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4.01 The One with the Jellyfish


  • TV Version (Blu-ray)
  • Extended Version
Release: Feb 13, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the Extended Version

7 differences, incl. 3x alternate footage
Length difference: 45 sec

New season, old problem: Any Blu-ray release worldwide only contains the TV Version of every single episode while, for instance, the US and UK DVDs contain the Extended Versions.

Episode 4x01 (The One With the Jellyfish) contains a few additional gags of basically every main character. The most striking new gag is probably "The One with the Ex" (aka Ross's former girlfriend). The other ones are nothing but a nice little addition.

Curiously enough, there is an alternate shot of Monica closing the door right in front of Chandler.

no difference

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version


The TV Version sticks to the medium long shot when Ross enters the room. The Extended Version on the other hand starts with a medium long shot as well, continues with a closer angle though.

no difference

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version


Only in the Extended Version, Bonnie stops in front of Ross and says: "Smell it."
She makes him smell her bald head. Ross is consfused. He says: "Hmm. Minty."

In addition to that, she gets to say "OK, I'll be in our room" on-screen in the Extended Version. However, in the TV Version, the very same comment is audible at the beginning of the subsequent shot.

8.8 sec


Black screen after the opening in the TV Version.

+ 1.4 sec


The close-up of Chandler and Joey shot from the side is a little longer in the TV Version. Moreover, there is a smooth transition to the subsequent scene (no screenshots).

In the Extended Version, their conversation is longer instead.
Joey: "Man. Hey, what if you found out that your mom wasn't really your mom. And your new mom turned out to be really hot? Oh, man, huh?"
Chandler: "But it-it's your mom."
Joey: "No. I'm talking about your mom."
Then a smooth transition to the subsequent scene.

Extended Version 23.3 sec longer


In the TV Version, the transitional exterior shot looks like some kind of freeze frame. In the Extended Version on the other hand, the camera zooms in on the sun.


Black due to a commercial break plus the subsequent shot of the Central Perk starts a few frames earlier (no screenshots).
The Extended Version contains an additional shot of the city instead.

no difference


After Joey's comment, the TV Version continues with a transition to some exterior shot at night.
The Extended Version contains some more dialog, followed by an alternate exterior shot at night.

Rachel: "Maybe there's somebody that you guys could talk to."
Monica: "Oh, who? It's not like they have a group for people like us."
Phoebe: "Yeah, no, there's this guy Owen. He's the best. Might have his card..."
She fiddles in her wallet.

Extended Version 6.2 sec longer

TV Version (Blu-ray)Extended Version


Phoebe a little longer with her mother: "Oh, uncanny! God, it looks like rain and I don't have my umbrella."
And again, the mom agrees hypocritically: "Me neither. I really hate that."

8 sec