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original title: Fei Lung Mang Jeung


  • English Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: Apr 03, 2020 - Author: Venom138 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Cut scenes: 3:41 min

The German FSK18 version (later re-classified as FSK 16) corresponds to the export version, which was created for English speaking countres. Compared to the Japanese laser disc and the HK DVD, the following scenes are missing her. On the other hand the Hongkong version of the movie is missing two scenes with Yuen Biao, which can be seen in both the English and the Japanese version.

Only the Japanese Laserdisc had outtakes at the end. The German Blu-ray contains all scenes described here and the two additional scenes of the export version, BUT the outtakes were not included. The British Blu-ray released in 2020 corrected this faux pas. It includes all three versions (English / Hongkong / Japanese version) and here the Japanese one really corresponds completely to the Japanese laserdisc.
Only the Japanese laserdisc has a title card for the introduction.

42:20 Jackie's girlfriend is being escorted outside. 11 sec

54:06 Sammo sings on the pier and performs light Kung Fu moves. 37 sec

55:04 Sammo keeps singing... 10 sec

72:45 The judge has a few words for Jackie. 13 sec

72:45 Change in editing: the shots of Jackie and Nancy were swapped.
Afterwards a picture of the judge is missing. difference: 2 sec

73:25 The judge is talking to Jackie again. 5 sec

73:45 Jackie is interviewing his girlfriend. 36 sec

74:51 The judge gives a statement again, then you see Nancy and Jackie again. 19 sec

Immediately afterwards the order of shots was changed a bit again:
Nancy says "Oh...I love you!" in one take.
In the English version, after "Oh..." the previously cut shot of Jackie was inserted again before she finished the sentence.

75:33 Jackie is happy together with his girlfriend. They take each other by the hand. 13 Sec

76:30 A long cut when entering the factory: Here Jackie's girlfriend gets the new clothes, which she later wears in the export version without explanation. The guard is distracted by pushing the woman out of her cover. Jackie kicks him in the head. 76 Sec

86:58 The slow motion kick is missing. 1 sec

Right from the first frames showing the court, the Hongkong / English version white credits start to roll over the shot. Several more shots of arriving police cars follow, while Jackie and the others can leave comfortably.

With the Japanese version, however, the first shot is shown without credits. In the last 0.5 seconds, the image becomes smaller. From this moment on the follow-up shots of the HK/export version are missing, instead you can see several outtakes on the left side of the picture. In addition, credits are running off in yellow on the right.

Screenshots added here from the British Blu-ray

No time difference

Sidenote: For the "English Version" on disc 2 of the UK Blu-ray by 88 Films, all the credits were redone in their original English export version.

Hongkong VersionEnglish Version (UK Blu-ray)