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Come to Daddy

artist: Aphex Twin


  • Censored Version
  • Uncensored Version
Release: May 03, 2018 - Author: KoRn - Translator: Tony Montana
Compared are the Censored Version and the Uncensored Version.

7 cuts = 169 sec (2 min 49 sec)

Richard David James aka Aphex Twin, AFX, Caustic Window and Polygon Window, is an Irish musician and DJ. James is considered of the big shots in his field. His unique, partially disturbing sounds are also in David Firth's flash movies - his most popular character is probably Salad Fingers.
In 1997, the video "Come to Daddy" become quite popular. It was directed by Chris Cunningham whose video are more like short movies from Hollywood. With "Come to Daddy", a nightmare has become real. It starts rather harmless with the old lady in the gloomy apartment buildings area and it gets more and more intense up to abstruse, almost surreal, horrific scenes. Physically small children with Aphex Twin's distorted face who are on a rampage, it all culminates in the arrival of some lean creature that crawls out of the TV and with its huge teeth and the mouth open, it screams at the old lady who can't even run away because she froze the moment she realized she was looking at some weird creature. And all that is a perfect match for the beats and Aphex Twin's shrieking voice.
Uncensored Version

The Censored Version lacks the entire beginning. Hardly cut for censorship reasons and therefor not considered as length difference.

And old lady walks her dog until he finds an old TV on some pile of junk. The dog then gets electrocuted and barks at the TV like crazy. There are several lightnings coming from the TV and Aphex Twin's distorted face becomes visible. The old lady panics and runs off.
From this point on, the versions are back in sync resp. this is where the Censored Version begins.

80 sec

Censored Version

Additional shot of Aphex Twin's obscured face.

0.5 sec

Alternate Footage:
Uncensored Version: 01.26
Censored Version: 00.07

In the Uncensored Version, the old lady has chest pain, apparently a heart attack. The Censored Version only contains a shot of her looking around in fear.

1 sec

Censored Version
Uncensored Version

Uncensored Version

The ugly kids beat everything to a pulp, fight over the TV, rampage and kick each others butts.

12 sec

Uncensored Version

Additional shot of two kids shoving each other.

1 sec

Alternate Footge
Uncensored Version: 03.42
Censored Version: 02.11

Alternate footage of two strange kids fighting.

0.5 sec

Censored Version
Uncensored Version

Alternate Footage
Uncensored Version: 03.42
Censored Version: 02.12

Uncensored Version
Two of the ugly kids are fighting each other. One puts a stranglehold on the other. At some point, the kid manages to get free and gets knocked down by his opponent. Cut to the back of the TV. There is flickering and lightnings, two of the kids are standing next to each other. Being full of expectations, they look into the camera. Something disgusting comes out of the TV. The old lady takes a closer look. A huge skinny creature with skinny finger slowly rises right in front of her. The lady simply stars at the creature with an open mouth. The creature opens its mouth and yells at the old lady like crazy. The old lady is so scared she closes her eyes and screams for her life. At the end of the scene, there is incredibly bright light.

56 sec

Censored Version
The Censored Version contains parts of the scene with the ugly kids from the Uncensored Version - they rampage and beat other up. When the creature comes out of the TV and Aphex Twin starts screaming like hell in the Uncensored Version, the Censored Version shows Aphex Twin's distorted face on the TV instead.

44 sec

Uncensored Version

The ending of the video is similar to its beginning. Subsequent to Aphex Twin's ear-splitting scream, there is footage of the old apartment towers. This is where the Censored Version ends.
However, the Uncensored Version does not. Even though there is no actual music playing any longer and the story of the video is not being finished either, there is an additional minute in the Uncensored Version - consisting of small shots of Aphex Twin with the creature's body, the ugly kids, Aphex Twin's distorted face on the TV, weird texts on the screen and dropping water, all accompanied by disturbing electro sounds.

63 sec