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  • TV Broadcast Version (Blu-ray)
  • Theatrical Cut
Release: Feb 11, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the TV Broadcast Version on the 2022 bonus Blu-ray and the theatrical cut (both included in the 2022 Ultimate Collection 4K UHD box set).

- 17 differences, including 3x audio censorship and 4x alternate footage.
- Difference: 24.2 sec [without credits].

GHOSTBUSTERS Ultimate Collection 4K UHD box with exclusive cuts

In February 2022, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, the sequel to the cult series directed by Ivan Reitman's son Jason, received its home theater premiere. To mark the occasion, a highly limited collector's box set with the first two 80s movies and two new bonus discs was also released. The female prequel Ghostbusters (2016) has been ignored without further ado, which was welcomed by many fans, but of course also attracted one or two controversial discussions.

Version-wise, there are three goodies to discover on the bonus discs in the set. These have never been published on a release yet:

1. Preview Cut of Ghostbusters (1984), 114 minutes.
Contains many small extensions that were shortened in the well-known theatrical version. Effects are still unfinished here and such scenes often run in B&W. Therefore and because of the average picture quality it's mainly interesting for die-hard fans, nevertheless an exciting addition.

2. US TV Broadcast Version of Ghostbusters (1984), 102 minutes
Although named so in the menu, apparently this is not the 1987 US TV broadcast. This full-screen source is probably based on a more recent airing, which contained far fewer alternate takes and is also far less heavily censored in dialogue than its '87 counterpart.

3. US TV Broadcast Version of Ghostbusters II (1989), 97 minutes.
There is also a version of Part 2 that has been censored for American television while also including some exclusive material. Again, this is a full frame source, dated 1992 in the menu. We had no recording of the first broadcast at the time to assess whether this TV version might also deviate.


The TV version of GHOSTBUSTERS as a bonus on the 2022 Blu-ray

As already summarized above: Unfortunately not the first broadcast from the 80s landed on the bonus Blu-ray. At this point, it should also be emphasized right away that we have created a "hybrid" report, so to speak: The theatrical version on the new Blu-ray is the main basis for comparison, but deviations from the '87 ABC broadcast are always addressed. The comparison with it is actually even more interesting than the differences to the known theatrical version.

Above all, it shows that there are significantly fewer alternate takes to be found. A bit of exclusive material is also included in the bonus version of the Blu-ray, but the 1987 version had much more of it to offer. Of course, it's these little bits that are the real draw for fans to the special US TV broadcasts. Unfortunately, since most of it is missing here, this Blu-ray bonus has to be classified as a bit of a disappointment.

It's also noticeable in the censorship cuts that the bonus version has mostly simply been shortened, while the '87 TV version offered a partial replacement. In general, the cuts were set somewhat differently. At least one can credit here that a few cuts of the '87 TV version, e.g. how Dan Aykroyd opened his pants by ghost hand, are no longer objectionable. The bonus version of the Blu-ray is also more permissive in terms of audio censorship: some nasty words like "shit" have been removed here as well, but other scenes were left untouched.

Last but not least, it should be noted that all three bonus versions are only available in English original audio. However, the discs are apparently identical worldwide and offer many other languages as subtitle options (for any content). For our comparisons, we used the American edition. Unlike the boxes in the UK and Germany, there is still a green glow effect inside the box here and also slipcovers for the cases. Although not specified, the 4K UHDs of parts 1+2 in the American version also offer German sound, among other options.


Running time information is arranged according to the scheme
TV version Blu-ray / theatrical version Blu-ray

By way of introduction, a quick image comparison to the TV version in full screen (pan & scan).

TV Broadcast Version (Blu-ray)Theatrical Cut (2022 Blu-ray)

The TV version starts with a note about the adaptations. Not included in cut duration/quantity.

+ 4 sec

05:02 / 04:58-04:59

When asked about the effect, the subject of the electroshock therapy still says: "It's pissing me off!"

Note: Here, the end of the shot was simply cut away. The '87 TV version had an alternate take from a different perspective instead, so it seemed less choppy.

1.4 sec

Audio censorship
06:49 / 06:46

Without removing a part of the shot, Venkman's comment has been shortened: "You guys have been running your ass off meeting and greeting every schizo in the five boroughs."

Image for orientation

06:54 / 06:52

The TV version of the Blu-ray makes up for the slightly shorter movement at the end of the last shot outside. It's cut off a bit earlier.

Note: In the 87 TV version, this shot was shortened at the beginning instead.

0.6 sec

Audio censorship
26:19 / 26:17

Dana's commentary about the refrigerator has been shortened, although the footage remains on full display: "No. Goddamn it."

Image for orientation


* When the hotel manager appears at 30:05 / 30:03, Venkman's "Jesus!" was deleted from the soundtrack in the '87 TV version. It can still be heard on the bonus version of the Blu-ray.
* At 38:18 / 38:16 Venkman also says in the bonus version "We came, we saw we kicked its ass!", while in the 87 TV version this was covered up by an alternate take with a completely different phrase ("What a knockabout of pure fun that was.").
* In the 41st minute, the scene missing from the '87 TV version, in which Ray dreams of a ghost and it opens his pants, is completely included.
* At 47:51 / 47:49 you can hear Venkman say "I'll sue your ass" in the bonus version, while the '87 TV version made it "I'll sue your funny face" in an alternate take.

51:44 / 51:42-51:43

Dana comments "Oh, shit!" in additional take.

Note: In the '87 TV version this was not cut, but instead you saw an alternate take where she commented "Oh, no!".

1.2 sec

57:18 / 57:17-57:18

Dana kisses Venkman a little earlier in close-up, moaning.

Note: This cut was not present in the '87 TV version.

0.5 sec

Audio censorship
57:23 / 57:23

Again, Dana's comment was shortened: "I want you inside of me."

Note: This then explains the previous additional cut. While in the '87 TV version, the audio scraps were adjusted a bit without removing any footage, in the bonus version of the Blu-ray, they trimmed the picture to fit the shortened audio.

Image for orientation

60:03 / 60:03-60:04

The coachman comments in additional shot: "What an asshole!"

1.7 sec

66:30 / 66:31-66:32

As in the '87 TV version, Peck's "wise-ass" was removed at the end of the shot.

0.6 sec

67:22 / 67:24-67:27

The technician comments "Oh, shit!"

Note: In the '87 TV version, the shot was included and the cuss word was merely muted.

2.9 sec

68:36-68:39 / 68:41-68:44

While the theatrical version remains in the same shot, the TV version shows a different take.
Thus, Egon's "Shit!" became a "No!". The following question about the keymaster is then the same, just from the other perspective.

No runtime difference

TV Broadcast Version (Blu-ray)Theatrical Cut (2022 Blu-ray)

Note: Appearing at 68:49 / 68:54, Egon's "Your mother!" is also heard in the bonus version, while the '87 TV version replaced this with an alternate take.

75:07-75:11 / 75:12-75:16

Ray explains himself to the mayor in alternate take.

Theatrical Cut: "Everything was fine with our system untiI the power grid was shut off by dickless here."
TV Broadcast Version: "Your honor, our system was working just fine until the power grid was turned off by Walley Wick here."

No runtime difference

TV Broadcast Version (Blu-ray)Theatrical Cut (2022 Blu-ray)

75:15-75:19 / 75:20-75:24

Venkman also supports in other words.

Theatrical Cut: "Yes, it's true. This man has no dick."
TV Broadcast Version: "It's true your honor. The man is some kind of rodent, I don't know which."

No runtime difference

TV Broadcast Version (Blu-ray)Theatrical Cut (2022 Blu-ray)

76:31-76:33 / 76:36-76:38

Winston also expresses itself in alternative take more flowery.

Theatrical Cut: "I've seen shit that'll turn you white."
TV Broadcast Version: "I've seen stuff that'll turn you white."

No runtime difference

TV Broadcast Version (Blu-ray)Theatrical Cut (2022 Blu-ray)


* Immediately afterwards, in the '87 TV version, Venkman's "Mr. Pecker" actually became "Mr. Wick," referring to the previous TV alteration. In the bonus version of the Blu-ray, this is not the case.
* At 87:52 / 87:57, in the 87 TV version, Venkman's "Make them hard!" became an unintelligible babble. In the bonus version of the Blu-ray it can be heard normally.

90:45 / 90:50-90:51

Winston's "Oh, shit!" (just before the Marshmallow Man appears) was removed at the end of the shot.

Note: In the '87 TV version, this was only muted on the soundtrack.

1.6 sec

Note: At 92:11 / 92:17, Venkman's "Mother pus bucket" can also be heard in the bonus version, while this was cut in the '87 TV version.

92:47 / 92:54-93:01

Venkman still alludes to the sexual needs of their antagonist at the end of the shot: "We've been going about this wrong. This Mr. Stay Puft is okay. He's a sailor. He's in New York. We get this guy laid, we won't have any trouble."

6.7 sec

97:12 / 97:26-97:33

Egon wanders through the pile of stones a bit earlier, saying: "You'll be all right."
Louis comments: "Boy the superintendent's gonna be pissed."

Note: Here, in the '87 TV version, you saw an alternate take instead, where Egon also says "You'll be all right," but the coarse follow-up comment is missing.

6.9 sec

The TV version shows the credits on a black background (starting from 100:15 / 100:36) in accelerated form, which explains the shorter total running time. Additionally, there is a Columbia notice at the end.