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original title: Bor lei jun


  • HK Theatrical Version
  • Asian Alternative Cut
Release: Feb 19, 2010 - Author: Scat - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Gorgeous doesn't only exist in a heavily cut international version and the uncut HK version but also in an asian alternative cut in which many scenes lack some seconds (that can partially be seen in the international version). On the other hand this version offers one additional scene that can exclusive be seen in this cut.

The scenes described in italics are those that aren't available in the alternative cut!
The starting scene including Jackie's assistant/butler and Jackie picking up the newspaper is missing.
- Sec

The rest of the scene is missing. Albert mentions that he is an make-up artist.
- Sec

Some short scenes with Bu and Jackie are missing.
- Sec

The scene lacks it's last shot in which Jackie's assistant can be seen again.
- Sec

The scene in which Jackie's and Albert's elevator is being opened and shut again and again is shorter.
- Sec

Alan says "Play this music for me" and gives Jackie's competitor a tape. The following shot of Bu and her dress in the wind is also missing.
- Sec

A shot of Bu.
- Sec

Jackie's training sequence is cut differently. Both versions feature some shots the other one doesn't have.
- Sec

This is the additional scene mentioned in the introduction:

Bu is practising how to tell Jackie that she isn't who she pretended to be. ALbert joins her and gives her some advice. When he tells her how to kiss Jackie she is asking him to help her practising it. Albert first complies reluctantly but then backs down. He then shocked looks into the mirror and both see the guy that is having a crush on Bu. This guy has now perceived that Bu is in Albert's flat, which he shouldn't know. Since he is quite drunk Albert tries to convince him that Bu isn't there and he was just drunk. Albert puts the bottle to his mouth and gives Bu a sign to go.

Afterwards we see the scene in the factory that is also in the HK version.
138 Sec

A very short shot of two workers is missing.
- Sec

- Sec

The shot of Jackie starts earlier.
- Sec

A shot of the woman eating with Jackie is missing.
- Sec

Jackie and the woman chink glasses.
- Sec

During the second musical scene in which Jackie thinks of Bu there is an additional shot in the alternative version as well as in the international version: Jackie is sitting with assistants/co-workers in his flat. The phone ings. Jackie answers it eagerly but is making a disappointed face. He passes the phone on to his assistant.
21 Sec

Alan: "I heard you back in Training."
Jackie: "Yes, i am."
Additional line in the alternative version:
Jackie: "...but not because of you."
Featured in both the international and the asian alternative cut.
1,5 Sec

Different shots of Bu when Jackie reads "Smile, don't worry". Again, the IV and the AA show the same footage.
- Sec

A short scene of the guy having a crush on Bu meeting his neighbor.
- Sec