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  • Italian Version
  • US Version
Release: May 14, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Italian Version (Italian DVD by Pulp Video) and the US Version (US-DVD by Alpha Video)

The Movie

The introduction is with vampires, then we fly to space in a miniatur space ship. On an unknown planet, the audience gets to see lizards that are supposed to be dinosaurs, elephants with fur and crab people. Also worth mentioning are the many differently-colored scenes on the planet. As a result, the entire image is yellow, blue, green etc. which is explained with radiation (at least it is in the US Version). In between, we see John Carradine making one weird comment after anoter one the ship.

What Al Adamson created here is real amusing for any friend of Trash / Exploitation movies. The actual axplanation for the psychedlic coloring is that most parts of the scenes on the planet is stock footage from a Philippine movie about two native tribes shot years before. Intending not having to advertise a black and white movie - which was still an issue in the early 70s - this was the perfect opportunity to give the audience a wild mixture without making a real effort. By the way, it was originally planed to color anything red which is why there's only a red surface mentioned at the beginning of the movie. According to the audio commentary, the audience got exhausted by that in test screenings. And that's why the changed it.

The Versions

In addition to the US Version, the US-DVD by Alpha Video also contains an Italian Version as bonus. The following comparison illustrates the differences of these version. Unfortunately, English subtitles aren't available. And since my Italian got a little rusty, there are no specifics about the dialogs.

In total, there are more than 100 differences. Due to complicates recuts of some scenes and partially entirely new block of scenes which have been listed as one huge difference in order to keep it simple, I passed on the exact number. As a consequence, the length of the footage exclusively in either of the versions is much higher than the difference in running time implies. But having to determine that in detail would be a long shot because there's a lot footage that simply repeats itself over and over again in the Italian Version . All kinds of shots (space and space ship) have been recycled here every few minutes so the movie gets stretched for no actual reason.

Basically, one could say two things:

1. The Italian Version contains an additional subplot about some kind of War in Space so that it seems as if space ships are permanently chasing our "mothership". They are the reason our crew loses contact with the control center on earth. The problem is: there's no real explanation for all that which makes it look unfitting. The transition from the actual movie to the stock footage is pretty rough as well.

2. There's a stringent course of events in the US Version (given the circumstances that this movie is basically patchwork) and there are more details about the charactes / plot. Especially the Dr. Manning and Valerie character from the control center are more elaborated. They're even allowed to have some freaky future sex. Furthermore, only the US Version lets Dr. Manning explain why the colors are permanently changing.

I guess the bottom line is that the US Version is much better. The producers of the Italian Version were probably an acid or something because that's the only reasonable way to explain the overkill of UFOs and the redundant footage repeating itself over and over. It just doesn't make any sense at all and the added footage is simply useless.

Interestingly enough, the explanation for the changing colors was added to the movie afterwards. Most of the actal shootings already took place in 1966. But when Samuel M. Sherman, who was involved in the production, showed a rough cut of the movie, this aspect was often confusing to the audience and that's why he wrote that new scene 1970 and did a re-shoot for this scene soon before the movie was released. And just for fun, he took the liberty to shoot a futuristic with a lot of bling bling, too. Those are the two missing scenes in the Italian Version which would indicate (no speciifc details have been given I'm afraid) the people in Italy got an early or earlier version. But then again, so much rediculous footage has been added roughly that the Italian Version is more like a version that wasn't edited by the creators in the first place.

Please note:
The Italian DVD offers the movie in widescreen. Unfortunately, the image has been cropped at the top and bottom. The US-DVD contains the Italian Version as bonus in fullscreen (worse quality than the Italian DVD) but there's a catch: the mastertape for that was widescreen which had been adjusted to fullscreen. Meaning: the Italian Version is cropped at the top and bottom and also on the left and right side. Kind of like someone zoomed in. All in all, the Italian DVD is the best release of this version and has also been used for this comparison. People who aren't much of a reader can easily recognize the version by the size of the screenshots...

Running times refer to
Italian Version / US Version
Alternate / Credits
00:00-01:17 / 00:00-01:17

There's quite a difference right at the beginning. First of all, the illustration of the credits is different. Second, the US Version contains regular opening credits while the Italian Version shows some shots from space. The background music remains unchanged.

US Version:

Italian Version

IT 3.3 sec longer

Regarding the following 15-min-block-of-scenes, one can basically say that communication to the space shuttle has been lost at the beginning of the US Version which is why the crew members have to get themselves together. There's extensive communication with the base station on earth. Pulling the surveillance footage on board reveals that they got hit by a meteorite. The focus is put on research on board.
The Italian Version on the other hand contains an additional footage of the launching rocket. Then they're flying around for quite some time and talk to the control center. Unfortunately, other space ships start at the same time and they are obviously the reason for the group getting hit and becoming unconscious all of a sudden. The scenes on board aren't chronological. The order of the scenes has been changed plus they're much shorter.

04:41-04:43 / 04:49-05:03

The Italian Version shows the base. A rocket lauch is coming up.
The US Version contains a longer black screen, a an offscreen voice is audible. According to the narrator, they better leave because of some frequencies tests in the area. Furthermore, the following shot of the control room starts destinctly earlier.

US 11.3 sec longer

US VersionItalian Version

04:46-04:48 / 05:06-06:50

Basically, the entire conversation with "Earth Control" (Dr. Manning and a woman in front of a black cloth, they're looking up to the ceiling now and then) has been removed from the Italian Version. A short part of a shot of a man from behind and a shot of Valerie remain. There's a jamming signal on the guy's monitor.

The US Version contains several extended shots of the very same guy and Dr. Manning and Valerie couting down the launching sequence in between. To their question, Cpt. Bryce responds by radio that everything was fine. Dr. Manning says the autopilot was going to take over after launch, then he wishes them luck. Valeria announces the launch.

US Version 97.6 sec longer

Alternate / Partially Recut
04:53-14:09 / 06:55-08:14

Right after a longer and identical scene, the versions continue entirely different. The Italian Version continues with exclusive footage, followed by a recut of any particular scene within the block of scenes. The versions are back in sync when the crew on board is unconscious.

In the Italian Version, the launch is being counted down (not by Valerie but illustrated on a panel) and the rocket launches between short scenes of Dr. Manning and Valerie. It went well and crew gives a positive feedback. Some jokes are made. For the very first of many many times, there are several space shots. Sometimes with the ship, sometimes without. Shots of computer displays are in between. Dr. Rynning says everything was just fine although the pepole at the control center are worried about a possible collision with a UFO. Several chaotic space shots follow (a pattern that will repeat itself continously in the Italian Version!) and dubois announcements are made on a base station in space. A battle is about to go down, as the further arriving space ships imply. Dr. Rynning and the crew are not impressed but Willy suddenly recognizes a UFO. Then they're being shot at and they lose contact to the control center.

The US Version contains further comments from the control center instead. The people down there are very uptight. All of a sudden, they to have lost contact without any news from the crew since the launch. Dr. Manning is upset because of the problems and he's worried about losing the crew in the solar system.

IT 481.4 sec (= 8:01 min) longer

14:45-14:46 / 08:53

The shot of Bryce gets interrupted for a jamming signal, probably in order to make the lost contact more believable. The US Versiion sticks with Bryce all the time.
Screens only for the Italian Version.

no difference

Italian Version Longer
15:22-15:23 / 09:29

Only the Italian Version contains a further shot of the control center.

+ 1.5 sec

15:25-15:38 / 09:31-09:44

In the US Version, Valerie keeps talking onscreen. Then her clueless crew member again - similar to the previous screens of them. And since a black cloth isn't that nice to look at... (coming up soon in the Italian Version btw)

In the Italian Version, she keeps talking from the off. One can also see a further take of her. But mainly, there are just loads of different shots patched together. Assumingly in order to illustrate the chaos.

IT 0.8 sec longer

Alternate / Partially Recut
15:57-16:08 / 10:03-15:11

The Italian Version contains two shots of the ship (which will be re-used several times later on but then without any screens!). Then Sam who tries to contact the control center. Last but not least the jamming signal on a screen.
With the now following shot with Willy approaching, the versions are back in sync (after the already mentioned huge block of scenes in the US Version).

In the US Version, the people at the control center keep trying to make contact and Dr. Manning is giving instructions. Dr. Rynning gets in touch and complains a bit. At least Dr. Manning can hear him now. A status update is being made (some of the footage is equal), then Dr. Manning intends to figure out the coordinates. According to Dr. Rynning, the problem can only be solved by pulling old surveillance footage. And when Willy is done readjusting the computer, one can see the meteroid impact (that footage is surround by a golden TV). All of the scenes on board is destinctly longer in the US Version and there are no space shots whatsoever. There are no other space ships here, the impact was caused by a magnetic field.
Dr. Manning reports that the oxygen level was way too low and Sam orders a full area check. They lose contact to the control center and Mr. Manning concludes if they had lost contact for good, they were as good as dead.

US 284.6 sec (= 4:44 min) longer

Alternate / Partially Recut
16:26-19:46 / 15:30-20:40

And again: the versions continue way too different. As a result, the following has been wrapped up to an entire block. The US Version also contains footage previously used in the Italian Version (Dr. Rynning's conversation with the control center). When Bob and Sam are doing the report about their current status, the versions are back in sync.

The Italian Version shows the space station and further space shots. Subsequently, Dr. Rynning discovers something under the microscope. After another shot of the space station, he has health issues. Linda discusses it with Bob. Bright colored lights are blinking (these shots will follow in the Italian Version several times).
Sam points out anomalies in the amtosphere and Dr. Rynning lets Linda keep doign research (this short scene has been used earlier in the US Version but in a different context).
Now, Willy is readjusting the computer here as well. But contrary to the US Version, it doesn't start the surveillance video. Instead... well, nothing happens.
Moreover, there are further chaotic space shots.

The US Version starts with Dr. Rynning's health issues. Contrary to the Italian Version, Linda's conversation is not interrupted by space shots all the time. As matter of fact, there isn't a single scene that interrupts their talk plus it's longer. Among other things, Bob critizises crazy Dr. Rynning as head of the expedition.
Subsequently, Dr. Rynning contacts the control center and makes a thorough report. Valerie is counting down some sequence. As a result, they can determine the ship coordinates. Bob and Sam are dealing with it and Dr. Rynning concludes that they could make an emergency landing on a planet nearby in two days.
Dr. Manning summerizes for the last time: it's bad. Real bad. Valerie would like to send a rescue ship but Dr. Manning says one could only wait and hope for the best.
Last but not least, Willy recognizes something on their course - just like he did before in the Italian Version (04:53-14:09 / 06:55-08:14). This is the introductiion for the scene with Bob and Sam. After that, the versions are back in sync.

US 96.9 sec longer

19:52-19:54 / 20:46-20:51

In the US Version, they see something different on the monitors first. Then a shot of them again.

In the Italian Versionm the following shot of the monitor starts a bit earlier and that's pretty much it (no screens).

US 3.4 sec longer

20:15 / 21:13-21:15

The jamming signal in between is longer in the US Version.

1.9 sec

20:28 / 21:29-21:37

A well-done shot of the ship is only in the US Version and the following shot of the astronauts starts earlier as well.

8.3 sec

20:34-20:44 / 21:44-21:59

The Italian Version shows the ship landing.

The US Version begins with a trivially longer shot of the astronauts, then two further shots of a landing plastic prop with several shots of the astronauts in between.

US 4.2 sec longer

20:47-20:52 / 22:02-22:06

Now Dr. Rynning and a trip to the planet in the Italian Version.
In the US Version, the following shot (the crew recognizes the contaminated surface earlier on the monitor because of the colored black and white footage of the original movie the footage has been taken from) starts earlier - no screens.

IT 1 sec longer

Alternate / Partially Recut
20:55-22:10 / 22:09-23:14

Same old, same old. The versions continue completely different - again - until the troup sets food on the planet.

In the US Version, the scene is longer and Bob says the radiation and gravity was absolutely normal.
After a conversation including directions from Valerie, they head off.

The Italian Version shows different ships again. Due to a crapload psychelic color filters, the influence on the group is being illustrated.
Thanks to originally differently-intended material, Dr. Rynning only talks about the atmosphere etc. (single shots that have been used at different points in the block of scenes in the US Version) without being impressed.

IT 14.2 sec longer

The group has arrived on the planet and huge difference like before will barely occur during the rest of the movie. As pattern from now on, the Italian Version contains short shots of flying space ships over and over again - besides little recuts now and then. The added space ships probably illustrate that the group is under the influence of the aliens. Due to its repetitive nature (the very same has been use again and again), I passed on making screens every time.

22:15 / 23:19-23:20

The shot of the troop inside begins trivially earlier in the US Version.

1 sec

22:16 / 23:21-23:20

And so does the following one (foot on the ladder).

0.9 sec

Italian Version Longer
22:41-22:43 / 23:47

The Italian Version also contains a (already familiar) shot of the ship.

+ 2 sec

Italian Version longer
22:45-22:48 / 23:49

And another one.

+ 2.9 sec

22:51 / 23:52-23:57

Dr. Rynning earlier in the US Version. He says they better not leave the plateau as long they weren't familiar with the consistency of the soil.

4.8 sec

23:20-23:29 / 24:28-24:52

Stupidly-assembled space shots in the Italian Version.

In the US Version, Valerie and Dr. Manning are able to warn Dr. Rynning at the control center. Contrary to the other crew members, he's not suppose to leave the ship due to health reasons.

US 14.1 sec longer

Italian Version longer / Recut
25:26-25:41 / 26:54

After being 2 minutes on the planet without a single difference (among other things, once could see dinosaurs fight), the version continue differently - again - when the radio announcement is being made.
The Italian Version shows the planet from outer space again, then Dr. Eynning "pep talking" the astronauts.

+ 14.7 sec

25:47 / 27:00-27:11

Now, Dr. Rynning makes his (previous) statement (from the Italian Version) in the US Version and continues with the remaining footage of him which is also in the Italian Version.

10 sec

Italian Version longer
25:54-25:59 / 27:18

And again: only the Italian Version gets interrupted by shots of the ship.

+ 4.9 sec

Italian Version longer
26:07-26:44 / 27:27

The Italian Version contains not exactly fitting shots of the space station, other rockets and Dr. Rynning between the colored shots of the planets.

+ 36.7 sec

Italian Version longer
29:03-29:13 / 29:52

The space ship again and Dr. Rynning in betwenn in the Italian Version.

+ 9.8 sec

30:22 / 31:04-31:06

The shot of the astronauts starts slightly earlier in the US Version.

2 sec

31:42-31:47 / 32:30-32:35

Again the planet in the Italian Version and loads of blinking button. As compensation, the shot of Dr. Rynning starts earlier in the US Version.

no difference

US-FassungItalienische Fassung

Italian Version longer
32:09-32:16 / 32:58

And again several familiar shots space shots / space ship shots. To be more specific, this footage interrupts the shot of Dr. Rynning in the Italian Version.

+ 6.6 sec

32:33-32:46 / 33:17-33:19

The shots of the planet get interruped by all kinds of space shots again (no screens).
The US Version contains an additional shot as compensation.

IT 10.7 sec longer

Italian Version longer
32:51-32:54 / 33:24

It just doesn't make any sense at all. Another filler in the Italian Version.

+ 2.8 sec

33:26-33:28 / 33:58-34:02

Something is flying through space for the gazillionth time. The US Version shows Dr. Rynning instead.
Already seen both, so no screens this time.

US 1,1 sec longer

Italian Version longer
33:46-33:48 / 34:20

More blinking in the Italian Version before Dr. Rynning may summarize. Pointless.

+ 2.1 sec

33:53-33:55 / 34:25-34:28

In the US Version, Dr. Rynning finishes his comment on-screen. The Italian Version shows space again.

US 0.8 sec longer

Italian Version longer
35:38-35:42 / 36:15

The guy in charge for the Italian Version simply couldn't resist: more space shots during the natives' introduction.

+ 4 sec

Italian Version longer
36:47 / 37:23

For 10 frames, the images turn into several colors Italian Version, right before the camera pans (one color fills the entire screen, then the next one follows).

+ 0.4 sec

37:03 / 37:39-39:29

Additional scene in the US Version, put between the scenes about the natives' lives. There are lights everywhere when Dr. Manning and Valerie are having sex.

105.7 sec

Italian Version longer
38:07-38:28 / 40:37

Completely out of nowhere, the Italian Version interrupts the girl's story on the planet for a battle in space and shot of Dr. Rynning.

+ 20.3 sec

Italian Version longer
39:31-40:45 / 41:43

In the Italian Version, the native speaks to the astronaut, interrupted by a lot of battle scenes in space.

+ 73.8 sec

42:24 / 43:26-43:41

Now the before-mentioned conversation Myleen has with the astronaut. The scene simply continues resp. the remaining part removed from the other version is in here as well.

15.1 sec

42:39-43:11 / 43:57-48:05

Being completely incoherent, the battle in space continues in the Italian Version. Then Linda (the dumb blond chick which goes perfectly with the actor's stiff performance) talks to the native.

The US Version shows Dr. Manning and Valerie again. He explains to her why he doesn't have much time at the moment - and then he explains the differently-colored black and white footage to the audience and it's completely absurd). Atomic radiation affects the air and anything on the planet and that's what causes the changing colors. But they're doing research for an antidote already. Now it's getting even more absurd: he reaches for a hair dryer and "transforms" Valerie's color in whatever color is requested. But at the moment, he's more in the mood for sex and gets in back in bed with her. Some weird technique noises are audible in the background all the time.

US Version 206.6 sec

Alternate / Recut
45:00-45:08 / 50:00-50:10

While the US Version now contains the shots on the planet from the previous block of scenes in the Italian Version (no screens), the Italian Version shows the events from an alternate angle.

US 1.8 sec longer

46:57 / 52:04-52:19

In the US Version, the shot of the crew and the natives begins destinctly earlier which also means footage already used in the Italian Version is now in the US Version as well.

13.7 sec

Italian Version longer
47:22-47:31 / 52:45

Another interruption for colored stock footage while Bryce is on the radio. And also, Dr. Rynning makes his first appearance here.

+ 8.7 sec

47:41-47:43 / 52:55-52:57

Extended shot of Dr. Rynning in the US Version while the Italian Version contains two shots of the monitors.

IT 0.4 sec longer

48:08-48:19 / 53:23-53:25

More flying space ships in the Italian Version. Approx. 1.5 seconds of the shot on the planet get lost that way.

IT 9.2 sec longer

Italian Version longer
48:40-48:43 / 53:46

More space stuff in the Italian Version.

+ 3.2 sec

Italian Version longer
51:16-51:37 / 56:26

After the completely ridiculous scene with men dressed up as crabs (no difference here btw), the Italian Version continues with a further shot of the space station and some more recycled space shots. Then, the plastic UFO finally seems to have reached its destination.

+ 20.8 sec

Italian Version longer
52:07-52:10 / 56:57

Looks like the UFO is landing on the planet now (as far as I can tell in the extremely green-colored images).

+ 3 sec

Italian Version longer
52:32-53:00 / 57:20

For some reason, a UFO and several other things explode in the Italian Version. Not to mention the colored stuff at the control center again.

+ 28.6 sec

53:19 / 57:39-58:00

In the US Version, two natives ally. They want to fight the battle in the village as partners.

20 sec

53:22 / 58:03-58:24

More agreements among the natives.

19.8 sec

Italian Version longer
55:35-55:38 / 60:43

The shot of the natives gets interrupted by a flying UFO in the Italian Version - again.

+ 3.1 sec

55:56-55:58 / 61:01-61:02

The UFO in the Italian Version again. That way the shot of the astronaut and the natives loses a few frames in its middle.

IT 0.9 sec longer

56:26 / 61:31-61:37

The shot of the astronaut starts earlier in the US Version.

5.8 sec

Italian Version longer / Partially Recut
56:37-57:18 / 61:48

And again the explosions in the Italian Version, Dr. Rynning with a matching facial expression to the audience (which actually belongs to the in the Italian Version missing scene before setting food on the planet when he's being informed about his health issues), colorful clinking buttons etc. in a wild combination. In between, the previously remmoved beginning with the shot of the astronaut has been re-insert very unfittingly here and there's different footage of him (later in the US Version).

+ 41.4 sec

Italian Version longer
57:37-57:38 / 62:07

And the UFO again. This time it interrupts a shot of the so-called dinosaurs.

+ 1.3 sec

57:55-57:57 / 62:24-62:31

There's some serious action going on in the Italian Version, then the waiting astronauts. The US Version shows Steve in profile instead.

US 2.6 sec longer

58:13 / 62:48-62:51

Now the just-mentioned shot of the astronauts from the Italian Version in the US Version as beginning of a longer scene.

2.6 sec

Italian Version longer
58:29-58:31 / 63:07

Appearance Dr. Rynning and ridiculously blinking objects in the Italian Version.

+ 1.8 sec

58:32-58:49 / 63:08-63:13

Now the shot of him without any interruptions in the US Version while the Italian Version shows the bright yellow "Positive" sign, followed by further nonsense like the space ship etc.

IT 11.5 sec longer

Italian Version longer
59:52-60:03 / 64:20

And the same shots of the landing or flying ships between the scenes of the planet again.

+ 10.5 sec

Italian Version longer
60:20-60:25 / 64:38

Ditto when Sam picked up the metal item - including a shot of Dr. Rynning.

+ 4.9 sec

Italian Version longer
60:30-60:38 / 64:43

Again during the inspections.

+ 8.3 sec

60:51-60:57 / 64:56-66:32

More space action in the Italian Version (surprise!) - no screens.
The US Version sticks with Sam and Linda. Suddenly, they're atttracted to each other after they shot a "dinosaur". They kiss. Also in the Italian Version but approx. 3 minutes later.

US Version 86.8 sec longer

61:16-62:24 / 66:52-67:25

The Italian Version shows the two tribes approach one another, interrupted by more space shots - later in the US, please check the following difference.
In the US Version, Sam and Linda come aboard on Dr. Rynning's ship. They're having a little discussion - also at the end of the Italian Version, please check the very last difference.

IT 37.6 sec longer

62:29 / 67:30-68:25

After the very same shot of the race, the scenes with the two tribes follow in the US Version (without any stupid space shots in between).

52.9 sec

Italian Version longer / Recut
63:30-65:43 / 69:29

Besides the repetitive shots (space, blinking lights, Dr. Rynning), the Italian Version now shows Sam and Linda getting closer to each other.

+ 133.5 sec

67:05-68:09 / 70:54-71:00

Further shot of the people who are tailling the little guy in the US Version.

In the Italian Version (wanna make an educated guess?), we have the pleasure to enjoy more space shots with explosions and stuff. At least there's some footage we haven't seen a gazillion times this time.

IT 58 sec longer

Italian Version longer
69:32-69:38 / 72:27

Things are flying around in space again while the natives are busy fighting.

+ 6 sec

72:27-73:03 / 75:23-76:59

Same old space stuff in the Italian Version - no screens. As compensation, Willy's conversation with Myleen is destinctly longer in the US Version. We get to know more about a little romance. Utterly ridiculous. Myleen rather wants to stay with him, he muses about he'd have to go far from home to find a woman.

US 56.3 sec longer

Alternate / Recut
73:23-74:16 / 77:20-77:33

Ditto for the Italian Version. Just unbelievable. Then an additional part of Linda's conversation with Sam - 2 minutes later in the US Version as well.
In the US Version on the other hand, the shot of Willy leaving with Myleen is much longer - later in the Italian Version as well, please check the following difference.

IT 40.3 sec longer

Italian Version longer / Recut
74:27-74:44 / 77:45

The shot of Bob gets interrupted in the Italian Version: the space ship on the planet again, the in space and the rediculous-y added Dr. Rynning one more time. Subsequently, the previously removed scene with Willy and Myleen.

+ 17 sec

Italian Version longer
75:50-75:53 / 78:54

Dr. Rynning mumbles something in the Italian Version, then the planet again.

+ 2.9 sec

76:07 / 79:08-79:13

Extended shot of Bob on the ground in the US Version.

4.1 sec

Alternate / Recut
76:35-76:45 / 79:41-79:59

Dr. Rynning and more bling bling in the Italian Version, followed by the remaining footage of Bob previously removed.
The US Version now shows the previously removed conversation Sam and Linda are having (from 2 minutes earlier in the Italian Version).

With the shot of Myleen approaching pretty fast, the versions are in sync again.

US 7.5 sec longer

77:00 / 80:14-80:27

Sam's conversation with Dr. Rynning is longer in the US Version.

12.5 sec

77:04 / 80:32-80:40

Dr. Rynning keeps talking (leave Willy behind if he hasn't been found within the next 10 minutes).

7.3 sec

77:51-77:54 / 81:29-81:34

The space ship and Myleen in the Italian Version.
The US Version contains a little dissolve which means the shot starts earlier when Sam carries Bob to the ladder.

US 1.5 sec longer

Alternate / Recut
78:06-78:09 / 81:46-83:31

The space ship in the Italian Version.

The US Version shows an extended shot of Myleen (probably the one from the previous scene in the Italian Version), then Sam gets Bob on board. Dr. Rynning instantly points to the microscope. He now explains that any single red blood cell was going to vanish as a result of being on the planet because there had been a lethal, airborne virus after former civilizations had been in a battle with each other and they had developed nuclear weapons in the process. The currents residents weren't going to live much longer because of that while the astronauts were not supposed to worry because the virus couldn't survive in the earth atmosphere. Yay.
A shorter version of some parts will be re-insert later in the Italian Version.

US 97.4 sec longer

78:22-78:28 / 83:44-84:18

In the Italian Version, Myleen looks down the well-known space ship.

The US Version on the other hand shows a "much more" realistic model, interrupted by Dr. Rynning and the others and the incredibly missed commentators in front of black cloth on earth.

US 26.2 sec longer

Alternate / Recut
78:32-80:16 / 84:22-84:58

The space ship taking off again in the Italian Version, followed by familiar space shots from the scene at 61:16-62:24 / 66:52-67:25 in the US Version with Linda and Sam coming aboard. Interrupted by a further shot of the flying ship, another scene from the US Version (at 78:06-78:09 / 81:46-83:31) is being added here: suddenly, Sam returnd with Bob on his shoulders and they're being informed about the results of the blood test. Totally unfitting. But the part in the middle, where the red blood cell thing in context with former civilizations is explained, has been removed here! A few more explosions at the end, another comment of Dr. Rynning via close-up and boom: "Fine" (The End). Why does an ending have to make any sense at all?

The US Version contains another shot of the other ship, followed by a shot of them flying around in space. Dr. Rynning makes a critical comment about our civiliations ending up like that as well. And with a further space shot, the US Version ends abruptly.

IT 69.5 sec longer