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  • Chinese DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Jul 15, 2020 - Author: Sun Wukong - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Atomic Blonde is probably the most criminally underrated action film of the past decade: Against the backdrop of East Berlin, bathed in cool punk and new wave optics, shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall, the perfectly cast Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron (Monster) as MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton has to track down a secret list of highly sensitive material while dealing with all kinds of shady characters. Ingenious action sequences like a brawl lasting several minutes without any recognizable cut, culminating in a no less brute car chase (even without any recognizable cut), a great 80's soundtrack with numerous new Deutsche Welle evergreens and contemporary US music by bands like Ministry (some of the songs have been re-recorded by currently popular bands like HEALTH - the makers of the great Max Payne 3 soundtrack), hot girl-girl love and great supporting actors like James McAvoy as the sleazy MI6 agent or John Goodman as the CIA's big shot - everything fits here!

Less pleasing are some of the censorship interventions the movie had to endure in China. While the violent scenes are completely uncensored, the nude and sex scenes are almost completely removed from the movie. Especially the relationship between Lorraine and the French agent Delphine Lasalle, played by Sofia Boutella, appears much more platonic after the censorship.

Strangely enough, a second ice bath, in which Theron's breasts can also be seen, was spared any intervention. It is also surprising that curses such as "fucking communists" or TV reports on the fall of the Berlin Wall, in which the GDR government is reported on in a less flattering way, are included here both on the soundtrack and in the English subtitles.

11 cuts = 179.1 sec

The first cut is not long in coming: Lorraine rises from her ice bath.
1.9 sec

There is one missing shot when Lorraine burns the photo of herself and the murdered MI6 agent.
12.6 sec

Percival wakes up after a drunken night with two half-naked women in bed.

Percival: "I'm so fucking late."

11.5 sec

Percival stops in front of the Soviet trade mission. Lorraine doesn't seem too fond of it.

Lorraine: "What are you doing?"
Percival: "Sending a message to a fascist pig."

Then Percival pulls the unconscious East German agent out of the trunk and slaps him again.

Percival: "Say hello to Comrade Bremovych for me!"

21.9 sec

Delphine kisses Lorraine.
9.7 sec

In the backstage area, Lorraine and Delphine go to work. Lorraine pulls a revolver from Delphine's dress and threatens her with it.
7.5 sec

Lorraine goes to Delphine longer. The rest of the scene is relatively self-explanatory. A few frames of the MI6 supervisor are also missing.
39.6 sec

[ab00035. jpg]

A short shot of Delphine.

Delphine: "There is something I need to tell you."

There are a few frames of the previous and following shot missing.
2.9 sec

Delphine wants to confess something to Lorraine.

Delphine: "It has to do with your friend, Percival. He's..."

But Lorraine suspects they are being bugged, so she turns on a radio. This is where the CN version starts again.
8.9 sec

The camera slowly moves closer to Lorraine. Since Delphine is lying topless in bed, the shot was shortened.
5.4 sec

Lorraine and Delphine are talking in bed.

Lorraine "Percival's trying to set me up."
Delphine "Are you surprised?"
Delphine "Lorraine Not really. These relationships aren't real. They're just a means to an end."
Delphine "When you tell the truth you look different. Your eyes change."
Lorraine "Thanks for the warning."
Delphine. What do you mean?
Lorraine, I mean I better not do it again.
Delphine. Why?
Lorraine because it's going to get me killed one day
57.2 sec