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Grand Theft Auto IV

original title: GTA IV


Censored Version
Rating: OFLC 15
Region: Australia

Uncensored Version
Rating: Keine Jugendfreigabe
Region: Germany

Release: Mar 18, 2014 - Author: FreshDudel - Translator: Tony Montana

While Grand Theft Auto IV was released uncensored in Germany in 2008, it needed to be censored fpr its Australian release. The reason: in 2008, there was no "R18+" rating for video games in Australia. For the highest rating back in the day (MA15+), alterations were required. Almost any blood effect is missing plus the interacting with all the hookers in the game has been slightly altered as well. One can neither choose the "service" nor can the camera been moved when main character Nico Bellic is getting busy in the vehicle.

The recently release GTA V didn't have any problems with the OLFC (the Australian rating board). Thanks to the R18+ rating established in the beginning of 2013, the latest installment of the GTA series is uncensored.

Compared are the censored Australian Version (MA15+) and the uncensored German Version (Keine Jugendfreigabe).
1. Blood Effects

Usually, a pool of blood is being formed under the people that got killed. One can't leave tire tracks on the road by driving over the dead bodies with the car either. And since that isn't enough, the blood stain on the clothes of killed characters have been removed as well. Blood splatter on the wall and ground still exist though.

1. Pools of Blood

Uncensored German VersionCensored Australian Version

2. Blood Textures

Uncensored German VersionCensored Australian Version

3. Bloody Tire Tracks

(Screenshots only from the Uncensored German Version)

2. Prostitutes

Having sex with a hooker is less exciting in the censored Australian Version. One can neither pick the "service" nor can the camera be circled around the car while Nico is having fun with a girl of his choice.

Uncensored German VersionCensored Australian Version