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  • DVD Version
  • US VHS (2nd Vestron Release)
Release: Jun 12, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the NL-DVD from WWC (identical to the US-DVD) and the US-VHS from Vestron.

Vestron released two different versions on VHS. The first release was a heavily cut R-Rated version while the second is documented here. This version is slightly different from the one that Wes Craven authorized and which was released on DVD. There are a few alternative shots, with a few extensions during Phyliss' death being the most interesting. Also, this version has ending credits and the text flash "early next morning..." at the twenty minutes mark. Apart from the opening credits the DVD version features no such thing.

The UK-DVD from Anchor Bay features the "Krug and Company" cut of the movie. A few of the alternative shots are present here as well but additional cuts had to be made as ordered by the BBFC. It's possible that the same source material has been used for the Vestron tape and the Anchor Bay release.

Interesting comment on "Films in Review":

(ps Ė This may be the longest version of the film around, but itís not the directorís cut. That was the second version released by Vestron Video on VHS. Back in í75, annoyed at the cuts that had been made in the film over the years, and at Vestronís R-rated first VHS release, I suggested to Wes that we find a complete print and restore it at least to what he felt was the right length. In a closet in Sean Cunninghamís office was a mint 35mm print, and we went through it, picking what he wanted back in. What he put back was several minutes less than what was actually there, and perhaps two or three minutes less than what is here, but he just didnít want the other material in. And since he seems to sanction this version on the DVD, Iíd go for it. If you want to know what else I saw thatís not in there, drop me a lineÖ)


This would make the Vestron release the Director'd Cut of the movie.

Red marked scenes are missing on VHS version but are included on the DVD. Green marked scenes are missing on DVD version but are included on the VHS. Blue marked scenes are alternative shots.

DVD: 80:45 Min. (PAL)
VHS: 82:50 Min. (NTSC)

The VHS starts with the following announcement.

VHS: 11 Sec.


A shot of the wound is missing.

DVD: 3 Sec.


Phyllis is seen longer after soiling herself.

The VHS shows a shot of Sadie.

DVD: 4 Sec.
VHS: 2 Sec.


Cut to the girls, then bavk to Krug and Junior who doesn't approve of the situation.

8 Sec.


The girls are hugging each other.

The VHS shows Junior wandering around nervously.

DVD: 10 Sec.
VHS: 11 Sec.


The DVD shows the Sheriff longer while the VHS cuts to the Deputy earlier.

DVD: 3 Sec.
VHS: 3 Sec.


The DVD cuts to Weasel while the VHS shows Phyllis a bit earlier.

DVD: 2 Sec.
VHS: 2 Sec.


Weasel is seen longer.

DVD: 3 Sec.


Weasel is seen earlier.

VHS: 3 Sec.


Weasel has spotted Phyllis but can't get to her because of the river.

DVD: 20 Sec.


The policemen get out of the car.

DVD: 7 Sec.


A shot of Phyllis' legs.

DVD: 1 Sec.


The DVD cuts to Weasel stabbing Phyllis, then Phyllis and Krug.

The VHS shows Phyllis and Krug a bit longer.

DVD: 4 Sec.
VHS: 2 Sec.


The VHS shows Weasel stabbing her a few more times. Cut to Phyllis legs and Krug holding her.

VHS: 5 Sec.


Phyllis' body is seen longer.

VHS: 1 Sec.


Right after Mari learns about Phyllis' death the VHS show Krug carving his name into her.

The DVD shows the cops a bit earlier.

DVD: 7 Sec.
VHS: 19 Sec.


The Sheriff picks up his hat and they walk on, followed by the carving scene.

DVD: 25 Sec.


Weasel brags a bit more before Mrs. Collingwood goes down on him.

DVD: 20 Sec.