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Hardware: Uncensored Music Videos - Hip Hop, Vol. 1

Everything Everywhere All At Once

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Edge of Sanity

The Six Million Dollar Man

Next Episode, The

artist: Snoop Dogg feat. Dr. Dre


  • censored video version
  • uncensored video version
Release: Nov 04, 2012 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Bensn
Big cars and scantily dressed women are probably the cliché of most of the recent music-videos of the commercial rap-business. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg produce this kind of videos continuously… Without any doubt, the clip of their feature “The Next Episode” belongs to this category, too. This time, however, there are no cars but even more female skin to look at instead. Though, it was a little too much for the American board of censors. For this reason, four shots of the video have been digitally reworked in order to blur the breasts of one stripper. So far, all music channels showed only this beforehand censored version.

Additionally, the Album-version of the song differs to a great extent from the Video-version. E.g.:
Album: „It`s the motherfucking D.O double G”
Video: “It’s the one and only D.O. double G”
The example above shows only one of many alterations within the lyrics. In spite of this it remains unclear whether these alterations were done for reasons of censorship. Some swearwords can still be found in the video-version and some new ones were added, too. Thus, the video release and the alternative lyrics still have “beeped” parts after all (in this case, the word was just left out). Therefore, the lyrics of the video-version are rather an alternative text than a censored version.

For this reason, nobody has to access one of several file sharing programs (Kazaa, Emule) in order to download the video. For in this kind of software, the clips which are dubbed “uncensored” turn out to be cheesy amateur projects which the album version has just been blended into.
The idea of the amateurs was obviously a nice one, but nevertheless the video was filmed with the alternative lyrics in the first place, which makes the lyrics be out of harmony with the movement of the lips. Often, the sound is shifted in time as well. Apart from that, “uncensored” only refers to the lyrics, whereas the stripper’s breasts are not visible here, too.

However, those of you who want to watch the video in the uncensored version containing both image and sound do have the possibility to get the DVD “Hardware Uncensored Music Videos – Hip Hop Volume 1”. Although the DVD does not feature “Underground” – Hip Hop, it shows some commercial music videos in their uncensored version. That is probably the reason why particular emphasis was put on censorships concerning sexual material. Due to the Hardcore scenes of two of the clips, the DVD was rated 18+ and can be found in 18+ music departments of some big media stores as well as in sex shops for about 20 Euro/Dollar. There is also a similar DVD referring to the genre “Rock”.

Compared were the common censored video version and the uncensored version which is contained in the 18+ DVD called “Uncensored Music Videos”.
The breasts of a stripper are blurred.
No difference in time

Again, the breasts of a stripper were retouched.
No difference in time

The same again one moment later
No difference in time

Once more the breasts, this time, however, a different shot.
No difference in time