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  • UK theatrical version (KF)
  • UK version
Release: May 14, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Asphyxia
The UK theatrical version was compared with the UK version. Both versions are from the UK Powerhouse Films Blu-ray. This cut report also documents the differences between the US theatrical version and the US version.

The scientist John Holden comes to London to attend the congress of his friend Professor Harrington who wanted to disclose the practices of the local witch master Dr. Julian Karswell. But Harrington was haunted by a demon and finally killed. Karswell tries to influence John so that he does not disclose his practices. John, who is very sceptical about supernatural events meets Joanna, Harrington's niece. She shows him a diary in which Harrington writes about his fear of the powers of Karswell. John does a bit of research and comes across Rand Hobart, who was once part of the cult of Karswell but is currently in a comatose state after a traumatic event. Can John get behind the mystery of Karswell? Is he really a warlock or is everything just an illusion?

With Night of the Demon director Jacques Tourneur has created a coherent, incredibly exciting film about the mysterious activities of a witch cult leader. On one side stands the character of the sceptic John Holden who tries to explain all mysterious events with rational means and on the other side Joanna who is open to the supernatural. In the course of the film a love relationship develops and even John finds it more and more difficult to stay on his point of view. The finale is fantastic and the effects are still convincing today. Clear recommendation.

In Germany, the film was only released by the label Anolis as the first part of the "Revenge of the gallery of horror" box on Blu-ray. The release is now out of print and is being sold at completely exorbitant prices. Fortunately, the UK Blu-ray by Powerhouse Films now offers a remedy. It offers not only four different versions of the film including the option to see the film in 1,78 or 1,66 aspect ratio but also much more extensive bonus material than the German release. As this picture comparison makes clear, the image quality of the UK Blu-ray is superior to the overfiltered German Blu-ray. Powerhouse Films has once again done everything right, so that you can make a safe purchase recommendation here.

The four versions of the UK Blu-ray are structured as follows:

  • Night of the Demon the original full-length pre-release version
    This is the original version and at the same time the longest version of the film. In the opening scene, when the narrator talks about witchcraft while Stonehenge is shown, this version is slightly longer than the US version.

  • Curse of the Demon the US reissue version
    The title of the film was changed to "Curse of the Demon" for the US market, and the narration was shortened at the beginning. Otherwise there are no further cuts.

  • Night of the Demon the original UK theatrical cut
    The UK theatrical version is strongly shortened in its storyline, probably to increase the tempo of the film a bit. In some places shorter alternative scenes were used.

  • Curse of the Demon the original US theatrical cut
    This version has the identical cuts as the UK theatrical version, in addition, like in the US reissue version the narration at the beginning of the film was shortened and the title changed to "Curse of the Demon".

In principle, the uncut original version (pre-release version) is recommended. The UK theatrical version is a bit swifter and thanks to the use of alternative footage, the cuts don't stand out very much if you don't know the original version. The differences between the US versions and their respective UK counterparts are marginal and limited to a small shortening at the beginning of the film.


Original version: 95:45 min.
US version: 95:39 min.
UK theatrical version: 82:05 min. (KF)
US theatrical version: 81:43 min.

A camera cut on Harrington and then on the road is missing.

UK: 9 sec.


The KF once again shows Harrington knocking on the door.

The uncut version cuts on Karswell and his mother playing cards. The butler goes to the door. Then you see Harrington knocking on the door.

KF: 3 sec.
UK: 9 sec.


The KF cuts briefly on Joanna in the plane.

In the UK version John looks back towards Joanna. He asks the stewardess if she still has a sleeping mask because he is disturbed by the light behind him. She thinks there is none left and she can only offer him a sleeping pill. John refuses and reaches for his hat.

KF: 2 sec.
UK: 22 sec.


The KF shows an alternative scene as Joanna tries to get up in the plane. John pushes his seat forward and as Joanna walks past with her tray she pushes his hat off his head by mistake. She apologizes and John lies down again. Fade-over to the next scene at the airport.

The UK shows the same thing but John manages to catch his hat in time. Joanna asks the stewardess if she can have another seat as she has the feeling to disturb the man in front of her. The stewardess says no as there is no other seat available. Joanna returns carefully. Without asking, John pushes his seat back and forth so that Joanna can sit down. The plane lands and a fade-over to the next scene at the airport

KF: 14 sec.
UK: 54 sec.


John keeps running to pick up his luggage. He is further asked by the reporters about his attitude towards the supernatural. John makes it clear that he doesn't believe in it. Then he goes outside to the car and a reporter makes a joke about ghosts.

UK: 40 sec.


John asks Kumar what he thinks of demons and devils. He answers that he believes in it. Then a camera-cut to the arrival at the British museum.

The UK version shows an alternative scene from the dialogue with Kumar. The men want to start a business meeting but then the phone rings. Dr. Karswell calls and wishes that his affairs are not further investigated or given to the press. He claims that he has reached an agreement with Harrington. John does not agree with it. Dr. Karswell claims that this is very bad for both of them and hangs up. John goes back to the men and says that the theory about demons should be dropped after all and Karswell is afraid of what Hobart will tell. A camera-cut follows to the entrance panel of the British museum.

KF: 8 sec.
UK: 1:20 min.


John asks Dr. Karswell how he knew he was here. Dr. Karswell blames this on a coincidence. John suspects that Dr. Karswell followed him from the hotel, but Dr. Karswell denies this and says that it is a lucky coincidence that they meet here.

UK: 21 sec.


Fade over from John in the library to the lab.

The scene in which John learns from the scientist that the tests did not yield a result and the following scene in which he meets Joanna at the funeral of Harrington follows in the KF at [00:21:44]

UK: 2 sec.


The scene where the camera move upwards at the hotel starts in the KF at [00:17:37]


The scene in which Joanna comes to John's hotel room follows in the KF at [00:23:15]


The KF cuts on Joanna, then on John.

Joanna: "I believe you are in danger."
John: "Oh?"

In the UK the two can still be seen.

John: "You're the second person to suggest that in one day. What's your reason?"
Joanna: "I believe you're in danger."
John: "Oh?"

KF: 4 sec.
UK: 8 sec.


The KF cuts on Joanna. John lights himself a cigarette.

Joanna: "I think I can guess what Dr. Karswell has done to me. I'm under some kind of witch's-spell. My mind is in the balance. Must speak to Holden about this. Unfortunately, you came too late.

The UK shows alternative scenes and has a bit more dialogue as Joanna reads from her diary.

Joanna: "I think I can guess what Dr. Karswell has done to me."
John: "Cigarette?"
Joanna: "No, thanks. There's a lot more about seeing vision of a monstrous, smoky shape and feeling cold, like you said you were. I'm under some kind of witch's-spell. My mind is in the balance. Must speak to Holden about this. Unfortunately, you came too late."

KF: 12 sec.
UK: 19 sec.


The UK has a bit more dialogue after Joanna read from the diary.

John: "It's a pure case of auto-suggestion."
Joanna: "But the way he knew he was going to die and the horrible way he actually did."
John: "There's not a thin that happened that couldn't have been an accident. You see, Miss Harrington, the shock of finding your uncle dead..."

UK: 14 sec.


Joanna and John drive through the front gate of Dr. Karswell's villa. Then another shot follows.

UK: 9 sec.


After the arrival of John and Joanna the UK shows the following scene slightly longer.

In the UK the children call Abrakadabra and Dr. Karswell "conjures" some dogs out of his hat which he gives away to the children.

UK: 15 sec.


Dr. Karswell's mother is a bit longer to be seen. She runs with the ice cream bowl in his direction.

UK: 3 sec.


The KF has alternative scenes. Joanna seems much more critical.

Dr. Karswell introduces Joanna to his mother and says that John will borrow a book from his library. The mother asks if Joanna likes ice cream.

In the UK the dialogue is the same for now. Then the mother asks if Joanna doesn't mind children's parties. Dr. Karswell likes children and should actually get married. She asks Joanna if she is married, but she denies it.

KF: 9 sec.
UK: 21 sec.


The UK shows three more shots in which John looks at the storm before the lightning strikes the tree.

UK: 8 sec.


The scene at Dr. Karswell's estate goes on. Dr. Karswell's mother shows Joanna the book, but due to the incomprehensible characters they can't decipher anything. Dr. Karswell joins them and wonders about Joanna's interest in the black arts. Dr. Karswell's mother thinks they can't decipher anything. Dr. Karswell asks Joanna what she is interested in and she thinks she wants to know more about the rune symbols. Dr. Karswell says that the answers to her questions are in the book, but unfortunately they can't be deciphered.

Dr. Karswell says the storm is over and John and Joanna can now travel to London. Dr. Karswell's mother says goodbye to Joanna and says they will see each other again. Dr. Karswell's mother thinks it was a nice party except for the storm. She asks her son if she has done something wrong. Dr. Karswell says that because of the black magic they came to where they are today and that nothing comes from nothing. He replies that he and his followers act out of fear and he has to protect himself. The camera moves towards the book.

Joanna's taking John home. He wonders why she was so quiet during the ride and says that he is going to bed now. Joanna is amazed that someone can stay so calm although he knows that he will die in three days. They arrange to have dinner the next evening. John goes to the hotel and Joanna drives away.

UK: 3:46 min.


The scene in which John walks through the hotel corridor follows in the KF at [00:17:41]


The scene with the dinner between John and Joanna follows in the KF at [00:34:11]



The KF fades directly over to the scene of John, who finds the inscription on a stone at Stonehenge.

In the UK version you can see John driving to the farm of Hobart. A farmer harshly turns him away when a door opens and Hobart's mother steps out. John is allowed to enter. John sits down at the table. The Hobart family gathers around it. John tells that he leads a group of scientists and would like to find out why Hobart went nuts, he needs their written consent. The family believes it was a supernatural event, but they agree to investigate. John is then hinted at leaving. When he opens his wallet, the note with the runes pops out. The family recognizes that he has been chosen. John does not understand and leaves. The door slams shut behind him.

KF: 3 sec.
UK: 3:23 min.


Mr. Meek, the medium, speaks with a child's voice looking for it's lost doll.

UK: 19 sec.


After the call from Mrs. Karswell, the camera cuts towards an ambulance.

Then Joanna gets a call from Mrs. Karswell saying she's been trying to reach John all day. She asks if she can reach him because she has found a way to help him. Joanna says that John won't let her help him either. Mrs. Karswell thinks that all the evil should end and Hobart knows how to get rid of the curse. Meanwhile Dr. Karswell runs down the steps. She tells him to understand, but Dr. Karswell means that she is the one who doesn't understand. Mrs. Karswell begins to cry.

UK: 1:16 min.


Another shot of the ambulance can be seen.

UK: 6 sec.


When O'Brien asks "And who revealed this to you, Hobart?" the camera cut's short on John.

O'Brian and Hobart can also be seen in the UK.

Hobart says: "Who blaspheme and desecrate. In the joy of sin will mankind that is lost will find itself again."
O'Brian asks. "And who revealed this to you, Hobart?"

KF: 3 sec.
UK: 17 sec.