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  • Unrated
Release: Jul 17, 2015 - Author: Imbor Ed - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This flick is an amateurish erotic Drama with awful sex scenes thar were shot so that you will not see anything. At the same time, all clichés of erotic cinema were repeated. Absurdly enough, the movie is about a woman that is sex-addicted, yet never manages to portray this in a believable manner. After all, no woman that is sex-addicted would be satisfied with a few hugs and some cuddling. Yet, this is not where the stupidity ends. Apparently, the movie makers thought it was a good idea to portray the woman's first extramartial intercourse in a way that only the seducer plays the active part, while the woman tries to push him away, saying that she could not do it because it is wrong. Still, he continues to kiss her and cannot be stopped. After a last moan the movie fades out, thus leaving the audience puzzled how or why exactly she changed her mind. If you keep in mind, how important the topic of "sexual consent" was and became over the last few years in the US media, you might think that movie makers might have some more tact. Yet this is apparently too much to ask for. The scene is stupid and meaningless - just as the rest of the movie.

The Unrated Version offers 9 additional scenes with a runtime of 130 seconds. Most of this happens during the tame sex scenes, yet it does not alter the Theatrical Version's - which grossed 17 Million dollars in the US alone - R-Rating in any way. In the USA, the movie was released on DVD in its Theatrical Version. The Unrated version was solely released as a video-on-demand stream. In the UK it looks as if it is the other way around.
27th minute - Alternative Scene
Quinton puts off his shirt a little longer before having sex with Zoe.
0.5 seconds longer

27th minute
Quinton leans over Zoe a little longer.
8.5 seconds

27th minute - Alternative Scene
He rips her blouse open a little longer.
7 seconds longer

UnratedTheatrical Version

64th minute – Alternative Scene
Zoe needs some sex, yet in the Unrated Version her lover talks a little longer before finally getting it on.
22 seconds longer

64th minute
Zoe lies down on the table.
5.5 seconds

64th minute
The foreplay goes on a little longer.
13 seconds

64th minute
OK, apparently this was not foreplay but the actual sex. Again – the clothes stay on. After that there is a strategically well-placed blanket on the sofa. And a farewell letter by Zoe.
19 seconds

66th minute
The orgy was slightly extended. While the Theatrial Version just shows the two of them cuddling, the Unrated Version includes a scene during which Zoe is allowed to tattoo her lover.
37 seconds longer

UnratedTheatrical Version

73rd minute
Pleasure before business. Zoe's lover is supposed to sign a contract.
17.5 seconds