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Release: Jan 01, 2010 - Author: pippovic - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Requiem for a Dream is an intelligent addiction-drama by Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler) from the year 2000 that is based on a book by Hubert Selby Jr. Selby also co-worked on the screenplay and has a small role in the movie. In a manner of speaking through the back door, the director manages to bring over his message with Requiem for a Dream: Take care you don't get into a tangle of addictions, because you won't be able to break this cycle!

But Aranofsky doesn't hammer this message into the audiences' heads, but tells the life- and hard-luck story of four people whose lives seem to turn to best. The fall, which looms slowly but unstoppably, is just the more deep, though. This is primarily about drug and medicin addiction, but also die addiction to recognition and the associated self-esteem play a role. The acting performances of the main actors Jared Leto (Lord of War), Jennifer Connelly (Blood Diamond) and Marlon Wayans are all very good. Ellen Burstyn's performance is singular, her change (both outward and inward) during the movie is really academy-award worthy. She actually was nominated as best female main act, but the trophy was passed to Julia Roberts. Clint Mansell's film music is also very memorable, as it is used to this day (slightly modified) in trailers or TV spots.

This comparison
At first, the movie was harshly rated NC-17 by the MPAA. But the studio didn't want to accept this. An opposition was lodged against this rating, but it was defeated. So it was decided to release the film unratedly. For US home cinemas, there was an edited version manufactured, using alternate footage at the more explicit scenes. Thereby, the replaced scenes are equally as long to the frame. This censored version was rated R and is being sold as an "Edited Version". The uncensored original version is being advertised as Director's Cut in the USA.

The censored DVD of the Edited Version (R-Rated) has been compared to the uncensored DVD of the Director's Cut (Unrated), both released by Artisan. The runtime designations relate to the uncensored version. The runtime difference originates from the fade-in of the rating in the censored version as well as a slightly longer black frame. Alternate footage has been used in 9 spots.

Original version: 101:04 minutes (97:42 min. w/o credits)
Censored version: 101:10 minutes (97:48 min. w/o credits)
The censored version shows the rating before the movie begins.
4 Sec.

It's clearly being indicated that this is an edited version.
no time difference

In the original version, you see four naked women rubbing their bodies on each other from above, being groped by men who are standing around. The censored version features only one woman in underwear lolling on the table.
Both scenes are exactly 2.16 seconds long.
no time difference
Director's Cut
Edited Version

In the original version, Marion's "partner" pulls a condom over the dildo. The censored version features the doctor bowing over Sarah Goldfarb, though. Both scenes are exactly 0.64 seconds long.
no time difference
Director's Cut
Edited Version

In the original version, the woman squirts lubrication gel on one end of the dildo and rubs it in. In the censored version, she only spurts it on her palm. Both scenes are exactly 1.04 seconds long.
kein Zeitunterschied
Director's Cut
Edited Version

The original version shows the woman putting in the double-dildo (3,16 Sec.). The censored version only features a close-up of the woman's sweaty face(1,48 Sec.).
1,68 Sec.
Director's Cut
Edited Version

After both versions show Marion for a short time, you shortly see a close-up of her "partner's" face in the censored version, to equate the runtime difference. But still, there is a fractional difference of three frames.
-1,8 Sec.

In the original version, there is a close-up of the woman's face. The censored version shows the crowd of perverted guys who cheer the two girls wildly. Both scenes are exactly 1.8 seconds long.
no time difference
Director's Cut
Edited Version

In the original version you see both girls from above, penetrating each other through rythmic movement. In the censored version, though, there is Tyrone working in prison. Both scenes are exactly 0.92 seconds long.
no time difference
Director's Cut
Edited Version

The original version features a close-up of the two girls' butts slapping together. You can also make out the double-dildo. The censored version shows some of the men, cheering up the two girls, though. Both scenes are exactly 0.72 seconds long.
no time difference
Director's Cut
Edited Version

Again, a very short shot of Marion's and her "partner's" butts was replaced with a view of several men throwing banknotes toward the girls. Both scenes are exactly 0.28 seconds long.
no time difference
Director's Cut
Edited Version

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