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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 13, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Version rated R and the Unrated Cut (both versions represented by the respective US-DVD by Lionsgate)

- R-Rated: 88:28 min including credits
- Unrated: 89:37 min including credits

- 5 altered scenes
- Difference: 69,1 sec

The film

Still Waiting... is the sequel to the little comedy Waiting... with Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris & Justing Long from the year 2004, which is often referred to as an insiders' tip. The movie is about the employees of the small restaurant Shenanigans, who have to deal with annoying guests, identity crises and financial difficulties and on the side spend their time ballyraging.

The sequel was released directly-to-DVD in the states and, as one could already assume in this context, you have to do without the above mentioned rather famous names (at least Long as a little cameo at the end). Nevertheless the support acts are mostly the same and anyone who had fun with the first film should give the sequel a try, although it wouldn't hurt to lower the expectations a little.

The versions

As is well known, the Theatrical Cut-/Unrated-formula has been applied to comedies as well and as you can see once again here, you can have two versions even without having been represented in movie theaters.

Still Waiting featuers a bit more than one minute of differences between the versions, whereas one pretty long additional scene that is shown after the credits of the unrated version is responsible for almost all of that.
At least here, you get to see, as well as in the other smaller changes, more bare skin, so the "Unrated"-announcement makes at least the slightest bit of sense.
Whether this really is a reason to extra get the Unrated cut, everyone has to decide for themselves, though.

Runtime-indications are ordered the following way: R-Rated (Unrated)

You can see Joshs butt a bit longer.

0,4 sec

11:43 (11:44)

Directly after the "camel toes"-commentary, the shot of the girls in the locker room starts a bit earlier in the Unrated cut.

0,6 sec

76:05 (76:06-76:09)

Naomi yells "Yeah, man!" and you can see her breasts for the first time already.

3,5 sec

76:10-76:11 (76:14)

Now the Unrated version misses a take of the breasts.
It resembles the first shot of the previous cut, but Naomi presents then here simply from left to right into the camera (in the Unrated version, she presses them together in the beginning).

+ 1,2 sec

88:28 (88:31-89:37)

After the credits the Unrated has a rather funny scene to offer.

The Shenanigans-employees are shown in the bar and everything seems to be normal - until Josh rushes in and starts insulting everybody furiously:
"Who the fuck are any of you to laugh at me? Huh? Agnew! You big-eared, Cro-Magnon Aryan fuck! Why are you so racist? Using the N-word isn't cool."
Agnew only helplessly says: "I don't use the N-word..." to the black guy next to him and tries to shake his hand but that attempt is only getting answered by a grim view.
Josh comments loudly "Oh, yeah, good one!" and then makes a farting noise with the dumbs down, just like Agnew has done before many times.

The scene continues with chuck, who had pulled down Josh's pants in front of a bunch of customers:
"And you! You walk into a place, everyone's like, Oh, he's hardcore. You play World of Warcraft, all right? You probably haven't even stolen anything. You motherfucker! I hope you burn in hell!"
Now he goes completely insane and pulls out a gun, Chuck then immediately gets shot gorily.

He turns the other side and Agnew says "Easy, Jew...", whereas he gets shot, too.
Josh is not pleased yet and you see Hank who tries to talk his way out with "Whoa, whoa, whoa - I'm a musician" - unsuccessfully.

Josh lacht weiter diabolisch und schaut zur Seite, wo Mädels aus dem benachbarten Tata's mit freiem Oberkörper auf ihn zu stürmen.
Josh laughs in a diabolic way and looks to the side where girls from the contiguous Tata's topless rush at him.
"Yes! Come to me, ladies. Oh, God. Rub my chest. Yeah!"

Finally then the conclusion: Josh wakes up dripping with sweap, it was all just a dream.
He lies down with a satisfied grin, though, and as the camera turns down, you see shortly he's got an erection.

all in all 65,8 sec

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