let's break it true. Now shake your ass, c'mon Beastman, take your furry fur off.
[Beastman:] I can't, it's made of fur.
[Skeletor:] Bitch well then wack me off, grab your hairy bottoms.
[Beastman:] Hairy, hairy indeed, they're hairy as fuck, rake some leaves. Ahh, whatever you need. Now we're drunk, we'll be in jail, but I'll rape you, master.
[Skeletor:] It never fails, he's always got my ass on his mind. And it's sure in fact that when we waxes me, waxes all night long and that is that. Now Beastman, Beastman, what do you know about taking off your clothes. You're just a slut from down below in Castle Greyskull c'mon.
[Beastman:] Ahh, Skeletor, I shaved my legs for you tonight. But if you see my cock I hope you go and bite. AAAHHHHH, Skeletor you made me do some coke, I'm up all night and it's no joke.
[Skeletor:] Ah, furry fool, break dance, take off your furry pants, take off your high heels and put them in your ass. Now somebody is tiptoeing, and someone just came in, and someone's pretty fat.
[Beastman:] Beastman's pretty thin, ohh ahh, I got AIDS. Beastman AIDS, and I'll spread it into every good boy and girl today. Watch me give you cum stains in your fucking jaw.
[Skeletor:] Beastman, watch your mouth, we don't need that language anymore.
[Beastman:] C'mon, Skeletor, don't you wanna see me work it now?
[Skeletor:] Beastman, show em' how you're gonna get my ass and plow. Now stick your cock inside like Rake Yohn fucking said.
[Beastman:] That faggot fuckin' douchebag only knows how to give head, two men in bed, his face it getting red. Ahh, listen to everything I fucking said, Ah.
[Skeletor:] Ah, Beastman. Do you know how... To end a song.

175 sec (= 2:55 min)

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