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original title: Resa dei conti, La


  • US Version
  • Original Version
Release: May 11, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut US Version on the French DVD by Wild Side Video (Blu-ray Combo Pack) and the uncut Original Version on the German Blu-ray by Explosive Media

- 65 cuts
- Length difference: 19:53 min [in PAL]

Minor jump cuts with a length of less than 0.5 seconds have not been considered in the following comparison.

This Western classic with Lee van Cleef and Tomas Milian from 1966 did not have it easy international-wise. For the US release, approx. 20 minutes had to be cut. The German Version used to lack 25 minutes. At least, the Uncut Version has been available for years now - both in Germany and the US, the previously missing scenes are subtitled.

While the German Cut Version basically lacked longer scenes and the story arc of the Baron, the cuts in the US Version were quite different. Except for a few scenes, only smaller scenes rarely regarding the basic plot were cut - most likely for pace reasons. Certainly, one can argue whether or not those cuts are pointless but it is annoying either way, that is for sure. Especially when the cuts alter the dynamic/style - as happened in the opening sequence which is building up suspense in the Uncut Version while it has turned into a plain vanilla shootout in the US Cut Version.

Besides the uncut Original Version, the US Blu-ray contains a so-called "Extended US Version". This version is "only" 15 minutes shorter. For at least 3 scenes originally cut from the US Version (Cuchillo's encounter with the monks / Corbett talks to the monks / Cuchillo in bed with his wife Rosita), English audio is available in other countries. As a result, these scenes also have English audio in the Original Version. The terrific French release by Wild Side Video from 2014 (which also contains a nice book with 128 pages) does not only contain the Uncut Original Version but also Original US (Cut) Version, the following comparison is about that very version.

Time index refers to
US Version on the French DVD in PAL / Original Version on the German Blu-ray
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The French DVD with the US Version contains (after two additional logos) English opening credits.

French DVD 16.4 sec longer

French DVD (US Version)German Blu-ray

04:19 / 04:13-04:25

Extended shot of the trio threatening Corbett.

10.9 sec

04:21 / 04:27-05:57

Instead of drawing his weapon immediately, the men remain reserved at first and Corbett, being as cool as ice, puts three shell casing on the log in front of him.
The first guy draws, the second one slowly goes forward and the one in the middle moves last. Subsequently, that third man prematurely fires his weapon with the round he just received and this is the scene the US Version immediately begins.

86.2 sec

04:26 / 06:02-06:29
For those who did not get it yet: this scene ultimately reveals the intent of presenting a quick classic shootout. After the third man's death, Corbett actually explains to the other two men that he did not stick to the rules. He holsters his weapon and asks them if they prefered rope or bullet. The older one replies Corbett should wait and see, then he draws.

25.9 sec

04:30 / 06:33-06:44

The boy is begging: he was not involved in the robbery and he wants to be spared.

11.1 sec

05:00 / 07:15-08:51

Corbett holsters his weapon and pushes the body of the one robber aside.

Now, an entire scene with Sheriff Jerico is missing. He talks rather cynical to Corbett about his accomplishments in bounty hunting. In the end, he asks if Corbett had already made up his mind regarding running for senator.

Subsequently, the tracking shot during Brokston's party begins earlier.

91.1 sec

06:09 / 10:03-10:06

When Brokston introduces the Baron, a shot is a bit shorter - probably accidental.

2.6 sec

06:28 / 10:25-10:46

Corbett puts the Baron in his place for a longer period and Brokston changes the subject by introducing Vanessa in the garden.
She is also the reason for his bottom line which is also in the US Version: that he would surround himself with the best people in their fields.

19.6 sec

07:10 / 11:30-12:08

Brokston says a desk had his upsides, Corbett waves aside. Subsequently, the wedding of Brokston's daughter is being mentioned but Brokston changes the subject to Corbett's (not really existing) political ambitions again.

36.7 sec

07:20 / 12:18-12:23

At the beginning of the shot, Brokston stresses he did not any intention whatsoever to buy Corbett.

5.1 sec

08:11 / 13:18-13:37

Borkston asks for a picture but the McCoy brothers, who have just arrived, can prevent that from happening at the very last moment.

19.5 sec

08:44 / 14:11-14:14

One of the McCoy brothers also says they had come their to get help.

2.8 sec

08:46 / 14:16-14:34

Miller asks about Jericho who is drinking in some corner and says the Sheriff's office was closed due to the festivities. Miller makes a despicable comment about it.

16.3 sec

09:02 / 14:50-15:00

During the shot of Miller, Brokston can't stress enough that this dreadful crime cannot go unpunished. Then Corbett earlier.

9.2 sec

09:05 / 15:03-15:18

The shot of Jericho talking to Corbett in a cynical way starts earlier.

14.3 sec

09:10 / 15:23-15:34

Jericho points out Corbett had to carry the sheriff's star now and he had to justify his shootings from that point on.

10.5 sec

09:28 / 15:52-15:58

The first shot of the village beings earlier.

5.6 sec

11:10 / 17:45-17:54

Corbett sends the barber away.

8.3 sec

11:59 / 18:44-19:03

The shot of the Mormons' departure starts earlier.

18.3 sec

12:13 / 19:17-19:47

Further shots of them. A few villagers start the name-calling while they are leaving.

27.7 sec

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