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China White

original title: Gwang Tin Lung Fu Weoi


  • R-Rated
  • BBFC 18
Release: Jun 18, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut American Laserdisc by Imperial Entertainment and the uncut British VHS by VPD.

- 12 cuts
- Runtime difference: 39,2 sec


We have already reported about the Heroic Bloodshed actioner China White, created in 1989 by Ronny Yu (Bride of Chucky). It was only available on VHS almost everywhere and the version published in Hong Kong on DVD is a version running alternatively in many places. There's exclusive additional material but the various censorship cuts also strongly distort the movie in the Hongkong version.

In the US, an option based on the export version was released on VHS and a good quality Laserdisc. Unfortunately, there are also various cuts in violent moments to be criticized. On the German DVD, available from 17th June 2022 the uncut export version has been reconstructed. Additionally the DVD contains an Extended Version which adds the 10 minutes of aditional Hongkong scenes into the uncut export version.


Runtimes are ordered as follows: US Laserdisc in PAL / UK-VHS in PAL
Other logos at the start.

US 2 sec longer

US LaserdiscBritish VHS

18:43 / 18:41-18:52

After the first slow-motion hit uncle Chi has to suffer, there are still several more and much more bloody shots missing. Assassin Phong shoots again and the other guy goes down.

10.6 sec

18:50-18:54 / 18:59

Now the US inserts again how Chi falls to the ground and Phong shoots the other guy.

+ 3,7 sec

19:17 / 19:22-19:25

After the included hit on blonde Carol, the shot breaks off exactly when she pulls down the cloth and thus exposes her breasts.

2.9 sec

29:31 / 29:39-29:40

In the US, only the first slow-motion hit can be seen, more follow and the guy goes down.

1.3 sec

29:33 / 29:42-29:44

Shots at the end of a shot and a bloody hit.

1.6 sec

31:26 / 31:37-31:43

After the side hit the shot is a bit longer and Phong is hit again, this time in the abdomen.

5.6 sec

86:25 / 86:41-86:43

The shot starts earlier with a few bullets into the guy on the left.

1.4 sec

86:25 / 86:43-86:51

After the short rest of the shot a bloody hit from a lateral perspective is missing. The guy falls down in a high arc. Immediately afterwards one of two baddies is executed with shotguns.

8.2 sec

86:29 / 86:55-87:01

The two baddies go to the ground longer, Danny comments: "Die, motherfucker!" and kills him. After the ammunition is out, the other one gets a kick.

6.2 sec

86:38 / 87:10-87:11

The second hit on Mute is missing.

1.1 sec

88:36 / 89:09-89:11

Another shot at the end of the shot and a bloody hit in frontal view.

2.2 sec

89:19 / 89:55-89:57

A first shot of Scalia shooting and a hit on Bobby.

1.8 sec