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My Band

artist: D12


  • Censored Version
  • Uncensored Version
Release: Oct 29, 2012 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Tony Montana
Like many other music videos, there are different versions of "My Band" as well. Only a Censored Version aired in the US. The controversial scenes weren't blurred but replaced by alternate ones. On German music channels on the other hand, different versions went on air. In the night program, an Uncensored Version was shown very often. During the day, a Censored Version aired but it was slightly different than the Censored Version from the US. In the German Censored Version, some stuff was simply blurred instead of replaced by alternate footage. Whether or not the US Version also aired in Germany is unverified.

The following comparison was made with the US Version only. (Additional info or corrections are very welcome. Please let us know if you can come up with sth.)
Odd alternate shot of Eminem and the two groupies at the beginning. The Censored Version contains an alternate shot of what occurs, there's no recut in the Uncensored Version at all.
The reason for this is as clear as mud if there is any reason in the first place.
no difference
Censored Version on the left, Uncensored Version on the right.

Distance shot of Eminem and the groupies before he goes on stage to pose. Then someone puts a cape around him.
2 sec

The Censored Version contains an extended shot of Eminem on stage instead - presumably for sound engineering reasons.
0.5 sec

Alternate footage again. This time, the reason for the censoring is obvious... The difference should be crystal clear. - The two upper screens are from the Censored Version, the two lower ones from the Uncensored Version.
no difference

And some "controversial" alternate footage again. - The reason should be obvious again.

During the day, this scene here was censored differently in the German Version. The stripper's boobs were blurred, the alternate footage from the US Version wasn't used at all. Unfortunately, this version wasn't available for the comparison.
no difference
Censored Version on the left, Uncensored Version on the right.