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Masters of Horror - Incident On and Off a Mountain Road


  • UK Version / US Version
  • German Version
Release: Mar 04, 2018 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the UK Version / US Version (UK DVD by Anchor Bay / US Blu-ray by Anchor Bay) and the longer German Version (Limited Mediabook Edition by Nameless Media).

- 5 differences, including
- 4 additional scenes
- Length difference: 376 sec resp. 6 min 16 sec

Masters of Horror

Masters of Horror (2005) consists of 2 seasons with 13 episodes each, it premiered on Showtime on 10/28/2005. Each episode is directed by another famous director of the horror genre which also explains the diversity of the episodes. But it is also no surprise at all that, in a rather unusual project like this, some episodes are superior to others. All in all, both seasons are pretty decent.

After the show got cancelled, Mick Garris signed a contract with NBC for 13 episodes - not for a third season of Masters of Horror though but for a new, similar show called Fear Itsself. In summer 2008, the show premiered on NBC but it got cancelled after one season only.

The Comparison

The following comparison was made with both the UK DVD by Anchor Bay and the US Blu-ray by Anchor Bay & the Limited Mediabook Edition by Nameless Media with the longer German Versions.

Except for an additional logo at the very beginning of the UK-DVD, both the UK and US Versions are identically equal. The German Versions on the other hand are longer and they always have been. This begs the question: What is different?

Episode 1x01: Incident On and Off a Mountain Road

First of all, it is important to point out that the UK / US Versions have not been cut for censorship reasons. Nonetheless, the additional scenes are not that uninteresting because fit in well and enhance the character development of Moonface (in the first of two longer additional scenes) resp. Ellen (in the second one). There are two further additional scenes consisting of a single shot each - whereas the second small scene is some kind of introductory shot for the subsequent additional phone conversation with Ellen's mother because Ellen only in the German Version, Ellen finds her phone on the street which makes calling her mother possible in the first place.

All in all, the UK / US Version are just fine - no doubt about that. Nonetheless, the German Version is a little superior due to the additional scenes.

Time index refers to the German Version.
Alternate logos at the very beginning of the episode (UK Version: IDT Entertainment / German Version: Splendid Film) which explains the additional seconds in the UK Version here (not considered as length difference). In the US Version on the other, there is no logo at all resp. the US Version instantaneously starts with the regular opening credits of the show.

Additional Scene

Subsequent to Buddy's assessment regarding Moonface ("Oh, he's so smart."), the German Version contains a longer sequence with him.

The scene starts with Moonface dragging a woman's body across the woods. He stops, grunts and positions the body right in front of him. While starring at the body, one can hear the woman's suffering from off. To be more specific, it is all in Moonface's head and he is really enjoying it. Moonface then grabs a crowbar and continues to mutilate the body. Subsequently afterwards, he puts away the crowbar and uses hammer and nails instead. All of a sudden, Mooonface turns around and looks up to the moon. When arms and legs are nailed to the cross, he reaches for the barb wire and wraps it around the body. Last but not least, Moonface positions the cross the woman resp. the body is nailed to in front of him. He steps forward to take a closer look. During the entire scene, one can hear the woman's suffering from the off. This is here also the case which is why Moonface puts his finger on his lip - because she is supposed to be quiet now.

189 sec resp. 3 min 9 sec

Additional Scene

In the UK Version / US Version, Ellen looks at her shoulder a little longer (no screenshots).

The German Version then contains a close-up of her shoulder revealing the "exit" Buddy mentioned. (1.1 sec)

The subsequent shot of Ellen starts slightly earlier in the UK Version / US Version (no screenshots).

It is possible that the few frames missing at the end resp. beginning of the shots of Ellen got lost in the editing process. However, this explains the almost non-existant length difference even though the German Version contains an additional shot.

0.3 sec

Additional Scene

Additional shot of Ellen. She finds her cell phone lying on the street.

7 sec

Additional Scene

In the German Version, Ellen uses the phone she found lying on the street to call her mother. Ellen pretends everything was fine and Bruce was outside doing his nature thing once again. Ellen also explains she was not worried any longer when he was out there all by himself, they simply got along much better.

124.8 sec resp. 2 min 4.8 sec


The end credits are different as well: The UK Version / US Version contains white credits, the background is black. In the German Version on the other hand, the title of the episode ("Incident On and Off a Mountain Road") pops up on the screen - also white & black background. But then, every single actor gets their single credit, accompanied by a few their scenes from the episode. The remaining credits are identically equal with the UK Version / US Version though - white & black background. This goes for the logos subsequent to the last credits as well and also for "Masters of Horror" URL which pops up last.

Screenshots of the UK Version / US Version are from the US Blu-ray.

47 sec
UK Version / US VersionGerman Version