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Barry J. Gillis Triple Threat Collection


Transporter, The


  • PG 13
  • French DVD
Release: Apr 08, 2008 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
US PG-13: 92,03 Min NTSC
FR suitable for age 12: 88,45 Min PAL = 92,18 Min NTSC
cut: 10 seconds
The rest of the time difference derives from the different opening credits and rounding errors.

Note: The screenshots in the bus were brightened up.
Alternative scene: After the Transporter has rammed the knife into the first opponents arm, the PG-13 version changes the perspektive while the French version stays with the first shot. The US version is a bit shorter.
1 Sec

The next shot is 5 frames longer in the US version.

The Transporter pulls the knife out of the arm and stabs it into the leg of the next opponent.
2,5 Sec

In the beginning there is an alternative shot in the US version (19 frames). Then the scene of the Transporter pulling the knife out of one man and sticking it into another is missing (100 Frames).
3,5 Sec

The shot of Frank waving the knife behind him is 3 frames longer in the US version.

Here we see Frank stabbing into the arm.
1,5 Sec

The end of the missing shot is in the US version. 5 frames longer due to continuity reasons.

The end of one shot and the beginning of the next is longer in the French version.
1 Sec

2 frames are missing during a change of perspective.
2 frames

Right after that the US version is 2 frames longer.

After Frank has kicked his opponent out of the truck, the man rolls around beside the truck in the US version. In the French version he gets crushed by the wheels. The US version is a bit shorter.
0,5 Sec