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Release: Apr 28, 2010 - Author: pippovic - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
This, less exciting, Thriller starring Harrison Ford has been changed in two scenes at the end for a DVD release. Reasons are still missing. While the rental version offer the alternative version, the (German) television always shows the theatrical version.

This report compares the alternative version by WarnerHomeVideo and the theatrical version. The time difference amounts 6 seconds (credits not included). The times derive from the alternative version.

The TV runs a bit longer. The family Stanfield's dog is still sitting on Janet's lap. Janet looks around when suddenly the dog becomes nervous and jumps off her lap. He barks. Now the DVD version continues when Janet gets up.
7 Ssec.

Change in the sound: While the dog moves towards the family he barks in the DVD version while the TV lacks barking.
no time difference

The ending differs in both versions. The TV shows Janet who looks towards her family while she is smiling. A close-up shows how the dog moves longer to the family. They stand still. While both children, Andy and Sarah, stroke the dog, the father looks at Janet. Now the frame fades and the movie ends. The DVD version differs. After Janet smiled she gets up and leaves. A overhead camera perspective is following the family who are walking towards Janet. The dog is right behind them. At the end of this camera turn one can see two police cars coming near. Now the DVD version also fades to a black-screen. The messurement of the runtime starts with the appearance of the first word in the credits. Due to the black-screen the DVD version has a slightly longer runtime.
-1 sec.
Theatrical version
Alternative version

The credits run a bit faster and the Warner logo at the end is missing.
2 Min.