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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Oct 25, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version (both available on the US Blu-ray by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

- 51 differencces, amogn them 23x alternate footage & 5 recuts
- Length difference: 1025.3 sec (= 16:05 min)


The latest Ghostbusters was harshly criticized before it had even bene released theatrically in summer 2016. Basically, it was an almost poitical discussion about feminism. After considering to make another sequel for several decades, the decision to make some kind of reboot with a female cast replacing Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson was made. Especially Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are anything but fameless due to their US comedy flicks over the last years.

Even before its US theatrical release on 07/15/2016, it was common knowledge that director Paul Feig had announced an approx. 15 minutes longer Extended Cut for the picture's home theater release. Whether the early announcement of an Extended Cut was partially responsable for the bad box office result or if it was simply the result of many fans of the flicks and principled haters - the movie flopped despite its especially at the beginning quite reasonable score on The reboot certainly did not reinvent the wheel but it is not as bad as many peoeple expected it to be. But at the end of the day, this is not about the actual movie. There are enough other sites for that. On that note, back to business...

The Extended Cut

At first, let me just say: As the huge number of scenes with alternate footage implies, there is even more new footage than the length difference of 16 minutes suggests. To sum it up, it is safe to say that the result is not that different. If you do not like the Theatrical Version, odds are that you will not like the Extended Version either. For anyone else, the Extended Version might be worth a try.

As for the extended footage, the most obvious alterations are Wiig resp. er character who keeps dropping one brick after another (so to speak). Her social skills are improvable to say the least. Also, she keeps trying to act professional but that does not really work out for her either. Not to mention thhe additinal subplot with her boyfriend. Jillian, the nerdy assistant played by Kate McKinnon, also gets more opportunities to show everyone how weird she really is and one could say the same about Chris Hemsworth's character Kevin who is acting even dumber in the Extended Version. At least, his dance number at the end, which is only implied in the Theatrical Version when the end credits are rolling, is longer. Last but not least, the questionable scene with McCarthy puking lots of slime should at least be mentioned here.

Also worth mentioning are the numerous alternate takes without or with a very little length difference. As often, there was room for some improv which is why a basically identical scene contains different one-liner. Another issue is Wiig's F-bomb that might have been censored for the PG-13 rating. Especially at the end of the movie, the alternate footage is the reason for a slightly different order of events.

As stated before, it does not really increase the quality of the movie but it is still an improvement to simply adding a few deleted scenes.

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01:23-01:30 / 01:23-01:34

After the words "It was one of the most elegant homes in existence", the tour continues differently.

In the Theatrical Version, Garret says in the same shot: "...featuring every luxury, including a face bidet and an anti-Irish security fence."
The Extended Version contains an alternate shot of him saying: "Um, interesting fact. This grandfather clock was on the Titanic and was saved by Sir Aldridge. A Romanian woman and her child were forced to leave the lifeboat to make room."

Extended Version 4 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

05:29 / 05:33-07:29

More footage of Erin walking inside. Phil then welcomes her and she is being introduced to Phyllis who is an expert in her field of expertise. She acts condescendingly which causes a little discussion with Erin who drops one brick after another. Last but not least, she makes a fool out of herself by attempting to kiss Phil goodbye because Phil acts rather legit.

Erin: "Dr. Roberts. Robert, hello."
Phil shows up: "Erin, sweetheart. Hi."
Erin: "Hello, Phil. Good morning, Jack."
Phil: "Hi."
Erin: "Did you hear the news?"
Phil: "Tell me."
Erin: "I'm lecturing in the big hall today."
Phil: "Darling, that's wonderful."
Erin: "I know."
Phil criticizes her wardrobe: "This is what you're wearing?"
Erin is surprised: "What?"
Phil: "I have someone I want you to meet. Phyllis, I would like to introduce Erin Gilbert. She specializes in theoretical particle physics."
Erin is surprised: "I'm a huge fan. This is such an honor to meet you."
Phil: "Phyllis is guest lecturing in Daniels' astrophysics and cosmology."
Erin: "Wow."
Phil: "Erin just learned she's being published."
Erin: "Yes, well, I'm very proud."
Phyllis: "I don't allow my lab to submit to journals anymore. I think journals tamper with the process and ultimately hurt scientific research."
Erin: "Yeah. It's like when scientists get caught up, you know, in those dumb awards. You know..."
Phyllis: "Oh, awards are massively important."
Erin: "Yes, no, I was saying it'd be dumb not to go after awards, 'cause that's where science really shines."
Phyllis: "It's, unfortunately, the only way to draw attention to good science."
Erin: "Excellent point. All right. I should be going."
She makes a step forward in order to kiss Phil who instantaneously changes the subject by saying "Hey, Simon".
Feeling awkward and embarrassed, she walks off: "Well, I'm going to lecture right now in the big hall. It's good that it's big, too, 'cause I've got a lot of big ideas I'm going to be spreading."
Phil: "Hey, good luck on your tenure review. Make me proud."
Erin: "Fingers crossed. Not that crossing your fingers means anything, 'cause it doesn't."
Phyllis: "Oh, I couldn't disagree more. It's been proven that superstitions can have tremendous performance benefits."
Erin: "Exactly. I'm wrong about everything. All right. Well, I'm gonna try to get out of here without stepping on these cracks. I don't want my mom calling me, like... Oh, see, when they change direction, you've got to..."
Pyllis has a quick question for Phil: "So, you know her?
Meanwhile, Erin grabs a guy's pony-tail: "Oh! Ding dong."
Phil: "Yeah."

116 sec (= 1:56 min)

06:16-06:26 / 08:16-08:23

Erin tries to talk her way out of it differently.

In the Theatrical Version, she says: "No self-respecting scientist believes in the paranormal. I can assure you that. I'm sorry."
In the Extended Version she says instead: "I think you're looking for a different Erin Gilbert. One that likes very long titles."

Theatrical Version 2.5 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

07:50-07:56 / 09:47-09:58

Erin's conversation with Dr. Filmore is a little longer plus there are two alternate shots.

Erin: "(And I will get on that letter.) Yes. Princeton. More like Prince-tons of dummies go there."
She laughs shily to which Dr. Filmore responds with "About your clothes..." in the Theatrical Version.

Extended Version 4.8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

10:51 / 12:54

Abby steps aside slightly earlier.

0.8 sec

Altered Audi Track

Abby's comments are different while the footage itself remains unchanged.

In the Theatrical Version, she says: "You're killing me. I got one wonton again. You got to send bennie back. And tell him no tip. I should charge him. And it was split up the middle!"
In the Extended Version, she says (this will also become an issue in an additional scene during the end credits): "I got one wonton! What do I have to do? I will take my top off for Bennie if it gets me three more wontons. I swear to God."

Jillian's subsequent speech is also different. In the Theatrical Version, she asks Erin "Come here often?". In the Extended Version, she simply determines: "You carry a lot of tension in your shoulders."

Screenshots to illustrate the scene

11:03-11:16 / 13:06-13:20

When Jillian introduces herself and Abby shows up, alternate takes are being used and as a consequence thereof, the dialog differs as well.

In the Theatrical Version, Jillian says: "Holtzmann."
Erin: "Erin."
Jillian: "I've heard terrible things about you."
Abby shows up: "Don't get too close to her, Holtzmann. She'll ask you to write a book, and then she'll squash your dreams."

In the Extended Version, Jillian introduces herself more detailed: "Holtzmann. Virgo. Avid skier. Gluten-full. And 100% jazzed to meet you."
Then an alternate take of Abby showing up, her comment remains unchanged though.

Extended Version 1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

11:30-11:31 / 13:35-13:55

More dialog in the Extended Version.
Abby: "She was almost hired by CERN."
Erin: "That's very impressive. Uh, what happened?"
Jillian: "There was a lab incident."
Abby: "But he's gonna wake up."
Jillian: "He woke up yesterday."
Abby: "Great."
Jillian: "Then he screamed and went back into a coma."
Abby: "Well, I bet all that screaming tuckered him out."
Erin: "Um, can we get back to our discussion please?"
Abby: "Oh, gosh, it sounds like a great time, but I'm gonna have to say no because (Holtzmann and I...)"

In the Theatrical Version, the previous shot of Erin is insignificantly longer (no screenshots).

Extended Version 20.5 sec longer

12:37 / 15:02-15:04

Abby responds with "Oh, you didn't... Oh." to Jillian's comment regarding the hotel footage.
Jillian: "I can do it live if you want."

2.5 sec

15:08 / 17:35-17:38

Abby asks Ed Junior: "Did you happen to keep a sample of the soiling?"
Being shocked, Garret repeats: "A sample?"

3.6 sec

17:28-17:30 / 19:59-20:00

Jillian reacts differently when Erin asks how she could eat in a situation like that.

In the Theatrical Version, she says: "You try saying no to these salty parabolas."
In the Extended Version, her comment is shorter: "Once you pop..."

Theatrical Version 1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

19:46-19:59 / 22:16-23:22

Alternate shot of Erin in the hallway after she gets canned. Her excuses are different / she encounters more people. Also, the subsequent shot at the lab starts earlier.

In the Theatrical Version, Erin says: "Dr. Gibbons. Hello. Just moving offices. You know. They found a couple cats in the wall. Really stunk in there. Glad I'm getting out. I didn't get fired."
During the last shot of her in the hallway, one can already hear her "I got fired!" from the next scene.

In the Extended Version, she says instead: "Ah, Dr. Gibbons. Found mold in my office, so I gotta move. Don't tell anyone. I don't want people to panic or anything. Kids, hello. I didn't get fired. Even though I have the old plant in the box. Margaret, hi. Just taking my plant out for some air. Just like to carry it in this box with all my other personal stuff. Phil. Phil. Hi. Phil, um... If you turn around, you'll see me. I'm right behind you. Oh, yeah. He's looking at that chart. Couldn't figure that out, either. Call me when you figure that out. Haven't been able to. Samantha. Hi. How are you? Ugh. Sixty. Seventy. Sometimes, I like to put all my stuff from my office in a box and just do some exercises and just use it as weights. Eighty."

She goes to the lab and acts rather mean: "Well, I hope you're happy. That video you posted got me fired. Fired!"
She grabs a device and almost drops it.
Abby: "No! God, no! We will all die."
Jillian: "Turn to ash from the inside out."
Erin: "What?"
Abby: "Put it down. Carefully. Put it... Put it down... Oh, my God."
Last but not least, Erin simply says: "Fired!"

Extended Version 54 sec longer

26:52-26:59 / 30:15-30:22

Alternate order of events when Erin hears about the high rent. Also, the Extended Version contains an F-bomb.

In the Theatrical Version, Erin reacts tight-lipped: "Burn in hell."
The landlady responds with: "Oh, my god."
Erin: "I'm sorry. Wait, that's the monthly rent?"

In the Extended Version, Erin is simply rude: "Fuck you."
Landlady: "Excuse me?"
Erin: "I'm sorry. That's the rent?"

Theatrical Version 0.4 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

30:13 / 33:36-33:41

More dialog before Jillian intervenes.

Abby: "Good."
Kevin: "No, I've forgotten. I don't know what you asked."
Abby: "There we go."

5.6 sec

31:43-31:45 / 35:12-35:15

Different reactions to Kevin's presentation of his design with the busty ghost.

In the Theatrical Version, Jillian screws up her face and Abby says from the off: "Yeah, I can definitely see them."
In the Extended, Jillian says: "Ghost Tits was my nickname in middle school".
Kevin bites: "Oh, right?"

Extended Version 0.8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

32:17-32:19 / 35:47-36:00

Jillian just can't let it go in the Extended Version: "Still, so many questions about that choice. First one is, why a hot dog?"
Kevin erklärt: "Oh, I just like them. Both food groups, all in one. Dogs and buns."

In the Theatrical Version, Kevin simply offers: "See some more?"

Extended Version 11.1 sec longer
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