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artist: Rammstein


  • Censored Version
  • Uncensored Version
Release: Oct 25, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana
Compared are the Censored Version and the Uncensored Version.

Rammstein's provocative and scandalous clip to "Pussy" from the album "Liebe ist für alle da" ("Love is for Everyone") released in 2009 caused a lot of crontoversies about its pornographic content so it's no surprise that the Uncensored Version has become very rare. There is a Censored Version available as well but any shot that contains sadomasochism, private parts, masturbation, oral sex or intercourse is blurred.

Please note: Pictures with explicit hardcore material have intentionally been left out in the following comparison, such as close-up of intercourse or oral sex.
A few blurred shots from the Censored Version to get an impression of it:

And now all the pictures from the Uncensored Version, except for the hardcore material - as already mentioned above: