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  • BBFC 15
  • Uncut
Release: Aug 29, 2009 - Author: Baumbeutelbaer - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The cut British BBFC 15 DVD has been compared to the uncut German FSK 18. Attention: there is (or was) a misprinting of the German DVD that is identical to the british DVD.

22 cuts have been made with a total runtime of 1:20 Min. (80,08 Sec.).

Runtime of the British DVD with credits: 106:20 Min.
Runtime of the German DVD with credits: 107:39 Min.

The time designations refer to the british DVD.
The shooting of the extreme sportsman was shortened.
0,56 Sec.

As Qualen's blonde helper heads out to get the C4, the british gives her a few nice words to take along: "Good, and blow out that black bastard, whilst you're at it. It'll save me the time to do it..." The "...myself" is still contained.
4,52 Sec.

The black man hits Stallone more often.
2,28 Sec.

Sly gets kicked in the face.
0,72 Sec.

Again, Sly gets hit more often. Due to connection-issues, the beginning of a take on his girlfriend is missing, too.
4,4 Sec.

The black guy kicks Gabe one more time.
0,96 Sec.

After Sly was beaten down, the black guy says "Wrong answer, motherfucker!" and whips a knife out.
3,48 Sec.

The black guy yells "Wrong...". The subsequent "...answer!" is contained.
1,92 Sec.

Again, the guy draws his knife. The final part of the sentence "...and his bitch." is lost due to this.
3,12 Sec.

The first shot showing Walker impaling him is missing.
0,92 Sec.

Each a take of blood-smeared Stallone, as well as one of the dying black guy were shortened.
3,28 Sec.

Qualen's henchman is seen longer. Directly ongoing, the beginning of the his colleague's shooting is missing.
2,48 Sec.

Tucker gets knee-kicked in the head by the Briton. The beginning of his question "Tell me..." is missing due to this.
5,12 Sec.

The comment "I was a fucking good striker." was removed.
1,52 Sec.

Tucker is being kicked down extremely brutally. While he convulses in pain on the ground, the Briton passes comments concerning football (soccer). The Briton sees Tucker more or less as a game ball.
34,16 Sec.

Tucker is shown longer with his face that is contorted with pain. The subsequent view was shortened, too.
2,04 Sec.

Tucker continues crawling on the ground. The Briton furthermore phrases his atrocities as a game of football.
4,96 Sec.

The taunting laughing of the Briton was removed.
1,2 Sec.

The scene showing Tucker getting out his knife was played quicker.
0,48 Sec.

Picture for orientation:

The Briton screams longer. The close-up of the knife that is stuck in the leg is missing as well.
1,32 Sec.

A close-up of his face is missing as the man gets shot by Gabe through the ice cover.
1,04 Sec.

The tracking shot on Qualen's face was shortened.
0,32 Sec.