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China White

original title: Gwang Tin Lung Fu Weoi


  • Uncut Export Cut (BBFC 18)
  • Extended Version
Release: Jun 23, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the uncensored export version (main option on the German DVD from Imperial Pictures / Cargo Records) and the Extended Version (included as a bonus on the German DVD).

- One altered scene
- Difference: 577,3 sec (= 9:37 min)

We have already reported about the 1989 heroic bloodshed actioner China White, directed by Ronny Yu (Chucky and his Bride). There are almost no digital releases at all worldwide, but at least both the Australian and the British BBFC VHS seem to contain the uncensored export cut of the movie. The version released on DVD in Hong Kong is an alternate edit in many places, heavily butchered by various censorship cuts in addition to exclusive additional material.

In the U.S., an option based on the export version was released on VHS and also on a laserdisc. The latter even had quite a good quality. Here, too, there are unfortunately various instances censorship to criticize. All in all, this version at least provided a good master for the German DVD premiere. This DVD is available from June 17, 2022 and parts that were missing on the U.S. cut have been spliced back in from the British VHS to reconstruct a fully uncut version.

As a bonus, this DVD also includes an exclusive Extended Version. In this, the most important addition to the Hong Kong version, a nearly 10-minute flashback sequence with some guest stars, has been added to the uncensored export version. Since the Hong Kong version was otherwise heavily censored, as mentioned, this is the best way to see the additional Asian material. While the rest of the film is available with German and English audio, this sequence only plays in Cantonese with optional English subtitles.

Running time information is according to the scheme
Main version (Export Cut) on German DVD / Extended Version on German DVD

The credits and generally most of the film are exactly the same. For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that the German DVD starts without any logos, which explains the runtime that is a few seconds shorter than the VHS releases in the UK and Australia.

Only for the two shots directly before the alternate scene of the Hong Kong version the Extended version already uses the master source of the Hong Kong version. There is a soft fading effect right in the middle of this shot, so it was necessary to use the complete shot from the other source for a better transition.

Uncut Export Cut (German DVD)Extended Version

21:03-21:27 / 21:03-31:04

The Export Cut shows Bobby in the car for a little longer. It then features two additional exterior shots and one where everyone takes a bow on the road.

The Extended Version instead softly crossfaded during the shot in the car, as shown above. A young Bobby then accompanies his father (Alex Man, role name: Choi) to a Mahjong game in the flashback. There is a small confrontation with the hot-tempered Tuko (Shing Fui On), who desperately wants to bet on everything with Choi. In the conversation between the two, we learn that they were in prison together and according to Tuko, there is probably still a score to settle. Of course, Choi wins the game and Tuko stomps off in a huff.

When Chi then walks out of the store with Bobby, they run into a couple of young petty thieves. Choi chases one of them and finds out that he has drugs on him. He grumbles at him about it, but then lets him go before the cops arrive.

The story continues in a nightclub. Tuko again plays the big man and clumsily hits on the singer. The owner of the store (Andy Lau) joins in and keeps order. After a verbal spat, again Tuko leaves in a huff.

Choi talks to Chi and the shopkeeper in a restaurant about the problems with Tuko. Bobby has no appetite for the food and his father is angry about it. Andy Lau offers to relieve him by taking Bobby and Danny on a little tour with his girlfriend.

That's what you see then, or a harmonious "family" trip with a boat ride etc pp, plus friendly music. Meanwhile, Tuko buys weapons on an abandoned field.

Choi wakes up Bobby and Danny, who are sleeping at another restaurant table. When they leave, Tuko is already waiting outside the door and fires wildly. The kids immediately run back inside, Choi is able to protect Chi, but is shot himself. While dying, he tells Andy Lau to take care of the children. The fight goes on inside and while Andy is busy with another guy, Tuko prepares to shoot Bobby and Danny. At the last moment, however, a bullet fired by Chi finishes him off from behind.

The latter offers an explanation why Chi is so important to the two. From this shot it is faded back to the present situation, where Chi is bleeding on the back seat of the car.

Extended Version 577.3 sec (= 9:37 min) longer