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original title: Boh lee chun


  • International Version
  • HK Theatrical Version
Release: Apr 08, 2023 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut international version and the Hong Kong original version (both included on the UK Blu-ray from 88 Films / quasi identically* included on the German Blu-ray).

- 51 differences, incl. 8x alternative material and 2 recuts
- Difference: 1237.6 sec (= 20:38 min) [in 24fps and without logos]

Including 9 bits of additional material in the international version with a duration of 147 sec (= 2:27 min)

Jackie Chan enjoyed huge success in 1998 with the US production Rush Hour, which cemented his worldwide standing once again and certainly brought him some additional fans in the following decades. Nevertheless it also made clear what differences there were compared to his Hong Kong productions. Here he had a virtually free hand since 1980 and reliably delivered hits that served the needs of the Asian market in particular. With his U.S. success on his shoulders, Chan then devoted himself to his passion project Gorgeous, which was originally conceived as a pure love story. Chan initially wanted to remain in the background as a producer, but leading actress Shu Qi allegedly insisted that Chan also acts alongside her in front of the camera.

Gorgeous followed the tradition of Chinese New Year films, and so you get to see a crowd-pleasing potpourri of romance, comedy and Chan-typical action - garnished with many local stars in supporting roles as well as tongue-in-cheek guest appearances. In Asia, the film was a huge success in 1999, topped only by Stephen Chow's King of Comedy - in which Jackie made a small cameo appearance, while the star there drops in just as briefly in Gorgeous. In any case, it was a much more personal film for Jackie, but at the same time harmless entertainment for the whole family and perfectly tailored to the Asian audience. Unsurprisingly, the film was then adapted for international viewing habits. In Germany and of course typical export countries such as the U.S. or Great Britain, only the version shortened by more than 20 minutes of plot/comedy was released first.

Besides the well-known focus on action in international versions, especially the female lead of the lovely Shu Qui was almost degraded to a minor character. One reason for this was probably the lack of awareness of her in the Western world, especially since the film was made before The Transporter or the export success So Close, which put said lady in the international spotlight a bit more. However, even the international version has some exclusive footage in the form of alternate takes or the completely recut training montage. Beyond that, the soundtrack was replaced in many places, or sound effects or incomprehensible dialogue from supporting characters in the background were sometimes not dubbed at all or dubbed differently. These tonal differences will not be discussed further in the report.

* In addition, we also took a closer look at the German Blu-ray, which also had both versions on board already in 2015. The Blu-ray from 88 Films, released on March 23 (UK) and April 11, 2023 (US), respectively, was used as the main basis for this (revised) report. While the original version doesn't have any relevant differences from the German version in terms of picture quality, 88 Films' international version is a faithful reconstruction with identical logos/credits as on Columbia TriStar's US DVD, for example. Unfortunately, though, the picture quality isn't too sparkling, with a few compression artifacts especially noticeable in the scenes on the boat. The color grading also deviates strikingly in places, as we noted with a few comparison images during the additional montage scene block. The additional bonus material is probably the main argument for the British release. Unfortunately, however, the exclusive scenes of the Asian alternative version have NOT been included in the extras.

Running time details are according to the scheme
International Version UK Blu-ray / Original Version UK Blu-ray

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Other company logos to get started.

International cut 18.2 sec longer

International cutOriginal version

Immediately after that, the opening credits diverge: English vs. Chinese inserts.

International cutOriginal version

Note: On the German Blu-ray, both the logos and credits on the international version are kept identical to the main film in the original Chinese version. Before that, there are still references to Splendid/Amasia, which shifts all the timecodes there a bit. In the course of the film, there is a small additional difference, because only the original version on the German Blu-ray runs at 24fps.

03:29 / 03:11-05:14

Bu's (Shu Qi) father's bar is shown, there's a lot of partying, singing Karaoke, drinking beer etc. The father goes from table to table, greets everyone and engages in small talk. He sits down next to a few friends outside and invites them to a beer on the house. His wife is not amused about this, she tells Bu that the men come every day and pay nothing. She orders Bu to add water to the beer. Bu apparently had to do this trick before. As she brings the men their beers, they immediately ask her warily whether she had mixed the beer with water again. She loudly says no. As all men start drinking at the same time, they disgustedly spit it all out again. The father notices something in his drink and gets angry. Bu runs away and the father follows.

Cut to a distant shot of the bar, and there is a voice-over of Bu saying that it is like this every evening, and that there was no place for romance on this island.
123 sec (= 2:03 min)

05:15 resp. 05:32-05:35 / 07:00-07:34

Bu and her mother prepare the oyster which Bu got from the guy who wants to marry her (Long Yi aka Richie Jen: in the following sometimes also described as the admirer). Bu tells her mother he proposed to her. She looks surprised for a short time, then asks Bu very calmly whether she loves him. Bu hesitates and says he isn't that bad. Her mother interrupts her and says her answer shouldn't be any longer than four words, either she loves him or not. Then the father is heard singing outside, the two turn to him and laugh. Now, the international version continues.

The father singing outside is spliced back in shortly after as the two talk about him.

Uncut 31.8 sec longer

05:35 / 07:51-08:43

The talk about Bu's father is also strongly trimmed. After the mother explains to Bu that her father is a phenomenal cook, Bu asks how it is to love someone. The mother explains to her that you miss that person and it hurts when he isn't there. Then the mother says it's even nice to watch that person sleep and there is a cut to the father who now has fallen asleep. A fly flies into his open mouth, he swallows it, coughs and the fly flies away unharmed.

The international version continues as the two laugh about this.

51.8 sec

07:41 / 10:50-12:48

Again, we witness a scene in Bu's father's bar. Someone sings a romantic Karaoke song. The camera pans from the house up to Bu's window. She is sitting in front of the proposal and the romantic message from the bottle post and cannot decide. Then she notices her dolphin in the water. She says it should decide and holds the proposal out to it. Since nothing happens, she now shows the message. Now the dolphin is jumping out of the water and doing tricks. She repeats that once more. Then, dreamingly and amusedly she tells the dolphin it just decided her fate.

118.1 sec (= 1:58 min)

09:07 / 14:13-15:14

Jackie Chan's first appearance was shortened, too. The scene takes place directly after the one with Bu in the airplane.
A training room is shown, then a shot of a rubber doll. One of the assistants awkwardly boxes against it. Then, Chi-Ng aka CN (Chan) enters, the two go to a side room and CN opens up a newspaper. His assistant calls somebody and asks whether they are ready.

60.5 sec (= 1:01 min)

13:21 / 19:28-21:20

After Bu and Albert (Tony Leung) look at the poster with the bottle, the scene continues. To understand this, it is to be said that he says something completely different in the original version right before, namely that he is going to look for a hotel for her for that night - which is why she looks at him so resentfully. But completely different translations of Hong Kong movies are nothing new to begin with.

Anyway, the scene continues as follows: Abert wants to look for a hotel for Bu, but she'd rather stay with him. She twitches his arm etc. He says he couldn't stand women to be in his apartment. She continues twitching and pesters him. Then he pushes her away and she stumbles against a wall. Bu looks sad and says she came that long way and didn't deserve something like this. She walks towards the door. Albert calls her and she turns around hopefully, but he only throws her suitcase after her. Then she leaves and sits down in front of his front door. Shortly after, the door opens again, and he is giving her her purse, too. Then he says he couldn't stand anybody cry, because he feels guilty, and that she can stay. She says she was so grateful, she'd help him with everything. He laughs and says he is a make-up artist. He puts on some glasses and a comedic rendition follows of him looking into the camera and explaining he even is the best make-up artist in HK.

The international version continues with showing the sailing boat.

111.9 sec (= 1:52 min)

14:21 / 22:20-22:39

A short scene on Albert's boat is missing: Bu is hungry and nags around, wanting to know how long it's going to take. Albert answers about six hours. Completely bitter, she says he couldn't be serious. Then, the photographer comes from below deck and says they should close the hatch.

18.8 sec

26:21 / 34:39-35:42

After CN and Bu have been saved from their "shipwreck", a short scene ashore is missing. The dragonship that towed them off is seen at a dock, the crew is doing dry runs. CN telephones with a mobile phone and is asking for the newest stock prices and what would be the conditions to take over the friend's company. Bu is standing next to him and is bored, so she annoys him a little and then goes away. CN looks after her and has to smile, then he says he should buy a new mobile phone.

63.1 sec (= 1:03 min)

Alternative / Additional material in the international version
27:10-27:15 / 36:31-36:43

As CN leaves his assistant with 20 dollars and takes Bu with him instead of him, the shot of the assistant looking after the car is a different take. In the original version, the assistant looks at the bill and comments in disgust that CN was a liar.

Original version 7.4 sec longer

International cutOriginal version

32:54 / 42:22-43:26

As Bu bails on CN during dinner and his assistant tells him, she just went to the elevator, the scene continues a little: CN is a bit sad, goes back into the kitchen and finds Bu's clothing. He laughs a little, because this means she left an excuse to return later.

Bu is back with Albert in his apartment. He is just putting on some face mask and she dreamily tells him about CN. He is sceptical though.

64.4 sec (= 1:04 min)

34:43 / 45:15-46:22

The scene showing Long Yi arriving at the airport in HK has been shortened as well. A woman runs to him and thinks he is Chow Yun Fat. He tries to explain to her, but she immediately tells another bypasser and asks him to take a photo. Then, the two go away quickly and, too late, Long Yi notices they stole his luggage. He runs after them, but they already jumped into an elevator and make fun of him.

66.3 sec (= 1:06 min)

35:49 / 47:28

Close-up of CN's hand on the elevator button, as he opens the elevator for the first time, in which Albert, who threw paint around in his apartment, wants to disappear.

0.4 sec

35:57 / 47:37-47:47

The door-open/door-closed game with Albert was shortened, too.

10,5 sec

35:59 / 47:49-47:52

Another small shot of the elevator nonsense.

2.6 sec

36:05 / 47:58-48:02

One last time

4.2 sec

41:35 / 53:31-54:13

The cameo appearance of HK star Stephen Chow was also cut out mercilessly. The original version shows it after the short beating with the baseball bats. Here, Bu doesn't propose leaving before the police arrives but says that the police will probably follow them. After that sentence, the original cut continues like this:

Suddenly, an officer, played by Stephen Chow, is standing behind CN and Bu. Several times, he orders the dog to sit down, but it only obeys after a few tries. The policeman says somebody reported a beating. The two confirm that. He asks whether some proof has been left. CN gives him the baseball bat which he still has in his hand. The policeman lets his dog sniff it and orders it to keep track. The dog starts running and the policeman is being trailed (BTW: a really lousy puppet). After the dog ran out of the frame with the policeman, a short take of the completely messed up policeman sitting on stairs is shown. He says something to his dog, which immediately runs away again and pulls the poor guy with it.

41.6 sec

44:11 / 56:49-57:43

After the circus-like dance routine by Bu and CN, a complete plot scene has been removed again. Also, the dance is normally faded-off instead of just being cut off. The following is missing:
CN is leisurely walking over a golf course with an elderly man. They talk about CN's business. Then, the man asks CN whether it was right that he tried to take over LW's company. CN nods. The man explains to him that the biggest victory was not simply a victory, but one a man earns a lot of respect from his enemies with.

53.4 sec

Side note for 46:23 / 59:55: The group of young people on the pier are chanting a completely different song. The more commonly known "Knick Knack Patty Wack" song can only be heard in the international cut.

47:37 / 61:09-62:01

After Long Yi now has found the mail, another rather long plot sequence is missing:

Bu is sitting at home with Albert and asks him whether she looks good. He answers yes and she is happy. But Albert then criticizes her clothing and gives her money to buy new stuff. She is very grateful and recites what things he does for her and says he was her guardian angel. Albert pushes her towards the door, as he just wants to close it. She goes in between and asks him what she should talk about during dinner that night. He gives her a few tips, wants to close the door again, but all this repeats.

52.5 sec

53:28-53:32 resp. 61:11-61:15 / 67:52-67:59

After CN has told LW to grow up and he left the screen, the camera stays a little on LW and Alan. Alan gives LW a cassette and asks him to play it.
Then a cut to Bu, who followed CN. This shot is contained in the international version a few minutes later, too, but it replaces another shot that is missing (see below).

Note: In fact, the brief inclusion of Bu here in the original version seems a bit out of place, as her presence plays no role whatsoever in the following minutes.

Original version 3.3 sec longer

Alternative / Additional material in the international version
53:32 / 67:59-68:02

An alternate take of CN walking before Alan blocks his way. In the international version this shot starts a bit earlier.

International cut 1.8 sec longer

International cutOriginal version

54:43 / 69:12-69:13

LW gives one of his henchmen the cassette he got from Alan with the request to play it during the fight.

0.8 sec

61:15 / 75:41-75:47

Now, the international version features the scene showing Bu following CN in her blue dress. But at the same time, another shot of her face is missing, which should have been shown here. Right after that CN sits in front of the fence a little earlier.

5.8 sec

Alternative / Additional material in the international version
63:09-63:10 / 77:41-77:42

Right at the beginning of the training montage, Bu is seen in the international version a little longer. For this CN makes the role a little earlier in the original version.

Original version 0.3 sec longer

International cutOriginal version

The rest of the shot is played back in slow motion in the IF, so the shot here is 1 sec longer .

Alternative / Additional material in the international version
63:12-63:15 / 77:43-77:46

The following shot of the dolphins is alternative.

Original version 0.4 sec longer

International cutOriginal version

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