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  • BBFC 18
  • Producer's Cut
Release: Feb 15, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the BBFC 18 VHS (Digital Video Distribution) and the Producer's Cut (e.g. Amazon Prime VOD) 

- 12 cuts
- Difference: 167.7 sec (= 2:48 min) [in 26fps].

Mike Mendez's Killers was mostly released in the Producer's Cut worldwide. The German DVD, in turn, included not only the Producer's Cut as the main version, but also an 8-minute longer Extended Version, which was a rough cut version of the film. The German HD premiere from Shamrock Media has been available since February 10, 2023 and features the Directors' Cut (longer ending compared to the Producer's Cut) as well as a reconstruction of the Extended Version.

In the UK The film only received the BBFC18 rating in a version censored by 3 minutes, which was also based on the Producer's Cut. Interestingly, there were also various dialogue cuts here. Incest themes and sadistically tinged statements were cut - but so was the inherently harmless conversation in which OJ Simpson's murder of Nicole Brown is hinted at.

Runtime details are arranged according to the scheme
BBFC 18 VHS in 25fps / Producer's Cut in 24fps

The Producer's Cut still has the Multicom logo to start with.

+ 12 sec

06:36 / 07:04-07:54

After the quiz question on The Naked Gun there is more discussion among the family. Charles indignantly hints at OJ Simpson's murder of Nicole Brown and lets it slip that he must have found her quite attractive.

Charles: "No, I know I've talked to you about this. Honey, the taking of a human life, especially one that's a young, innocent, beautiful, voluptuous, ooh, perfect example of femininity. Not to mention she's a pillar of the community. It's a tragedy, it's an American tragedy, plain and simple. And how my wife of all these years could've gotten The Naked Gun from that, well, I'll tell you, it's beyond me, I'm shocked, Rea, absolutely shocked."
Rea: "But I win."
Charles: "I've gotten myself all worked up, over nothing. Well, I guess we dwelled on that long enough. Who wants to go next?"
Rea: "Jenny, go tell your sister she's gonna be late for work, please."
Jenny moves to the side, then in the middle of the tracking shot, the British VHS starts up again.

47.8 sec

47:52-47:55 / 50:53-51:08

Charlie threatens Odessa a bit more by hinting at his time in Vietnam. In the British version, this has been covered up with the later comment by Rea, which plays out over short shots of Odessa and Charles (recycled from the scenes around this cut).

Charlie: "Back in 'Nam, with boys like you, I used to come in their ass for breakfast. Those were good times."

Uncut 10.6 sec longer


48:42 / 51:57-52:00

Rea licks over her knife and asks: "You wanna fuck me, Odessa?"

2.7 Sek.

48:46 / 52:04-52:09

She continues to provoke: "Goddamn piece of shit, take it in the ass liking son of a bitch, come fuck me, Odessa!"

5 sec

57:56 / 61:42-62:04

The commercial is much longer and the killer characters attack the parents here. In between, Jenny continues to watch the television, fascinated.

Speaker: "You could teach Dad a lesson."
The girl in the clip comments: "This is for raping me, Dad. This is for violating me, Mom."
Speaker: "Blow Dad away with his removable head!"
You can hear the theme song; "James boys, James boys. Looking for love in all the wrong places. James boys, James boys. Killing folks with the skull faces."

21 sec

62:20 / 66:38-67:08

Charles snuggles up to Rea, but she is not really in the mood. She thinks that daughter Jami must still be awake and that he could lie down with her. Charles agrees.

Charles: "You going back to sleep, honey?"
Rea: "Mm-hmm. Why don't you go see Jami? She's probably still awake."
Charles: "Yeah. Yeah, I'll go climb in with Jami. See you in the morning."

28.2 sec

72:53 / 78:09-78:17

Jami says that she prefers to be in bed with her father ("Daddy's much better.") and shoots Kyle again. Rea then pulls the knife out of Odessa's hand, still bloody.

7.8 sec

73:51-73:52 / 79:16-79:19

The British VHS recycles a shot of Rea when Odessa's fires a shot. Actually, though, you clearly see here that he shoots her between the legs. The British VHS then starts again in in the middle of her fall.

Uncut 2.1 sec longer


73:53 / 79:20-79:39

Odessa is seen a little longer, then you see the dead Rea. Odessa now hangs his weapons around his neck and walks away. At the same time he still comments: "Ever had one of those days, Rea?"

17.5 sec

74:09 / 79:56-80:02

Jami is hit at the door several times. In between, more shots of Odessa shooting.

5.7 sec

74:11 / 80:04-80:23

After a frontal shot of the shooters in the garden, Jami is riddled by their gunfire in several slow-motion shots.

17.9 sec

77:03 / 83:21-83:22

For a few frames, Charlie's head was also seen in the BBFC version. Then it's missing how it is bloodily ripped apart.

1.2 sec

After the identical credits, the Producer's Cut has the Multicom logo again.