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War and Peace

Fistful of Dollars, A

original title: Per un pugno di dollari


  • UK Theatrical Version
  • Italian Original Version
Release: May 01, 2010 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the English theatrical version and the Italian original version.

The Italian version runs 188 seconds longer.

For its theatrical release in Great Britain, the English version of the movie had to be heavily cut in its scenes containing violence in order to obtain a lower rating by the BBFC, making it available for a broader audience. By now, the movie is also available in an uncut English version, like for instance the British DVD release. However, this DVD-release is not remastered, so the quality of the picture is mediocre. For this report, the author used the Dutch DVD which contains both the English theatrical and Italian version. However, the English theatrical version on said disc is an edited version of an uncut English master (for the Italian version, only the credits were changed). Why this has been done instead of using the English uncut version, no one knows.

0:00 mins. - 2:18 mins.

The credits are, depending on the version, either in English or Italian. In the English credits, director Sergio Leone is credited with his alias Bob Robertson.

Runtime: no difference.

65:16 mins. - 65:22 mins.

After the head of the nameless rider has been banged on the table, the English version changes the scene, whereas the Italian version shows his blood-smeared face. Only in the Italian version, you can see a take of laughing Esteban followed by someone of Ramon's goons grabbing the nameless rider by the hair and dragging him away.

Runtime: 6 secs.

65:54 mins. - 66:17 mins.

In the Italian version, the nameless rider is pushed over the whole table and ends up on the floor, writhing in pain. As he tries to get up again, Esteban extinguishes his cigarillo on the rider's hand pours water over his head. The nameless rider is able to loosen himself for a short time, but immediately gets held fast by Ramon's goons.

Runtime: 23 secs.

66:23 mins. - 66:34 mins.

In the Italian version, the nameless rider tries to get up again, but gets kicked in the belly by Ramon.

Runtime: 11 secs.

67:33 mins. - 67:42 mins.

The nameless rider is lying on the floor all dizzy and bleeding for a longer time in the Italian version.

Runtime: 9 secs.

68:34 mins. - 69:15 mins.

The nameless rider's rolling down the ramp for a longer time in the Italian version. At its end are lying two dead bad guys. The nameless rider is crawling through the door and props himself up. That's where the English version sets in again.

Runtime: 41 secs.

73:38 mins. - 73:51 mins.

In the Italian version, one bad guy adds 'This is for your friend'. After that, the Rojos leave the bar and the barkeeper collapses.

Runtime: 13 secs.

77:58 mins. - 79:18 mins.

Many more Baxters, partly burning, flee the house and are brutally shot down by the laughing Rojos.

Runtime: 80 secs.

85:32 mins. - 85:39 mins.

In the Italian version, Ramon pushes the cigarillo in the barkeeper's mouth wrong end first.

Runtime: 7 secs.

85:58 mins. - 86:01 mins.

In the Italian version, the guy with the whip is preparing to strike before he hears the explosion. In the English version, you can neither see the whipping preparation nor his hearing the explosion. In both versions, you can afterwards see a frightened guy turning to the explosion. However: In the Italian version, has has heard the explosion in the background, contrary to the English version. There it seems as if he just saw something and is now turning towards it.

Runtime: 3 secs.

95:25 mins.

The long take with the text 'FINE' in the Italian version is not from the same version as the rest of the movie. The quality of the picture is much worse, further there is a skipping of about 3 secs., and the English version contains a longer black screen in the end.

Theory: Same master for both versions, the English uncut master. It's well recognizable due to the same tint and some few contaminations of the picture, which appear at the same places in both versions. The credits of the Italian version are taken from an Italian master.

Runtime: EV 5 secs.

The Italian version runs 188 seconds longer than the English theatrical version!