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  • TV Broadcast Version (Blu-ray)
  • Theatrical Cut
Release: Feb 16, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the TV Broadcast Version on the 2022 bonus Blu-ray and the theatrical cut (both included in the 2022 Ultimate Collection 4K UHD box set).

- 6 relevant differences, including 2x audio censorship and 2x alternate footage.
- Difference: 541.8 sec (= 9:02 min) [without credits and black screens].

GHOSTBUSTERS Ultimate Collection 4K UHD box with exclusive cuts

In February 2022, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, the sequel to the cult series directed by Ivan Reitman's son Jason, received its home theater premiere. To mark the occasion, a highly limited collector's box set with the first two 80s movies and two new bonus discs was also released. The female prequel Ghostbusters (2016) has been ignored without further ado, which was welcomed by many fans, but of course also attracted one or two controversial discussions.

Version-wise, there are three goodies to discover on the bonus discs in the set. These have never been published on a release yet:

1. Preview Cut of Ghostbusters (1984), 114 minutes.
Contains many small extensions that were shortened in the well-known theatrical version. Effects are still unfinished here and such scenes often run in B&W. Therefore and because of the average picture quality it's mainly interesting for die-hard fans, nevertheless an exciting addition.

2. US TV Broadcast Version of Ghostbusters (1984), 102 minutes
Although named so in the menu, apparently this is not the 1987 US TV broadcast. This full-screen source is probably based on a more recent airing, which contained far fewer alternate takes and is also far less heavily censored in dialogue than its '87 counterpart. Details can be found in our dedicated report.

3. US TV Broadcast Version of Ghostbusters II (1989), 97 minutes.
There is also a version of Part 2 that has been censored for American television while also including some exclusive material. Again, this is a full frame source, dated 1992 in the menu. We had no recording of the first broadcast at the time to assess whether this TV version might also deviate.


The TV version of GHOSTBUSTERS II as a bonus on the 2022 Blu-ray

The difference in running time of almost 10 minutes shows that part 2 has been cut significantly more than the first part. However, this can be explained quite unspectacularly: In the middle of the film, there is simply one huge cut, which suppresses several sequences at a time. For example, the flirting between Louis (Rick Moranis) and Janine (Annie Potts) through the babysitting job at Dana's is missing. In any case, there are no censorship-related cuts to complain about in the film, which is toned down a bit when it comes to profanities anyway.

Otherwise, there are again some audio censorship. Besides muted or completely removed swear words, there are once again a few alternate takes to discover in the process. To be honest, these are not too exciting either. Venkman is allowed to make more harmless comments in two places. All in all, a relatively boring version. There are more extensive examples of this on US television.

Last but not least, it should be noted that all three bonus versions are only available in English original audio. However, the discs are apparently identical worldwide and offer many other languages as subtitle options (for any content). For our comparisons, we used the American edition. Unlike the boxes in the UK and Germany, there is still a green glow effect inside the box here and also slipcovers for the cases. Although not specified, the 4K UHDs of parts 1+2 in the American version also offer German sound, among other options.


Running time information is arranged according to the scheme
TV version Blu-ray / theatrical version Blu-ray

During the introductory tracking shot, a note about the edits appears. This also serves as a small image comparison to the TV version in full screen (pan & scan) in the bonus material of the Blu-ray.

TV Broadcast Version (Blu-ray)Theatrical Cut (2022 Blu-ray)

Audio censorship
00:52 / 00:53

When the guy bumps into the woman, her "Jesus!" was erased from the soundtrack.

Image for orientation

Audio censorship
01:55 / 01:56

Again, a "Jesus!" was muted as the motorist notices the stroller in front of him on the road.

Image for orientation

27:25-27:27 / 27:26

After Janosz walks through the hallway outside Dana's apartment with glowing eyes, the TV version has a brief black screen.

Various deviations of this kind are listed in the further course, but were not included in the cut duration/amount.

+ 2.1 sec

31:30-31:31 / 31:29-31:31

Venkman's "sometimes shit happens" was altered by showing the judge. At this moment you can hear Venkman saying "sometimes stuff happens" instead.

No runtime difference

TV Broadcast Version (Blu-ray)Theatrical Cut (2022 Blu-ray)

36:16 / 36:16

Curiously a shot of Venkman was shortened a bit at the end. In the theatrical version he doesn't say anything either, but it looks as if a "shit" had originally escaped his lips. In the TV version, it is even difficult for lip readers to reconstruct this.

0.3 sec

39:09-39:11 / 39:09

Again, there is a brief black screen on the TV version after the Ghostbusters TV spot and before the microwave shot.

+ 2 sec

Another black screen at 49:45-49:47 / 49:43, just before the cut described next.

49:47 / 49:43-58:45

Surprisingly, there is a long plot cut here. It's missing first how the Ghostbusters pull up to the museum, where Venkman is updated on the latest findings about Vigo. He had been known at the time primarily for his nasty actions. However, there would have been a prophecy that he would return.

Inside, Janosz first tries to stop the troupe. Venkman begins to photograph Vigo and provoke him, whereupon Vigo doesn't go berserk yet, but the color of his eyes changes. Meanwhile, Ray remains paralyzed, which Winston notices.

A long conversation ensues in Dana's apartment, with her dressed only in a towel. Venkman says that they found some slime residue during the examination. He convinces Dana to go out to dinner with him and says that he has already arranged for a babysitter (Janine). There is some more discussion about clothing choices and Venkman jokes around with Oscar.

Then a scene with Lous and Janine. They close up store and Louis finally gets up his courage to invite her to dinner. Janine thinks she has to babysit for Dana today, but suggests that Louis could just help her. He stops enthusiastically in the street and a car honks at him.

Ray and Egon now examine the photos, and Ray recognizes the flow of slime from the tunnel. Everything then slowly starts to burn, but fortunately Winston breaks open the door and extinguishes the lab again.

The three of them leave immediately and, in full working gear, tell Venkman about it. He should quickly change his clothes and join them. Venkman is finely dressed and mockingly mentions to Dana, who is standing by, that it would be a great occupation to investigate slime in the underground. Dana says goodbye with a grin and Venkman obviously decides he would rather spend the evening with her.

541.7 sec (= 9:02 min) in total

57:37-57:39 / 66:36

Before the next cut to the restaurant, there is another black screen in the TV version.

+ 2 sec

62:00-62:06 / 70:57-71:03

Venkman expresses himself more innocuously in an alternate take.

Kinofassung: "There seem to be 3 million completely miserable assholes living in the Tri-State area."
TV-Fassung: "There are about 3 million completely miserable wretched walking worms in this town."

No runtime difference

TV Broadcast Version (Blu-ray)Theatrical Cut (2022 Blu-ray)

64:41-64:43 / 73:38

Another black screen on the TV version.

+ 2 sec

73:42-73:44 / 82:37

Ditto, after the mayor requested help from the Ghostbusters.

+ 2 sec

79:59-80:01 / 88:52

And another time.

+ 2 sec

The TV version shows the credits on a black background (starting from 93:22 / 102:13) in accelerated form, which explains the shorter total running time.