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Assassin, The

original title: Nie yin niang


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  • Japanese Blu-ray
Release: Feb 12, 2017 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Hsiao-Hsien Hou’s wuxia The Assassin was awarded multiple times (incl. Best Director at Cannes). In Japan, it got a slightly extended version that is mostly due to Japanese actor Satoshi Tsumabuki who’s in the scene. Fan service is a common thing in Asia. The scene itself doesn’t add to the overall understanding of the movie which in general demands that especially the western audiences do a little research reading on the matter. As a matter of fact, the scene might confuse some viewers even more.

Compared are the US version (by Well Go) and the Japanese version (by Shochiku).

1 additional scene = 135 seconds

After Nie Yinniang brought her father Feng to the hut of the mirror polisher (with whom she later comes together), we see a flashback (in widescreen) to an earlier, tragic relationship of the mirror polisher that led him to living a more simple life.
135 seconds