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Ren & Stimpy Show, The

4.05 Magical Golden Singing Cheeses/Hard Day's Luck


  • US DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Dec 28, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the shortened version of "Magical Golden Singing Cheeses/Hard Day's Luck", taken from the US DVD by Paramount, and the uncut version, taken from the German DVD by Turbine Classics.

The differences:

3 cuts = 2 minutes and 47 seconds

The Ren & Stimpy Show is one of the most over the edge cartoon shows ever. So it's no surprise that Nickelodeon US - similar to Disney - reacted to the feedback of the audience and made a few cuts. On top of that, later broadcasts on Spike TV contained further alterations. More cuts were made and, if required, some scenes had a higher frames per second rate in order to reach the regular length for syndication. These versions are the available ones on the so-called "uncut" US-DVDs by Paramount.

Surprisingly enough, the German broadcasts back in the 90s were amlmost uncut, only a few scenes with too explicite footage were removed.

For the uncut box the comparisons have been made with, Turbine Germany used the cut (but restored) US masters and the original German versions in order to put the longest versions possible on the German DVD set. Missing scenes in the US Versions have been filled with the German version (including the German dub), missing scenes in the German versions have been filled with the US Version (and they got subtitled in German, if necessary). The result is the longest version available of every single episode.
Magical Golden Singing Cheeses

4 min
Stimpy tells the fool that his act was nothing and snips his fingers. Suddenly, the landscape next to him is covered in snow. Stimpy then licks a frozen tree in the snowy area. Of course, his tongue gets stuck and he eventually pulls long enough to tear it off. Stimpy then asks the fool whether he can trump that. The fool has do admit that this was indeed very stupid and that he will have to take a look at it. He pulls his hands and head out of the pillory and walks to a red car standing next to a fuel pump, where he puts the fuel nozzle into the car and then drives away. The hose gets torn off and the gas pump explodes. The fool then returns to the pillory and gestures his satisfaction about his deed.
55 sec

10 min
After the fade out at the end, a small shot of Stimpy follows. He says that it is time to pay attention now because the secret cartoon follows. This was probably removed from the US Version because the episodes were shown one by one in the states.
6 sec

Hard Day's Luck

5 Min
The leprechaun tells Haggis that he will give him one more chance to get his hair. He wants to test his generosity, however, if he fails he will lose all of his belongings. Haggis gets angry and says that he is the most generous man in the whole world. Suddenly, a weak oyster comes and asks him for help. It needs to get back to its oyster bank but cannot afford the bus fare. Haggis starts sweating, but then eventually starts looking in his trouser pocket, pulling out half a cent. The oyster is already lying on its back and asks him to hurry up a little.

Haggis holds his half cent in his hand and starts to cry. The leprechaun appears behind him and tells him that this is not a big price for getting the hair he is longing for. Just before Haggis' hands reach the oyster, however, he remembers that there is no bus traffic that day and happily tells the oyster the good (for him) news. He then tells it to try flying instead and hurls it away. During the flight, it falls out of the sheel and even loses its underpants, which is why it is turning red. Haggis is still happy, but the leprechaun is less amused and doubts his generosity.
106 sec