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Scream 6

The People Under the Stairs


The Last of Us

To Live and Die in L.A

Just don't give a fuck

artist: Eminem


  • Censored Version
  • Uncensored Version
Release: Oct 22, 2012 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Tony Montana
In almost any country, only the Censored Version aired on TV. In the Censored Version, a small scene about an old woman getting hit has been removed. Even though the violence in the scene isn't very graphic, the danger of some kids imitating it is always implicated in those kind of lyrics (similar to Jon Bon Jovi's video "Always" where JBJ starts a fire with a spray can) which is the reason for censoring the video.

The Uncut Version is availabl on the DVD "Uncensored Musicvideos Hip Hop Volume 1" from Hardware.

Additional comment:
The comparison doesn't mention a difference that turned out during a comparison of two versions posted on YouTube: a clown is being displayed at 3:43 in the Uncensored Version. He's not in the Clean Version which is also available on YouTube. I didn't notice sth. like that while during this comparison and I can't check it out either because I don't have the DVD anymore.
Eminem pushes the granny on the couch and the scene is finished in the Censored Version. In the Uncensored Version, he hits her in the face three times. Then he reaches back to finish her.

I know that sounds incredibly vicious and brutal but it's not! As in any movie, the hits are just an act and it's very easy to recognize that she's not being harmed in any way. Except for a phony noise of Eminem's hands cutting the air, there's nothing else on the audio track in this scene. The noise is also audible in the Censored Version, but for obvious reasons from the off. One way or another, it's a real bummer that this scene is missing because it's part of the story.

To keep the video in sync, the Censored Version contains alternate footage here. We only see Eminem here. He's rapping to the camera in the first and standing in the circle of alcoholics in the second shot.

5.5 seconds of footage was exchanged

Screens from the Uncensored Version:

Screens from the Censored Version: