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  • UK TV Version (Channel 4)
  • Uncut
Release: Jan 09, 2015 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the censored UK TV Version broadcasted on Channel 4 (12/21/14) and the uncensored German Blu-ray by Sony Pictures.

17 cuts = 2 minutes and 23 seconds
1 scene with censored audio track = no length difference

Apparently, the British station "Channel 4" broadcasted the Chinese Version in which several scenes at the Chinese restaurant were already cut for its theatrical release because of the assumption that the image of China could be corrupted. For its broadcast on "Channel 4", additional cuts were probably required because some violence was cut as well and some swearing was also removed.
3 Min
The two dead guards are sliding down the wall.
1.5 sec

4 Min
The shot of the little creature burrowing in Boris' open hand is longer. Then the wound seals.
3 sec

4 Min
Shot of the prisoner who asked Boris for help and who then got killed by him with a few spikes in his head and shoulder on the wall. In the foreground, Boris leaves the scenery.
1.5 sec

11 Min
K: (Show us the tanks in the back!)
Wu: So sorry! No speak English! You come back later, okay?
J: Save the chop-socky bullshit for the tourists, Wu!
Wu gives J and K a serious look, then he says: Hey, what you guys wanna bust my balls for, huh?
J: You don't have no balls!
13.5 sec

11 Min
K on his way to an extraterrestrial fish species lying on the cooking table. He says: And Bob here is a clear violation of Health Ordinance 32: Selling unlicenced extraterrestrial...
6 sec

12 Min
In relation to the last statement from the previous cut, K adds "...foodstuffs!" and takes a look in the cooking pot filled with extraterrestrial quillfish.
Wu: That is an Earth fish! Very traditional in China! You arrest me... that's a hate crime!
K takes out the quillfish, approaches Wu and says to him: It would be if you were Chinese! He yanks off the apron and thanks to Wu's lower body, one can now see Wu is not human.
Wu: K, come on! I got larvae to feed!
K hits Wu in the face with the quillfish. Then he says to Wu: Who is the Spiky Bulba for?
Wu: Nobody!
Wu gets hit in the face again because he lied.
K (angry): Who's it for?
Wu: I keep them in case!
K hits him in the face with the fish one more time and then says: In case what?
Wu: I don't know! Anybody!
K: All right, you slug!
25 sec

12 Min
J: (Wu, he and I are having issues right now, but you shouldn't suffer for that!)
Wu: Thank you, J!
J: So if you don't like getting fish, slapped, keep to our agreement! Earth people get Earth fish! Real Earth fish!
Wu: On behalf of my pathetic self and worthless children, you stay! Allow me most honourable benefit of serving you favourite noodles, K?
J: Don't nobody want your nasty-ass noodles!
K: You're a piece of shit, Wu!
With the words "Shrimp and bok choy!", K hands over the quillfish to Wu.
21 sec

13 Min
When K and J are leaving the kitchen, a shot of Wu looking upset is missing.
2 sec

13 Min
J tells K yanking ogg the apron was mean. This statement was removed from the audio track.
no difference

14 Min
After the alien attack, K searches the kitchen with his gun in his hand. Then the cook attacks him with a pan but K manages to gain the upper hand and smashes his attacker's head on the extraterrestrial fish.
6 sec

14 Min
K pushes the cook back and he hits several low-hanging pans with his head in the process. K grabs one of the pans and bashes the cook's head in. Subsequently, the cook goes down. K looks at him and tosses the pan on his body.
12 sec

15 Min
When K looks aside, the shot of Wu's body nailed to the wall is missing.
2 sec

15 Min
Another missing shot of Wu. In the background, one gets to see the shadow of Boris sneaking past them. K goes after him.
4.5 sec

15 Min
The woman behind the counter comes out from behind and winds her tongue around J's arm. It does not take long and J suddenly moves his arm forward. As a consequence, the woman hits her head on the counter. Then she drops back unconscious.
8 sec

17 Min
After the huge alien fish was carted off with a truck it was tied to, the rest of the scene is missing: J stands in front of a staring group in front of the restaurant after they watched the fish leave on the truck. He puts on his sunglasses and says to the crowd: May I have everyone's attention, please? He gets out his neutralizer and pushes the button. Then he puts his sunglasses and says: Thank you! You know how your kid won the goldfish in that little baggie from the fair and you didn't want it in your house so you told your kid it ran away when you flushed it down the toilet? Well, this is what happens! Okay? See what I'm talking about? Don't lie to your kids! J then leaves the scenery and another shot of the crowd follows.
28 sec

18 Min
J: Well, maybe my report is gonna reflect some shit too, K!
3 sec

18 Min
K: (You are suspended for two weeks!)
J: Bullshit!
K: Four weeks!
3 sec

91 Min
The colonel's body is lying on the ground. The tipof the spear sticks out of his chest. K approaches and bends over the body.
5 sec