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Hot Dog... The Movie


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Producer's Cut
Release: Oct 15, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Synopsis of Hot Dog... The Movie

The up-and-coming ski talent Harkin travels to Squaw Valley to participate in a freestyle ski tournament. On the way there, he picks up the smart Sunny, who makes a self-determined impression, but secretly has already fallen in love with Harkin. Arriving in Squaw Valley, Harkin's idol, the Austrian Rudolph, turns out to be an arrogant prick who looks down on all his competitors. In the hobby alcoholic Dan, however, Harkin finds a good friend with whose troupe he makes the slopes unsafe together. Meanwhile Rudolph's ex-girlfriend Sylvia has her eye on Harkin, who becomes a willing slave of pleasure at a party. Sunny is not very enthusiastic about this and despite Rudolph's defiance, she takes comfort from him. Does Harkin manage to win back Sunny's heart and most of all he has the ability to beat Rudolph in the tournament?

In Hot Dog... The Movie, a typical teen sex comedy is put into the skier milieu. Thanks to sympathetic characters, great ski sequences and lots of bare breasts (from Shannon Tweed, among others) good entertainment is guaranteed throughout.

The Unrated Producer's Cut and its benefits

Synapse Films' US Blu-ray released the Unrated Producer's Cut of the film for the first time, which runs almost three minutes longer than the theatrical version. While the latter was not shy with regard to salacious jokes or textile-free exposition of the female body, the Producer's Cut actually offers more shots of the scantily clad participants in the wet T-shirt contest. Apart from that, the love scene between Harkin and Sunny was extended a bit. Unexpectedly, there is a new scene between Harkin and Sunny. After the competition he starts to play his guitar and thus manages to make the quarrels between the two forget. This scene changes the movie a bit. If it seems in the theatrical version that the reconciliation happens because of Harkin's good performance at the competition, Harkin is allowed to show his tender side in the Producer's Cut, which finally makes Sunny want the two to become a couple again. Towards the end of the film, the Producer's Cut has a new scene in which Rudolph announces that he will see Harkin again in the second part of the film. Unfortunately, the sequel is still a long time in coming to this day.
So we can say that the new scenes of the Producer's Cut complete the movie in every respect. There are more breasts to be seen, the relationship between Harkin and Sunny is more developed and at the end there is an additional gag. The Producer's Cut is clearly preferable.

Picture comparison:

The DVD is in 4:3 open matte, while the Blu-ray shows the movie in 1.78:1. This raises the question whether interesting image areas are sometimes lost due to masking. In some scenes of the DVD, parts of the film crew are visible in the lower edge of the image, so that 1.78:1 clearly represents the correct image format. In the following example you can see the skis of the camera crew.

But what about the nude scenes? Synapse Films made every effort to ensure that all the image information relevant to the viewer is retained in the 1.78:1 format, as the following examples will demonstrate.


The theatrical version was compared to the Producer's Cut.


US DVD: 95:47 min. (95:24 min. without MGM logo at the beginning and end of the movie)
US BD: 98:25 min.


The DVD starts with "United Artists Presents".

Theatrical: 6 sec.


At the wet t-shirt contest, you can see another shot of the dancing girls on stage after the clapping spectator was seen.

PC: 5 sec.


The shot in which the girls are dragged onto the stage is slightly longer. After that, you see another shot of the dancing women.

PC: 3 sec.


Two more shots of the dancing girls on stage can be seen before Harkin and Sunny are shown.

PC: 5 sec.


After Harkin and Sunny were seen, you can see again how the people on stage dance with the girls.

PC: 2 sec.


One of the participants wiggles her breasts. Other participants are splashed with beer before the band can be seen.

PC: 6 sec.


After the band was seen, you see another shot of the dancing people on stage.

PC: 1 sec.


The DVD fades from the love scene between Harkin and Sunny directly to the ski slope.

In the PC, the love scene goes a little further. Between the shots, there is a gentle fade over again.

Theatrical: 1 sec.
PC: 20 sec.


After the competition you see Harkin longer in his hotel room. He picks up his guitar and starts playing. Sunny hears the music and comes into the room. Harkin sings to her.

Harkin: (singing) "Just when you think you got it all. It's taken from your hand. "And when you feel you'll never fall If you don't crash, you land on the floor Still you're going back for more. Only the racer understands. If I'm missing you then soon. I'll be bringing down the moon. Turning midnight into noon to keep you here. If I'm missing you then soon. I'll be bringing down the moon Turning midnight into noon to keep you here."

Harkin stops playing.

Harkin: "Any requests?"
Sunny: "Yes."

Sunny points to her cheek.

Sunny: "Right here."
Harkin: "I know that one."

Harkin kisses her, then there' a fade over to the flags.

PC: 2:06 min.


Before Rudolph leaves disappointed, he tells Harkin in the PC that they will meet again in the continuation of the film.

Rudolph: "Beware, Harkin Banks! We will meet again. In Hot Dog 2."
Harkin: "Yeah, you got it, Rudi. You got it."

PC: 17 sec.