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1.13 Old Ego Is a Too Much Thing


  • TV Version
  • Blu-ray
Release: Sep 20, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the censored US TV Version on NBC and the uncensored Blu-ray Version (German Blu-ray by New KSM)

- 94 differences, including 2 scenes with altered audio & 5 scenes with alternate footage
- Length difference: 316.2 sec (= 5:16 min)

Compared to the two other characters he is famous for, Fox Mulder and Hank Moody, David Duchonvy plays a rather nice L.A.P.D. cop in Aquarius. Here, he has to deal with the hippie community of Charles Manson. The initial situation is quite interesting and the characters evolve during the first season. Similar to the Netflix shows House of Cards and Daredevil, the entire season was made available in May 2015. But contrary to the two mentioned shows, Aquarius also aired on NBC at the same time. These TV Versions are als the versions one got to see online. As the topic already implies and as seen on Hannibal recently, some things were too explicit for US TV - especially the sexual references.

While the differences on Hannibal are rather redundant but with Aquarius, the situation is entirely different. Here, there are absurd alterations like removing swear words such as "God!"/Jesus!" or bare breasts but in addition to that, a lot of further alterations for the TV-14 rating have been made. Also, the TV Version lacks a few plot scenes. For that reason, it is quite delightful that the uncensored versions are available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Episode 8 ("Sick City") again includes a lot of uninteresting stuff that probably was solely taken out to reduce the episode's runtime and that are not necessary to unterstand what is going on. However, they also pay a nightclub a visit. The nudity was replaced with more harmless alternative takes, zooms or digital edits.
Folge 1x13 ("Gestohlenes Ego" aka "Old Ego Is a Too Much Thing") weicht nochmal um über 5 Minuten ab und fährt das volle Programm auf, um dem Autoren die Serie für immer in schlechter Erinnerung zu halten. Größtenteils sind es mal wieder die absolut belanglosen Mini-Straffungen am Ende von Einstellungen, aber auch ein paar der üblichen Tonzensuren gesellen sich dazu und ganz zum Ende gibt es sogar noch eine Gewaltzensur.

Time index refers to
TV Version in NTSC / Blu-ray
At the beginning, the TV Version includes a recap that we will not talk about any further. This addition explains the additional difference in time.

01:04 / 00:18-00:21

A shot of Hal from the side is shown earlier...

3 sec

01:09 / 00:27-00:32

...and a little longer. After that Ken says: "What are you talking about?"

5.5 sec

01:43 / 01:06-01:10

Hal is shown longer during the flashback and earlier during the following scene.
Alongside, his offscreen-comment was postponed and shortended for the TV version: "(Makes sense, actually.) Makes total, complete sense."

4.5 sec

02:34 / 02:01-02:04

The exterior shot is shown slightly longer and the following shot of Ken a little earlier.

3.4 sec

02:44 / 02:14-02:15

Hal is shown longer.

1.1 sec

02:55 / 02:26-02:39

More discussion.

Hal: "(Disappearing for days to binge on rent boys.) We're the same, you and me."
Ken: "No, we're not."
Hal: "Charlie knows that. Charlie feeds that."

12.3 sec

Alternative Scene
03:03-03:05 / 02:47-02:50

On the Blu-ray, the shot of Hal in the carking ramp starts earlier. The TV Version in return uses the later part of the sequence from the moment onwards when it ends on the Blu-ray.

Blu-ray 1.1 sec longer

03:16 / 03:01-03:02

Charles ein wenig longer mit dem Messer in der Hand.

1.2 sec

03:31 / 03:17-03:19

Two shots are shown a little longer.

2 sec

03:50 / 03:38-03:40

Hal a little earlier.

2.1 sec

04:18 / 04:08-04:13

Hal a little longer and Janet on the bed a little earlier.

5 sec

04:25 / 04:20-04:25

Hal is shown earlier and he stutters "She just--" for the first time.

4.8 sec

05:01 / 05:01-05:16

Only on the Blu-ray the flashback continues while Hal comments "I wasn't in my right mind. I didn't know what I was doing." Then we see how he leaves the room with the dead Janet on the bed. Subsequently we see Hal in Ken's house.

15.2 sec

05:19 / 05:35-05:36

Two shots were sligthly shortened.

1.1 sec

05:24 / 05:41

Emma is shown longer.

0.7 sec

05:28 / 05:45-05:47

Some more cuts.

2.4 sec

05:52 / 06:11-06:14

Ken's and Hal's arrival was shortened.

3.2 sec

06:29 / 06:52-06:55

Charlie: "What's he talking about, Hal?"

3 sec

06:37 / 07:03-07:04

An additional scene during the brawl during which Hal screams: "Get off me!"

1.4 sec

Alternative Scene
06:41-06:42 / 07:08-07:09

Alternative take of Ken. On TV he says "Back up!", on Blu-ray it's "Back the fuck up!"

No difference in time.

TV VersionBlu-ray

06:44 / 07:11-07:12

The medium long shot starts slightly earlier.

0.8 sec

06:51 / 07:19-07:21

During the beginning of the shot Charles says: "Shit!"

1.2 sec

06:55 / 07:25-07:40

Charles turns to Hal a little longer: "How about the Pope? Or maybe the Queen of England. Shit, you two got to know God. Bring him on down. Tell him to kick Charlie's ass, huh? No?"

15.3 sec

06:57-06:58 / 07:42

Hal is shown slightly longer on TV.

+ 1.2 sec

Censored Audio
07:10 / 07:54

When Charles explains why he will preserve Janet's corpse, the bit about sperm was muted on TV; also, the comment was slightly postponed: "'Cause she's just covered in old Hal. Oh, yeah, blood, spunk, fingerprints, and all kinds of stuff the cops and DAs just love."

07:21 / 08:05-08:06

Ken is shown longer during the flashback.

1.2 sec

07:24 / 08:09-08:11

The last shot of this was trimmed down as well. After that, we see Ken a little earlier.

2.1 sec

08:05 / 08:52-08:53

Emma is shown a little earlier...

1.2 sec

08:08 / 08:56-08:59

...and longer. The following shot starts earlier.

2.5 sec

10:37 / 11:26-11:29

The medium long shot inside the apartment is shown longer and Walt a little earlier.

3.1 sec

10:44 / 11:36-11:37

Walt is shown earlier and he voices the name: "Brian Shafe."

1.2 sec

10:52 / 11:45-11:46

Walt is shown earlier...

0.7 sec

11:09 / 12:03-12:04

...and a little longer.

0.7 sec

11:16 / 12:11-12:12

Ditto Brian.

1.5 sec

11:37 / 12:33-12:37

The shot of the commune outside is slightly longer and the first shot inside is shown earlier.

3.3 sec

Alternative Scene
12:07-12:12 / 13:07-13:17

Sadie walks down the stairs in an alternative shot and in the process talks a little more explicit on the Blu-ray: "(He barely kisses me.) He doesn't eat me. He doesn't fuck me. He doesn't want me to go down on him. Me! And he knows I am the best! (I just want him to love me.)"

Blu-ray 6 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

12:29-12:30 / 13:34-13:41

Earlier in Sam's office. Sam enters the room and says: "No meeting, not until I have it in writing."

On TV, the following shot of the hat is shown a little earlier (not illustrated below).

Blu-ray 5.6 sec longer

12:40 / 13:51-13:52

The shot of the general is shown slightly earlier.

1.2 sec

12:43 / 13:55-13:57

And so is the following shot of Sam.

1.5 sec

Alternative Scene
13:00-13:02 / 14:14-14:18

In order to speed up the (identical) conversation, the TV version uses an additional shot of Sam.

Blu-ray 1.7 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

13:14 / 14:30-14:31

A shot inside the office a little earlier.

1 sec

13:30 / 14:47-14:49

Sam hesitates for a second before interrupting Brian.

2.2 sec

13:35 / 14:54-14:56

Sam: "(The judge is looking at him, right?) That's what the judge saw. So maybe he's saying--"

2.5 sec

13:44 / 15:05-15:06

During the shot of Brian, Sam says a little earlier: "Cheer up, (couldn't be more than 1,000.)"

0.9 sec

13:51 / 15:13-15:14

Charmain slightly longer.

1 sec

14:07 / 15:30-15:31

Emma earlier.

0.9 sec

14:16 / 15:40-15:41

Emma earlier.

0.9 sec

14:19 / 15:44-15:46

At the end of the shot, there is a kiss on the cheek.

2 sec

14:43 / 16:09-16:14

To Emma's "It's too early" Charles responds: "Too early for what? You want to stop that train?"

4.4 sec

15:19 / 16:50-16:52

Sam comes into the prison a little earlier and says: "Opal!"

2.2 sec

16:43 / 18:16-18:22

Some more shots of the birth: "Again. One, two, three, go."

6 sec

17:00 / 18:39-18:41

Additional medium long shot.

2.5 sec

17:20 / 19:01-19:07

Some more shots before the child comes out.

5.3 sec

17:34 / 19:21-19:24

Charles holds the child a little longer, followed by a cut to the girls.

2.9 sec

17:35 / 19:25-19:27

Charles is shown a little earlier: "Oh. He's our boy."

2.1 sec

17:57 / 19:49-19:51

Another shot of Charles is shown a little longer.

2 sec

18:06 / 20:00-20:01

A side view is shown slightly longer.

1.5 sec

18:08 / 20:03-20:06

The medium long shot is shown longer – we hear more whimpering.

2.8 sec

18:16 / 20:14-20:16

Charles and Emma a little earlier.

2.3 sec

18:27 / 20:27-20:29

Emma is sitting in the room a little earlier.

1.6 sec

18:30 / 20:32-20:38

The closer shot starts earlier.

5.8 sec

19:28 / 21:36-21:41

Sadie comes to the hospital earlier.

5.5 sec

20:19 / 22:32-22:37

Brian reaches for a pen a little longer. Then we see Sam again.
Brian's "Spell it" on the phone during this moment was postponed on TV.

5.5 sec

21:02 / 23:21-23:27

Sam and Brian go through the garden a little longer.

5.7 sec

Censored Audio
21:53 / 24:18

Sam's "Freeze, motherfucker!" became "Freeze!" on TV.

Curiously enough, there is another difference that has nothing to do with censorship. On TV, Sam says "Drop that knife!", while on Blu-ray it's just "Drop it!" (twice, since he says this sentence again in both versions).

21:59 / 24:24-24:26

The next tracking shot begins a little earlier.

2.1 sec

22:01 / 24:28-24:29

Before he is being pushed to the ground, the shot is a little longer.

1.7 sec

22:23 / 24:51-24:55

Sam: "Last chance!"

4.3 sec

22:25 / 24:57-24:59

Terrio is being pulled up again.

1.3 sec

22:29 / 25:03-25:05

Sam holds Terrio a little longer.

2.4 sec

22:50 / 25:26-25:27

Antonio looks down to the ground a little longer.

0.8 sec

22:54 / 25:31-25:32

Antonio longer; additionally Sam's comment was postponed.

0.9 sec

23:15 / 25:53-25:55

Antonio and Sam are fighting on the ground.

1.9 sec

23:36 / 26:16-26:19

Sam looks over to Brian.

3 sec

23:41 / 26:24-26:26

Sam looks around.

2.1 sec

23:50 / 26:35-26:37

The shot in front of the police office starts slightly longer.

2.3 sec

26:52 / 29:39-29:45

Actually, it is an ongoing shot during which Sam gets up and walks through the door.

5.8 sec

26:57 / 29:50-29:52

The long shot starts slightly earlier.

2.1 sec

29:44 / 32:39-32:41

Sadie is shown a little earlier with the baby in her arms.

1.9 sec

30:13 / 33:10-33:21

Sadie adds "I'll go warm up some milk" and leaves from Emma who looks a little shocked.

10.5 sec

31:58 / 35:06-35:15

Ken adds "Let's just agree how to do it, then do it. All right." and hangs up after he shook the bottle a little it. The camera zooms in on the weapon.

9.7 sec

32:02 / 35:19-35:20

The side view of Mary and Charles starts a little earlier.

1.3 sec

32:07 / 35:25-35:28

The next shot of the two of them starts earlier, too.

2.8 sec

32:20 / 35:41-35:43


1.8 sec

Alternative Scene
32:43-32:45 / 36:06-36:14

Charles gives Sadie a kiss first.
His "I give you my heart" is shown during a different shot. The TV Version in return shows Sadie earlier.

Blu-ray 6 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

33:36 / 37:05-37:12

Ken goes over to the diver's door and gets in.

6.3 sec

34:40 / 38:17-38:18

During the previous shots, a few frames were lost (< 0.5 sec). At this point, Hal nods his head to the side.

1.5 sec

36:59 / 40:37-40:51

Charles puts more pressure on Ken during the flahsback: "Family. Career. Over. You want that?"
Ken hesitates, Charles smiles at him.

13.9 sec

37:12 / 41:04-41:06

Die final shot of the flashback is longer as well.

1.5 sec

37:26 / 41:20-41:36

Hal slurs some more: "Buddy? I know you, okay? Apparently better than you know my tolerance."

16.4 sec

37:36 / 41:46-42:02

More dialog.

Ken: "Shut up."
Hal: "You got it all thought out, haven't you? But you're not gonna do it."
Ken: "Shut up."

15.8 sec

38:07 / 42:33-42:34

During the flashback you can see Ken beating the girl in the trunk with a shovel.

1.7 sec

39:13 / 43:40-43:42

The tracking shot of the commune starts slightly earlier.

2 sec

39:47 / 44:16-44:18

Additional shot of Emma.

1.8 sec