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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Apr 23, 2012 - Author: FeuRenard - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the uncut Theatrical Version and the Extended Version.

100 differences, divided in
- 47 scenes with alternate footage
- 21 scenes with different takes (please see the comment to '***' below)
- 25 additional / extended scenes in the Extended Version
- 7 additional scenes in the Theatrical Version

Difference 26 minutes and 52 seconds
- Running time of the footage exclusively in the Extended Version: 41 minutes and 30 seconds
- Running time of the footage exclusively in the Theatrical Version: 14 minutes and 25 seconds

The Extended Version of Mallrats was exclusively released in North America to its tenth anniversairy. One has the opportunity to watch a eleven-minute-long video commentary by Kevin Smith (director and screenplay writer) and Scott Mosier (Cutter) explaining the origin of the second version in a very casual and ironical way.
Basically, the Extended Version only contains extended scenes. The alternate footage / takes are usually longer and some comedy have been added. For technical reasons, differences below 4 frames haven’t been considered in this comparison.
Lots of the extended or alternate scenes are referring to the prolog of the Extended Version (please the beginning of the actual comparison for details), they wouldn’t make any sense at all in the Theatrical Version. The entire footage has probably been removed from the Theatrical Version to reach the “appropriate” length of 90 minutes.
If you like the Theatrical Version, you should watch the Extended Version. It’s really worth it.

* The first / left time index refers to the Theatrical Version, the second / right one to the Extended Version.
* Underlinings illustrate a comment about the current setting. This will only be mentioned if it has changed after the last scene.
* Cursive writing marks comments that don’t have the least to do with the story of the removed scene.
* '+' = Running time exclusively in the Extended Version; '-' = Running time exclusively in the Theatrical Version. Please note: take the length of the Theatrical Version, add the new footage, subtract the “Theatrical Version only” footage and you get the length of the Extended Version.
* '***' = In this scene, two different takes have been used (please check out the comparing screenshot). The shot itself and the story are almost the same.
* The amount of screenshot is unproportional to the duration of the scene. One screenshot represents one shot, that’s all.

Enjoy reading!

Extended Cut: extended black screen

Theatrical Version:
Brodie’s voice-over from the mall is audible during several shots.
Brodie: "One time, my cousin Walter got this cat stuck in his ass. True story. He bought it at our local mall so the whole fiasco wound up on the news. It was embarrassing for my relatives and all. But the next week, he did it again. Different cat, same results, complete with another trip to the emergency room. So I run into him a week later in the mall and he's buying another cat. And I says to him, 'Jesus, Walt, what are you doing? You know you're just going to get this cat stuck in your ass, too. Why don't you knock it off?' And he said to me, 'Brodie, how the hell else am I supposed to get the gerbil out?' My cousin was a weird guy."

Extended Cut: To make it easier to read, this scene has been split up into 6 chapters.
+728,86s (12.09 Min.) - in total
(1/6): A woman gets taken outside from a ballroom. She tries to talk to them.
Gov. Dalton: "I told him, 'Donald, I have to attend. It's my ball.' And then he said: 'The lodge only throws their ball once every decade. Why can't you ever attend my balls?' And I said, 'Jesus Christ, Donald, that's what I've been doing for 30 years.' (laughs abd hits a bodyguard with her bag) You're such an idiot."
She takes a sip. A guy approaches the three of them, then he gets frisked by one of the bodyguards.
Bodyguard #1: "Gov. Dalton, this is Jared Svenning, the gentleman to whom you are presenting the honorarium."
Jared Svenning: "Governor, it's a pleasure to meet you. Might I add, you're absolutely stunning this evening?"
Gov. Dalton: "You can dispense with the ass-munching. You're getting your check."
Jared Svenning is delighted: "(stutters) Thank you. Thank you. The grant, that is, will go a long way towards funding the new programming that I'm working on for KREL."
Gov. Dalton: "Mmmmhh ... that's the public access station, right? The one they run the lottery numbers on?"
Jared Svenning: "Oh well, we ... we air more than just the lottery numbers. I mean, in fact, so, we're going to broadcast a live game show from a local mall this Saturday."
Gov. Dalton: "Then ... how long is this thing goingt to take? Tonight I've got 'Melrose' at 9:00."
Jared Svenning: "Er, well, there's, er, dinner, followed by the presentation. Oh, and then we adjourn into the auditorium for a stage presentation by the Drama and History Clubs. The put together an impressive musical, er, about Paul Revere entitled 'Light Your Own Lamps'."
Gov. Dalton: "Is there a dance number? - Nothing better than a couple of skimpily clad undergratuated just hurling themselves across the stage I always say. (Passes her glass to bodyguard #2) Get me another highball."
Bodyguard #2: "Right away, Govenor."
She turns around to the other guys and hits them with her bag.
Gov. Dalton: "Will you stop? Stop it! Cut it out! Just don't eyeball everyone like that. All you're doing is creeping everyone out."
Bodyguard #1: "Sorry, Governor."
Gov. Dalton: "Sven, you know these security types ... everyone a glory hound, I always say. (laughs) They're all just waiting to tackle the next Sirhan Sirhan. (both laugh) I mean, I ask you can you imagine anyone wanting to attack me, for Christ's sake?"
Jared Svenning laughs, Gov. Dalton responds with hitting him in the face with the glove.
+205,24s (Chapter 1/6)

(2/6): Brandi is on the rooftop of the ballroom, watching the sky through a telescope. ZS Quint scares her with a rifle from behind.
TS: "Freeze! (Brandi gets startled) What are you doing? You looking at naked guys in the shower again?"
Brandi: "Didn't anyone ever tell you not to point guns at people?"
TS: "Once. I shot him."
They kiss.
Brandi: "Nice sneakers."
TS:"Yeah, you know, I went to look for you in your room and Ronnie told me I could find you up here. What gives?"
Brandi: "I wanted to finish that paper on supernovas and John Slas said that I could use his telescope before he went home for break."
TS: "What do you need his for? You got your own."
Brandi: "No, I got the lenses, TS, but I need Slas' shaft."
TS: "Oh. You need Slas' shaft, huh? You insatiable slut!"
Brandi: "We're all in the gutter, but some of us are looking for stars."
TS: "Oscar Wilde. I thought that you'd be down there trying to secure the best seat in the house. You know, this might be the first and last time you ever see your boyfriend on stage especially in a musical. (pretends his rifle was a golf club) So I'd like you to be down there front row, up center."
Brandi: "I'm gonna watch you from up here."
TS: "With that thing? (points at the telescope) You'll never see me."
Brandi: "Are you kidding? Do you have any idea how powerful this thing is? I'll be able to see the flop sweat form on your brow."
TS: "Yeah, but you won't be able to hear me sing."
Brandi: "Bingo. (laughs)"
TS: "Strident. (positions behind Brandi and points at her with the rifle) I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson about being demure for your man. (puts down the rifle) In fact, that's it. (grabs her from behind and gets her out of the chair) I'm having sex with you right here, right now."
Brandi laughs: "What are you doing?"
TS: "Let's go, come on. Pull them down." Brandi squeals.
Brandi: "Would you get off me? I've got work to do."
TS: "I don't mind. I'll just let you finish your star gazing. I'll take you from behind here. It'll be great practice for when we get older, and you watch TV while we screw."
Brandi: "(laughs) Will you get off me?"
TS lets go of her: "All right. For now. But when we get to Florida in about approximately 17 hours, you owe me."
Brandi: "About that...."
TS: "Yes?"
Brandi: "Well, I can't go."
TS: "Excuse me?"
Brandi: "My dad's asked me to help him with his new show."
TS: "What like- like his assistant or...."
Brandi: "As a contestant."
TS: "You mean that 'Dating Game' rip-off thing? That is what you're talking about here, right? (she nods) Jesus! That guy knows no shame. I mean, what- what, so he forbid you to go to Florida when you said no, is that it? ... I can't believe ... Brandi? You didn't say no?"
Brandi: "TS, it's no big deal. I mean, it's just TV. Besides, it is really important for my fahter's career. Otherwise, he would never have asked me."
TS: "Brandi, the guy hates me, for Christ's sake. Don't you think that might be a little part of the motive here? He'd love to see us break up. He'd love for us not to go on that vacation, that's for sure. What did you think, for Christ's sake? Jesus! You know, for a science major you can be really fucking stupid sometimes."
Brandi: "I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, TS. I thought that you might be able to handle this like an adult and show my father how wrong he is about our relationship. Well, I guess I credited you with too much. You are just as thoughtless and possessive as he is. You both see me as property. In fact the two of you have so much in common, you should just go date each other."
Brandi leaves, TS follows her.
TS: "Brandi, wait!"
Brandi: "Just leave me alone."
TS: "Please. (Brandi yells) Oh, no. The gun's caught in your hair."
Brandi: "Would you get it out?"
TS: "I'm trying."
+234,00s (Chapter 2/6)

(3/6): In front of the ballroom, Gov. Dalton and the two bodyguards are still standing there.
A staff member of Jared Svenning’s approaches him: "Mr Svenning..." Bodyguard #1 forces him on the knees. Both bodyguards point their guns at him.
Staff member: "Jesus Christ! Don't kill me!" Gov. Dalton hits Bodyguard #2 with her bag.
Jared Svenning: "Oh, no! No, no. He's with me. He's with me."
The bodyguards put down their wespons.
Co-worker: "Oh, God!"
Jared Svenning: "He's one of my people. It's okay."
Staff member stutters: "We'll be ready in five, Mr. Svenning."
Jared Svenning: "Go, go, it's okay."
The staff member leaves.
On the rooftop, TS keeps trying to free Brandi’s hair from the rifle.
TS: "No, your hair's caught around the trigger here. Stop moving."
Brandi: "Would you just get it off? It hurts."
+25,21s (Chapter 3/6)

(4/6): In front of the building:
Jared Svenning: "The presentation will begin in about five minutes, Governor. Why not freshen up a bit?"
Bodyguard #2 recognizes Brandi and TS on the rooftop and watches TS holding a rifle, pointing it down.
Gov. Dalton: "What the hell is that supposed to mean? That I look like a piece of shit or something?"
On the rooftop:
TS: "Maybe we can jar it loose. Here, come over here to the right. Here, lean over here. Come over here, okay? (Brandi screams) All right? Ready?"
When TS suddenly moves the rifle to the ground to free Brandi’s hair, bodyguard #2 misinterprets the scene and yells "Sniper!" TS gets startled anbd fires accidentally fires off a shot. Bodyguard #2 jumps onto Gov. Dalton for protection, anyone around does the same. There is screaming all over the place. Brandi and TS are confused. They panic when four security guards open fire: "Oh, shit!" They take cover behind the wall.
Gov. Dalton, Jared Svenning, the two bodyguards and two cops have taken cover under the table.
Cop #1: "How many are there?"
Bodyguard #1: "I spotted two, a male and a female."€
Cop #2: "What kind of artillery?"
Bodyguard #1: "Perps were using a shotgun."
Cops #1: "Was the Governor hit?"
Gov. Dalton: "Of course I'm hit, you asshole. You hit me like some goddamn wrestler."
Bodyguard #2: "There's no blood. She wasn't attacked."
Gov. Dalton: "Get your foot off my tit!"
Jared Svenning: "Oh, sorry, ma'am!"
Staff member: "Mr. Svenning, I quit!"
Cop #2: "Hey, I think they're trying to signal us."
The cop points into the direction of TS and Brandi because someone waves the white flag (or in this case the white sock) with his rifle. TS puts down the weapon, then they get up.
TS: "It's okay, we're not armed. This is just a prop. (presents the rifle) I'm in the musical. It's just a blank. It wasn't serious."
Bodyguard #1: "What did he say?"
Bodyguard #2: "I think he said they were Syrians."
Cop #1: "Sweet Christ, terrorists on our campus?"
Cop #2: "Why is he dressed like a Revolutionary War minuteman?"
Bodyguard #1: "For irony! Your average terrorist's a showman first, killer second."
Jared Svenning: "My God! It's a member of the History Club. I blame the parents. It's the parents at blame. They are not raising their children properly these days."
Brandi screams: "Is Jared Svenning down there?"
Bodyguard #2: "Hey! That's you, isn't it?"
Jared Svenning: "Er, no. Well, yes but, I mean, how would a terrorist know me? (laughs)"
Brandi: "Daddy? It's me, Brandi."
Jared Svenning quietly: "That explains it."
+100,72s (Chapter 4/6)

(5/6): Change of scenery
In the building, Gov. Dalton is being taken away by the paramedics. The bodyguards follow and stop Jared Svenning when he comes closer.
Jared Svenning: "Governor, please. I want to apologize for this fiasco. My daughter is a huge fan of your work."
Gov. Dalton lifts the indx finger: "Svenning. Your check." She gets out a check.
Jared Svenning: "(laughs) Oh, I don't know what to say, but thank you."
Gov. Dalton: "You want money for your pissant station. Just try playing the lottery." She tears the check apart while saying the last sentence.
Jared Svenning: "No. No, no. No."
Gov. Dalton: "You know where they air those results. Get me to the goddamned hospital!"
Jared Svenning desperately catches parts of the shredded check but Bodyguard #1 takes him down.
Gov. Dalton: "Now! God damn, I fractured my collarbone."
The paramedics and the bodyguards accompany Gov. Dalton to get outside.
TS approaches Jared Svenning who’s really upset.
TS: "Mr. Svenning, Mr. Svenning, look, I want to apologize. Thank you, thank you for squaring everything with the police. I know we probably worried you, but Brandi and I are both okay. We--"
Jared Svenning interrupts: "If it wouldn't mean implicating my daughter in this somehow I would insist that the authorities lock you up for the rest of your young life, you goddamned little menace!"
TS: "Sir, it was an accident, I swear!"
Jared Svenning: "No, you're the accident, you moron! You have no idea what you just cost me here today. I mean, you're like all the other spoiled jerks I've ever known in my whole life! Everything is handed to you on a silver platter. You people, you just don't grasp the precept of somebody who has to work for their breaks."
TS: "That's 'concept.'"
Jared Svenning: "What?"
TS: "You said 'precept', I think you meant to say ... 'concept.'"
Jared Svenning grabs TS: "Listen to me, you little prick, you. You may have my daughter snowed but it'll be a cold day in hell before you pull the wool over my eyes. What you just did to me here tonight... I'm going to make it my mission in life to do to you on a regular basis. Mmm! (lets go of TS) Nobody fucks with Jared Svenning's career and walks away clean. I promise you that."
He puts the head on TS’s head and leaves. A woman approaches TS.
Woman: "Hey man, I just want to tell you that I really dug what you did up there. Anarchy rules, dude!"
TS looks at her like he’s thunderstruck.
+133,21s (Chapter 5/6)

(6/6): Change of scenery
Brandi and TS leave through the backdoor. TS runs after Brandi.
Brandi: "We're over, TS."
TS: "Oh, come on! I thought we weren't going through this break-up, make-up shit anymore."
Brandi: "No, we're not. So you can just forget about making up."
TS: "Listen to you. Why don't you just admit it?"
Brandi: "Admit what?"
TS: "That this isn't about just what happened on the roof, up there. You're using that as an excuse 'cause you don't have the guts to stand up to your father."
Brandi: "Maybe I don't."
TS: "Come on, Brandi. What about Florida?"
Brandi: "You have just humiliated me in front of the entire school, the community, the nation, for God's sakes. You seriously damaged my father's career, you insult me with that good-cop bad-cop routine and now you have the gall to ask me if I still want to go on vacation."
TS: "I was going to propose to you in Florida."
Brandi stops and turns around: "I thought that you'd screwed up in every way possible tonight, TS. ... Guess I underestimated you."
She leaves TS alone. TS watches her leave, tosses his heat on the ground in an act of anger and yells: "Shit!"
+54,86s (Chapter 6/6)

Theatrical Version: Brandi sits in front of her dad’s house. TS arrives, gets out of his car and says hi.
TS: "Brandi Svenning, come on down. I'm taking your ass to Florida. Let's go, let's go. Where's your luggage? Come on, the plane leaves in an hour."
TS opens the trunk.
Brandi: "TS, did you see Julie Dwyer last night?"
TS: "Er, yeah, saw her at the video store. She was talking about being on your dad's stupid game show. Oh, my God, he's not here, is he?"
Brandi: "Yeah, he's inside. TS, did you tell her that every time you're on TV, you look 10 pounds heavier?"
TS: "(smiles) Yeah, well, I told her that the way TV shows are shot sometimes makes you look a lot fatter than you are in real life. Why, what did she do, call up and cancel?"
Brandi: "No, not exactly. TS, you know that Julie had a huge weight problem in school. She had the fattest ass. And when you said that to her she went straight out to the YMCA and started doing laps because she wanted to be fit for the show tonight and, well, in the middle of her 700th lap this embolism popped in her brain and she dropped dead. Right in mid-backstroke."
TS startled: "She's fucking dead?"
Brandi after short silence: "Then her sister told her parents why she was doing all the laps and it got back to my father and, and ... Shit, TS, he's really pissed at you. I mean, it's awful about Julie's death and now, he doesn't even have a female contestant for his show."
TS: "Well, can't you calm him down or something?"
Brandi: "Well, I've done that."
TS: "Thank God. How?"
Brandi: "I told him I'd do the show."
TS: "Good. What? ... Wait a minute. No, no, no. We're, we're leaving for Florida."
Brandi: "TS, I cannot go, I've got to stay here."
TS: "No, I've got something planned for Florida. No, we've gotta go."
Brandi: "But, TS, I'm doing this to get you out of trouble with my father. Help him out of a bind, which, you know, you kind of, well, at least a little are responsible for."
TS: "I bet he's as happy as a pig in shit that you're not going away with me."
Brandi: "Are you kidding? He's absolutely devastated about Julie."
Meanwhile, Brandi‘s dad, Jared Svenning, is mirror boxing in front of the TV.
TS: "I can't believe you! Brandi, the guy hates me. You know, I bet he sees this tragedy as an excellent opportunity as a way to keep you from going away with me."
Brandi: "Would you calm down? I mean, you're being a complete ass."
Jared Svenning, who was wearing nothing but a towel around his hips, gets completely nude right now.
TS: "Sometimes, I almost forget that you're such a daddy's girl. It makes me sick."
Brandi: "Oh. Well, you know what I think is sick? - This relationship." She walks to the door, away from the car.
TS: "Brandi, come on, I thought we weren't going to go through this make-up, break-up shit anymore."
Brandi stops and turns around: "Yeah, well, you can just forget about making up. You know, you are exactly like my father. It's always about what, what, what you need, what you've got planned screw everybody else, my shit is more important. You're as thoughtless and self-absorbed as he is. In fact, the two of you have so much in common, I think you should date each other."
Brandi gets into the house. TS: "Brandi... Brandi, wait!" TS is upset and returns to the car.
-200,37s (3.22 Min.)

7.05/15.20 ***
Brodie is lying in his bed, sleeping. Rene knocks against his head to wake him up. Brodie does wake up and acts annoyedly.
Brodie: "Sweet fucking Christ, would you knock it off?"
Rene: "God!"
Brodie: "What?"
Both calm down again.
Brodie: "What time is it?"
Rene: "9:30."
Brodie: "Man, go back to sleep!"
He is looking for something next to his bad and finds a gamepad for his video game console. He starts playing.
Brodie: "(sighs) Thank Christ."
Rene: "What the hell are you doing?"
Brodie: "Finishing my game."
Rene: "No. You promised me breakfast."
Brodie: "Breakfast? Breakfast, shmeckfast. Look at the score, for God's sake. I'm only in the middle of the second and I'm winning 12 to 2.

Theatrical VersionLong Version


Rene steps offscreen.
Brodie calls after Rene: "You hit the bathroom already?"
Theatrical Version: Previous shot runs longer.

Long version: The TV set Brodie plays ice hockey on is shown before. Rene then tries to take away the gamepad from Brodie, but gives up immediately.

8.15/16.25 ***
Content inside the squiggly brackets only in the long version.
Rene puts her clothes on during the dialogue.
Rene: "Don't worry. I didn't let your mother see me."
Brodie: "Who's worried?"
Rene: "Are you kidding me? I've never met a person who lives in as much fear of his mother as you do."
Brodie: "I do not."
Rene: "So that's why I have to sneak in here after everyone's asleep at night and sneak out undetected in the morning?"
Brodie: "You want I should tell my mother what we do in here at night?"
Rene: "That you play videogames and I fall asleep unfulfilled? Go ahead. It beats the sneaking-around shit."
Brodie: "What can I say? She doesn't like you."
Rene: "You've never even introduced me to her{, Brodie}."

Theatrical VersionLong Version:


Frame is larger in the long version, but was used from the same take.
Theatrical Version: Brodie: "Yeah, 'cause you're always in the goddamned bathroom, all right? What the hell do you do in there all the time?"
Long Version: Brodie: "She wouldn't like you."

Long Version: Rene: "You're retarded. Everybody's mother likes me."
Brodie: "Not mine. - Jesus Christ! Are you back in the bathroom again? What do you do in there all the time?"
Rene (offscreen): "Figure it out."

Theatrical Version: Rene: "You really want to know?"
Brodie: "I asked, didn't I? I'm playing the role of the concerned guy."
Rene: "I cry."
Brodie: "You cry?"
Rene: "I cry."
Brodie: "Any particular reason?"
Rene breaks one of Brodie’s things and then climbs over his bed.
Brodie: "Hey!"

Long Version: Brodie: "No, I mean like before. Like every morning before you leave you're in there for like a half an hour and all I ever hear is water running."
Rene takes a seat on Brodie’s bed: "And?"
Brodie: "You're not in there there touching yourself, are you?"
Rene: "I was wrong about you. You're crass and retarded."
Brodie: "What do you do in there?"
From here on dialogue as in the theatrical version.

Rene moves a KOMMODE
Theatrical Version: Next shot starts earlier.
Rene: "I think about the people that make decisions that affect our lives."
This statement from Rene was put over the end of the previous shot in the long version.

9.20/17.54 ***
Brodie: "The navigator."

Theatrical VersionLong Version:


10.06/18.37 ***
Content in brackets only in the long version.
Brodie reads a letter from Rene and reacts to it.
Brodie: "[What are you, crazy?] Is this because I didn't introduce you to my mother?"

Theatrical VersionLong Version:


Apparently, the same shot was used here, but the theatrical version uses the first half and the long version the second half of it.
TS gets to Brodie’s parents‘ house.
Theatrical Version: TS drives into the driveway.

Long Version: TS gets out of his car.

10.15/18.50 ***
Content in brackets only in the long version.
TS goes to the front door and knocks.
Theatrical Version:TS: "You're a fickle broad."
Brodie opens the door: "Holy shit! If it isn't 'mon frère'."
Long Version: Brodie opens the door and waits for a moment. He then says: "Holy shit! If it isn't 'mon frère'. Last time I saw you, you were on CNN taking shots at public officials."

KFLong Version:


Long Version: Two camera crews are approaching by car. Journalists call several times: "Mr. Quint!"
TS to Brodie: "Move!"
They rush into the house and slam the door shut. They talk in the kitchen.
Brodie: "So you're looking for sanctuary."
TS: "It's been like this all morning."
Brodie is getting some juice out of the fridge.
Brodie: "Can you blame them after the spectacle you made of yourself? What were you trying to do, anyway? Impress Jodie Foster?"
TS: "I wasn't gunning for the Governor, Brodie. It was a stupid misunderstanding."
Brodie: "Ah. Now you're crying patsy thus demonstrating all the key characteristics of a lone nut assassin."
Brodie leaves the kitchen with the juice, a glass and a slice of toast, TS follows him.

10.55/20.10 ***
Content inside the brackets only in the long version.
Brodie and TS are in some kind of TV-room in the basement.
Brodie: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned for Sega."
[TS: "What's that mean?"
Brodie: "You had to be there. Just keep reading."]
TS: "Wow! Look at this laundry list of complaints. - You have no direction, no college ambition, no job prospects."
Brodie: "Yeah. It also says I have no dick. But you'll notice that follows the financial question, proving once more what women really look for."
[TS: "What do you do for money, anyway?"
Brodie: "Blood bank, sperm bank, currently considering the eye bank."]
TS: "Wow, she calls you callow in here."
Brodie: "You say that like it's bad."
TS: "It means frightened and weak-willed."

Theatrical VErsionLong Version:


Theatrical Version: Shot is kept.

Long Version: Short cut to TS.

Long Version: TS: "You think the promise of a cookie is gonna lure me into doing something I have zero interest in? What am I, 5 years old?"
Brodie: "Quint, don't be such a pussy, all right? Just go. - All right, I'll tell you what. We can stop off at Brandi's if that'll make you feel better. You can talk to her, maybe patch this thing up."
A reporter sticks his head through a basement window.
Reporter #1: "Mr. Quint, I'm Fred Bishop with NBC. The network would like to buy the rights to your story to make a tasteful telepic."
Another reporter does the same
Reporter #2: "Mr. Quint, Tom Drucker, CBS. We'll pay more money and we'll get Drew Barrymore to play your girlfriend. (shouts to the back:) Hey, back off!"
TS zu Brodie: "We can stop at Brandi's, right?"
Brodie: "Yeah."
TS: "Get dressed."

Long Version: Brodie and TS are fleeing from the TV teams in TS‘ car. They finally stop in front of Brandi’s house , but remain in the car at first.
Brodie: "'Jezzercise'? Why does your mother have an aerobics tape in her car?"
TS: "We lose them?"
Brodie: "Not a news van in sight. Damn, anyone ever tell you you drive like the bandit?"
TS notices another TV team near Brandi’s house.
TS: "Oh, shit! So much for seeing Brandi."
Brodie: "Just ignore them and go in."
TS: "You kidding? That's 'Hard Edition'. That's tabloid TV. They see me here and it's 'Suburban Bonnie and Clyde reunite to slay father in his own home.'"
Brodie: "Man, I don't know what you're crying about. I'd cut one of my nuts in half to be on TV."
TS: "That'd get you on this show."
Brodie: "All right, tell you what. You go round the back, I'll run interference with the fourth estate."
TS: "You got my back?"
Brodie: "Your back is got."
TS: "All right."
Beide steigen aus dem Auto aus. Brodie geht zum
Both step out of the car. Brodie goes to the broadcaster’s car and talks to the news-team’s reporter.
Brodie: "So what's this all about?"
Reporter: "I'm Tori Metzger from 'Hard Edition'. We're hoping to get an interview with Brandi Svenning."
Brodie: "Yeah, that's the girl who took a shot at the Governor."
Reporter: "The same. Do you know her?"
Brodie: "Oh, I should say so. I've lived next door to her for 19 years. Even dated her once. Shit, the stories I could tell you!"
The reporter drops her cigarette in excitement: "Really?"
Meanwhile, TS sneaks behind the house and knocks at a window. Brandi comes close.
Brodie is in the middle of an interview now.
Reporter: "Satanic rituals?"
Brodie: "All the time. I remember coming over for Christmas one year and they were celebrating a black mass. Her father had sex with a goat right there in the den."
Reporter: "And nobody ever reported this to the authorities?"
Brodie: "Everyone around here is paralyzed by fear. Makes for shitty block parties."
Reporter: "Could we possibly go onto your property and get you on tape with their backyard behind you?"
Brodie: "You want to put me on TV? Shit, I'll take you to their property if you're gonna put me on TV. Come on!"
The reporter and her camera man follow Brodie.
Brandi goes to TS behind the house.
Brandi: "I was thinking of calling you."
TS: "Has your dad calmed down any?"
Brandi: "Well, until this morning. He read an article today comparing him to the father of James Earl Ray. (laughs)"
TS: "Can't you explain it to him? You know it was an accident."
Brandi: "I know it wasn't planned. But 'accident' is too light a term to describe what happened, TS."
TS: "Whatever. Can't we just forget about it? Look, we already missed Florida. We could be spending this time alone together. Away from our friends, school, studies, everything. Don't you want to spend some time alone with me? Just to talk."
Brandi: "Perhaps."
TS: "Perhaps."
Brandi: "Or perhaps more than talk."
TS: "Oh, oh. Absolutely. I'm always one for active non-talking. (Brandi laughs) Why don't you go get a pizza with me tonight?"
Brandi: "I've got the game show tonight."
In the meantime, Brodie has reached the house together with the TV crew.
Brodie: "This is Svenning's bedroom. Now, I must warn you. The images that you capture, whatever is going on in that room may be ungodly and horrific."
Reporterin to the camera man: "Take a look."
The camera man goes to the window and films through it. Jared Svenning steps into the living room, dressed with only a towel around his waist, stops in front of the TV set and makes boxing-movements.
At the same time, TS to Brandi: "I can't believe that you're still going through with this."
Brandi: "Come on, TS, it's no big deal. I mean, it's not like I'm going to sleep with them."
TS: "You might as well. I thought you had more backbone than this. Why do you have to do everything that he tells you to do?"
Brandi: "There you go again. Just as you're making headway, you louse it up with this, this possessive machismo which brings everything endearing about you to a screaming halt, TS."
In the meantime, Brandi’s father, Jared Svenning, is kept being filmed boxing in front of the TV set. At that, he drops the towel which had just before covered his lower body. After he has wrapped it around his waist again, he notices the camera that is pointed at him in front of his living room. He screams angrily and runs out of the room with a gun.
Brandi and TS have heard the scream and take a look at what had happened.
Jared Svenning scares the news-team away: "What are you doing out here? Who are you people? What are you doing on my property? Get out of here!"
The reporter walks toward him: "How do you answer to your neighbor's charges that you practice satanic rituals?"
Jared Svenning: "Satanic what?"
Brandi and TS join.
Brandi: "Daddy, what are you doing outside in a towel?"
Jared Svenning to TS: "You! You did this, didn't you? You trashed my fiscal year and now, you and your crony here egg these media vultures into thinking they can ..."
Angrily, he rams his rifle into the ground, hits his foot and falls over.
Brandi: "Daddy, TS had nothing to do with-"
TS: "Mr. Svenning, look. Whatever happened, I assure you, I didn't-"
Jared Svenning shouts: "You get your ass off my property now! Go! And you people, you get the hell out of here before I call the cops!"
Brodie: "Me, too?"
Jared Svenning: "Now!" He fires a shot
Everyone runs away screaming in panic.
+316.52s (5.17 min.)

Long Version: TS parks on the shopping mall’s parking area, gets out of the car together with Brodie and walks toward the mall.
Brodie: "I don't know what he's so mad about. They'll digitally erase his organ when they air the footage."
TS: "Goddamn it! What is my problem? I was this close to reconciliation and I blew her up. And here I'm going to the fucking mall, of all places. You know what, as a matter of fact, I'm not. I'm going home."
TS wants to return to the car but Brodie stops him.
Brodie: "Look, the safest place for you to be right now is at the mall. No press'll think to look for you here. Hide in plain sight."
TS: "Just shut up! You know what, this is all your fault this happened anyway. You and your 15 minutes of fame."
Brodie: "Get a grip, for God's sake. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the relationship wasn't on firm ground to begin with? (TS walks away from Brodie) Hey, you know, it couldn't have been that strong if she breaks up with you over something stupid like getting her shot at, numbskull."
A woman has sneaked up on Brodie from behind. He to her: "Hey."

In the mall, Brodie and TS encounter William, who is intently looking at a picture. Brodie sneaks up on him.
Brodie: "Willam!"
Willam: "Poopie trim. Brodie, man, what's going on? What, do you work here now?"
Brodie: "No, man. Just hanging with TS."
Willam: "Looking for the hidden picture."
Brodie: "If you stare at these things long enough, you're supposed to see some kind of hidden three-dimensional picture."
Theatrical Version: Previous shot is maintained.
Willam: "Well, TS."
TS: "Willam, what exactly are you doing?"

EC: (...)
Willam: "TS, I saw you on TV. I think it was on 'Baywatch'."
Brodie: "CNN, Willam."
Willam: "Oh yeah, didn't you kill the Pope or something?"
TS: "I got a musket tangled in my girlfriend's hair for Christ's sake. What are you doing, Willam?"

Brodie and TS stroll through the mall.
EC: Next shot begins earlier.
Brodie: "Look at these two. $10 says they're trying to figure out which one they're gonna bury up to its neck and run over with a lawn mower."

Brodie and TS have just met Jay and Silent Bob and are greeting them now.
Theatrical Version: Previous shot is maintained.
Jay to TS: "And look at this shit. The mad, fat, chick-killer."
TS: "I can't believe how fast word travels in this town."
Brodie: "Excellent. What's he doing?"

EC: Jay to TS: "And, holy shit, what do we have here? Mr. America's Most Wanted himself."
TS: "I had a musket tangled in my girlfriend's hair."
Brodie: "Ex-girlfriend."
TS: "What's he doing?"

Brodie: "... douse their drawers at the sight of a mall security guard."
Theatrical Version: Previous shot runs longer.

EC Alternative shot.

Brodie: "Should I call you Logan, Weapon X?
Theatrical Version: Previous shot is maintained.


19.43/36.08 ***
An elementary school class is standing near Willam, who’s looking at the picture.
Young boy to the teacher: "Can we do it? Please! Please!"

Theatrical Version:Extended Cut:


19.48/36.14 ***
Young girl: "Wow, it's a schooner!"

Theatrical Version:Extended Cut:


19.57/36.24 ***
Young boy to Willam: "A schooner is a sailboat, stupidhead."

Theatrical Version:Extended Cut:


Theatrical Version: Next shot begins earlier.

Theatrical Version: Previous shot runs longer.

EC: Brodie disappears in another shot.
TS is still sitting on the bench while the elementary school class goes past him, making a disgusted impression.
Young girl: "He said it was just a guy in a suit."
Teacher: "Don't listen to that man, he just said it to be mean."

Brodie and Rene just had an argument in a clothing store whereupon Rene left.
Theatrical Version: Previous shot runs longer (2 frames).
Brodie to a customer who is looking at him strangely: "What?"

EC: Brodie shouts after Rene: "It wasn't 'Mighty Mouse'. It was 'Josie and the Pussycats'. (then to the customer in the background) What?"
Brodie hands her his cookie, says "Sorry." and leaves the store.

24.32/41.23 - No runtime difference
Brodie and TS descend an escalator.
Theatrical Version: Shot is maintained.

EC: Short cut to the child ascending the escalator.

Brodie and TS sit on a bench together with Tricia.
TS to Tricia: "How'd you manage that?"
Brodie makes some “slurp”-sounds.
Tricia: "Don't listen to him. I studied my ass off."
Brodie: "Yeah, right. So what do you say? You wanna nail TS or what?"
TS reaches for Brodie: "Jesus, Brodie!"
Brodie: "Calm down. Tricia's compiling data for this book she's writing about the sex drive of men ages 14 to 30."
Theatrical Version: Previous shot runs longer. The next shot begins earlier (2s).


25.48/42.38 ***
Brodie: "If I remember correctly it's titled 'Bore-gasm: A Study of the '90s Male's Sexual Prowess'. Ready to get sick? Tell him about the advance you got."
Tricia: "Pendant Publishing gave me $20,000 based on a treatment and a sample chapter."

Theatrical Version:Extended Cut:


EC: Brodie: "So when are they going to publish this filthy little tome of yours?"
Tricia: "After my 18th birthday, to avoid the moral and legal entanglements."

TS: "How old was last night's subject, if you don't mind me asking?"
Tricia: "Twenty-five. It was the guy who runs that store Fashionable Male."
Theatrical Version

EC: TS: "Wow, that's a pretty elaborate log you got there. Wow, look at all those smiley faces without eyelashes."
Tricia: "That shows you how courteous men are. Out of 50 entries, only two have smiley faces with lashes."
TS: "You slept with 50 guys?"
Tricia: "To fill out my research, yes."
Brodie: "That's more guys than you've slept with, dude. Oh, my God. That kid is sitting on the escalator again!"

27.35/44.56 ***
Brodie and TS rise from the bench.
Brodie: "We gotta go."
TS sighs.
Brodie: "Remember my offer. I'm young, virile, sensitive to a woman's needs..."
Tricia: "Somehow I doubt it, Sega-boy. Good luck with the comic-book store."
EC: After the dialogue, TS already leaves. Brodie, speechless, is standing a little bit longer in front of Tricia, then he also leaves.

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut


Brodie and TS stand in front of a comic book store.
Theatrical Version: Brodie: "What do you got to do to get comics around this place?"

EC: Brodie: "One hour? For what? What the hell is this? (approaches the line) What's going on here?"
A waiting person: "What, you live in a fucking cave? The man is in there."
TS: "How'd Sean find this out?"
Brodie goes to the entrance - past the line. TS follows him.
Brodie: "He was interning at KREL and he said he heard Svenning barking at Brandi over the phone about it. Apparently he had a feeling you were gonna pop the question. (To the doormen:) Who the fuck is the man?"
He’s pushed back by the doorman.
TS: "What, you waited till now to tell me this?"
Brodie angrily: "Look, if you're gonna bother me about this for the rest of the day I'll go home!"
TS: "You dragged me here!"
Brodie: "You needed this. (turns away from TS) Who the fuck is in there?"

Brodie and TS sit in a food-court.
Brodie: "Stan Lee! How does something as big as the creator of the most important titles in comics history [...]"
Theatrical Version: Alternative shot.

EC: Shot begins earlier.

Brodie and TS look towards the food counter where Rene and Shannon are standing. They leave the counter together.
Theatrical Version: The previous shot runs longer.
TS: "I don't know. She's with somebody."

Extended Version: Shannon (to the cashier): "Keep that."
TS: "I don't know. She's with somebody."
Jay: "She's practically blowing him."

Theatrical Version: The previous shot runs longer.

32.07/50.02 ***
Content in brackets can only be seen in the Extended Version.
Brodie: "Could be. It'll explain why he hates me so much. And there's only one way to find out."
Brodie steht auf.
Brodie: "Can you run interference with the lug?"
TS: "What are you gonna do?"
Brodie: "Get some answers."
Brodie leaves, TS runs after him. Jay and Silent Bob look at each other.
{At the end of the scene, Jay suddenly screams: "Shit!" Jay and Silent Bob get up and run away, LaFours appears and chases after them.}

Theatrical VersionExtended Version


Shannon, TS and a few other wait in front of an elevator.
Theatrical Version

Extended Version: Shannon: "You know something? You look familiar to me."
TS: "Couldn't be. I'm never at the mall much."
Shannon: "No, it's not from the mall. (Snaps his fingers) I know. You're the guy from the news that kidnapped the President's daughter and threw her off the roof."
The crowd backs off of TS.
TS: "I got a musket tangled in my girlfriend's hair, for Christ's sake."

35.13/53.35 ***
Brodie is in the elevator with Rene.
Rene fixes her dress, Brodie makes sounds with his mouth and dances to it.
Brodie: "There, that was romantic, right? (Keeps dancing.) Passionate, yeah."
Rene: "No, Brodie. That was too little, too late."
Brodie stops dancing: "Too little? You said it was a good size."
Rene: "The effort, you retard. The effort was too little, too late. (takes her bag and approaches Brodie) But now that you mention it, when a girl says it's a good size it's a nice way of saying that it's small."
Rene leaves. Brodie shouts after her: "Hey!"

Theatrical VersionLong Version


Brodie and TS are in a staircase.
Brodie: "She challenged my libido. I felt obligated to defend myself against her accusations."
TS: "Oh, it's not like you still wanted her."
Brodie: "Not in the least. I'm over her."
TS: "Holy shit! You really love that girl."
Brodie: "Yeah, right."
Theatrical Version: The shot continues.

Extended Cut Alternative Shots.

Theatrical Version: The previous shot runs longer. (2,90s)
Brodie: "Look, if i have really kind of glow it's because I just got laid. I'd look the same if I banged anyone in that elevater, present company excluded."

Extended Version: Alternative Shot.

37.01/55.23 ***
Gwen ist now also with Brodie and TS.
TS goes down after Gwen hit him between the legs. She is out of breath and cringes in pain. During the dialog, Brodie and Gwen sometimes kick TS, who is lying on the ground.
Brodie: "(at TS) See! That's what you get for fucking with me. Hey, Gwen, he didn't really mean to hit you."
Gwen: "He's got a funny way of showing it, by elbowing me in my frigging tit! Why the hell are you glowing?"
Brodie: "I'm not glowing. - Brandie dumped him."
TS: "Oooh! Would you stop saying that?"
Gwen: "I know. I heard."
TS: "You heard? How?"
Gwen: "She told me. I ran into her a few minutes ago."
TS: "Really? Where?"
Gwen: "By the stage."
TS runs away, Gwen still moans in pain.
Brodie asks her: "Do you want me to rub it?" Gwen slaps his hand, which was raching out for her.

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut


Brodie, Gwen and TS are in a women's clothing store.
Extended Version: Brodie: "I wonder if my mother ever wore a pair like this."

Theatrical Version: Previous shot continues.

Extended Version: Alternative shot.

Gwen: "[Yes, Brodie,] I've slept beside many people."
Theatrical Version: Shot continues.

Extended Version: Alternative Shot.

Brodie hugs TS in a strange fashion and says: "So, I was constantly searching for someplace to keep my arm while still laying close to her."
Theatrical Version: The previous shot runs longer.

Extended Version: Alternative shot.

Brodie: "What do you mean, 'And'? That's like a metaphor for our whole relationship. Jackass."
He lets go of TS again.
Theatrical Version


Brodie is being beaten up by Shannon in a corridor.
Theatrical Version: Shannon: "I got two things to tell you. One: I don't like you. I see you every week in this mall. I don't like shiftless layabouts. You're one of these fucking loser mallrat kids."
Next shot starts earlier. (6s)

Extended Version: Shannon punches Brodie in the belly: "You know who I am?"
Brodie: "A deeply resentful retail manager?"
Another punch. Shannon: "Rene's with me now. Okay? You got that? So don't be sniffing around her anymore like you tried to do today. (Another punch in the belly) Shit!"
Brodie: "There goes the lung."
Shannon: "Listen to me. I got two things to tell you. One: I don't like you. I see you every week in this mall. I don't like shiftless layabouts. You're one of these fucking loser mallrat kids."

Brodie is on the ground. Shannon bends to him and talks into his ear: "Rene told me to leave you alone, but she's fucking clueless."
Theatrical Version: Shannon pulls Brodie up, pushes him against the wall and punches him in the stomach.
Shannon leans against the wall next to Brodie: "Now, you see, Bruce. I like to pick up girls on the rebound from a disappointing relationship. They're more vulnerable, they're in much more need of solace and the're fairly open to suggestion. And I use that suggestion to fuck them someplace very uncomfortable."
Brodie: "What, like the back of a Volkswagen?"
Shannon: "No, like some place girls dread."
Shannon is a bit further away from Brodie now and Brodie attacks him. However, he is being pushed against the wall and punched at the shoulder.

Extended Version: Shannon gets up and continues talkings: "The newly single often feel strangely protective of the ex-boyfriend."
Brodie sits down: "If this is her idea of protective, hate to have her mad at me."
Shannon pulls Brodie up, presses him against the wall and punches him in the stomach.
Shannon leans against the wall next to Brodie: "Now, you see, Bruce. I like to pick up girls on the rebound from a disappointing relationship. They're more vulnerable, they're in much more need of solace and the're fairly open to suggestion. And I use that suggestion to fuck them someplace very uncomfortable."
Brodie: "What, like the back of a Volkswagen?"
Shannon: "No, like some place girls dread."
Shannon is a bit further away from Brodie now and Brodie attacks him. However, he is being pushed against the wall and punched in the face.
Shannon: "All right. Now, er, is it because it's a challenge? Is it because it's taboo? Or is it because I like to, you know, have them differently than they've ever been had before?"
Brodie: "This sounds like a discussion much more suited to an extended professional counseling session. I'll go get a therapist for you."
Shannon rams his knee into Brodie, who is going down to the ground.
Shannon: "Now, evidently, the only one that's gonna need a doctor here is yourself, my friend. (kneels down to Brodie) And my suggestion to you is, forget you ever dated Rene. Until I get what I'm looking for from this latest dalliance I better not find you within ten city blocks of her. Otherwise I will be forced to do you some very serious damage. All right? Mhm? We clear on that?"
Brodie: "Rene who?"
Shannon strokes Brodie's hair and gets up: "There you go. Not bad, you're learning. We're all right, right? Bruce. (He kicks him) I'm glad we had this little chat. I'll, er, remember it when I'm fucking your girlfriend. Oh, and er, my store is having a sale next weekend. You should come by. I'll cut you a nice deal on a suit."
Shannon goes through a door and closes it behind him.
+124,62s (2.05 min.)

Jay, Silent Bob, Gwen and TS are standing around Brodie in a candy store. Brodie sits on the ground and holds his nose.
Brodie: "I had it coming."
Jay: "Fuck all that shit. Come on, Silent Bob."
TS: "What really happened?"
Theatrical Version: The previous shot runs longer.

Extended Version: Alternative shots. Next shot starts earlier.

Brandi is sitting with Gwen on a couch behind the stage.
Gwen: "In fact, I haven't met one since TS. And even if I did meet one, I guarantee I'd use him as the basis for my comparison."
Brandi: "Well, you can have him if you want him." She gets up.
Theatrical Version

Extended Cut

Extended Cut: Previous shot runs longer.

Brodie and TS meet a crew member of Mr. Svenning in front of the toilet.
Crew memeber: "Mr. Svenning would like to have a word with you."
TS: "Where? - These are melting."
Crew member: "Copy that. By the stage."
Theatrical Version: The shot continues.

Extended Cut: Alternative shots.

TS is in front of the stage with Mr. Svenning.
Theatrical Version: The shot continues.

Extended Cut: Alternative shot.

Extended Cut: [TS: "Somebody said you wanted to see me?"]
Mr. Svenning: ", I did. You know what? I'm feeling a little less frazzled and I thought maybe we might chat."
Mr. Svenning nods towards LaFours.
TS: "Chat?"
Mr. Svenning: "Yes, chat."
TS has a hard time speaking properly, then he says: "I realize that the other night didn't go very well for you. And I realize I'm to bear most of the blame for that."
Mr. Svenning: "Yes er, you do. - But hey, it was a grant that would have enabled the station and myself to make the leap into syndication-viable programming leaving me, of course, with no choice but to peddle this show to the network execs and beg for a job. No bid deal. It's ... it's ... it's okay."
TS: "And for that I'm sorry. But to penalize Brandi and I, our relationship, for that ... Come on, isn't there some other way?"
Mr. Svenning: "I ... No, I'm afraid not."
TS: "I mean, I can't exactly ask Brandi to marry me if ..."
Mr. Svenning grabs TS: "Marry you?"
TS: "Yeah, I was gonna ask her to marry me when we got to Florida."
Mr. Svenning cacklesmm then: "You know ... I've always felt bad about the fact that I had to raise Brandi on my own. Her mother, she left us when Brandi was only 3. Well, her mother was a little immature. She was only 15 at the time she had her. Of course I was only 14. But that's another story. (laughs) Anyway, ever since she left it was just the two of us. But I've prided myself on the fact that I've instilled in her some strong values. And while I know she's generally a good girl I also know that being young once myself it's hard to sometimes ignore certain ... urges... Tingles."
TS: "I'm not sure I follow you, sir."
+141,54s (2.22 min.)

49.28/1:12.06 ***
LaFours takes his radio and says something.
Mr. Svenning (from the off): "[...] probably while I was at home."

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut


Extended Cut: Mr. Svenning: "The idea of that used to keep me awake at nights. But now you give me something even worse to think about. The notion of you as an albatross around my daughter's neck for the rest of her life (laughs) is too much."

Brodie by then has joined Mr. Svenning and TS.
Theatrical Version: Next shot starts earlier.
Brodie shakes Mr. Svenning's hand: "Mr. Svenning, how ..."

Extended Cut: Mr. Svenning: "You been watching my family conduct any more of our satanic rituals lately?"
Brodie shakes his hand: "Please, sir, accept my apology for my juvenile behavior."

Theatrical Version: Previous shot runs longer.
Brodie (from the off) "Like Burt Reynolds and shit."

Extended Cut: Next shot starts earlier.
Mr. Svenning: "Er, you know, with an imagination like yours you belong on TV."
Brodie: "That's your forte, sir. And you do it so well."

Extended Cut: Brodie looks at Mr. Svenning's ring: "Boy, look at the shine on that. Do you polish it daily?"
Mr. Svenning: "Er, you know, Bruce, once you eventually get a job and start working for a living you're gonna realize that there's not enough time in the day for such luxuries as ring polishing."
Brodie: "Is that so?"

51.52/1:15.19 ***
Content in brackets can only be seen in the Extended Cut.
Security guards arrest Brodie and TS, who at first struggle.
TS: "What is this?"
Brodie: "These are called handcuffs."
{Mr. Svenning: "This is what is known as a precautionary measure. Easy, boy, easy. I couldn't risk having you screw up my career or make another play for Brandi."}

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut


Extended Cut: Mr. Svenning: "Well, that's something you're gonna have to figure out for yourself ... in jail. Take them away!"
Brodie and TS are being dragged away by the security team, LaFours follows them.
Mr. Svenning is pleased: "Yes! Oh, joyous." He eats out of his bag and licks his fingers: "So good." Suddenly his mood changes and he smells his fingers.

53.29/1:17.33 ***
Content in brackets only in the Extended Cut.
The security team, TS, Brodie and LaFours are standing in a corridor.
LaFours is being beaten down from behind by Jay.
Jay: "Come, son of Jor-El! Kneel before Zod! Snootchy bootchies."
He cackles and goes away.
{Jay kicks LaFours before he leaves and says: "Asshole."}

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut


Brodie and TS are standing in front of the psychic store.
Theatrical Version: Next scene starts earlier.

Extended Cut: Brodie: "You know, Quint ... you're a homosexual." He enters the room.

Brodie and TS are now inside of the psychic's store.
When the two scenes end the psychic can be heard saying "That's what I see."
Theatrical Version: Next scene starts earlier.

Extended Cut: Psychic: "You both have very strong auras and two strong auras produce positive results."
Brodie: "I feel nauseous."
TS: "So, in working together--"
Psychic: "You'll beat the odds. The odds. Yes."

TS: "Thank you! Thank you so much."
Theatrical Version: The shot continues.

Extended Cut: Alternative shot.

Extended Cut: Previous shot runs longer.
Psychic: "Mhm! Cherry."

1:02.00/1:26.27 ***
Content in brackets only in the Extended Cut.
Brodie and TS get in the car and walk towards the shopping centre.
Brodie: "You're gonna what?"
TS: "I'll get on her father's game show."
Brodie: "Are you kidding? Last time he had dope planted on us. What will he do this time?"
TS: "He can't touch us once a thing starts. It's a live feed. He can't risk losing face in front of the network execs."
Brodie: "I'll tell you man. It can't happen."
TS: "I'll make it happen. 'Understanding is reached only after confrontation.' That's what Ivannah said. Brandi will respond to confrontation."
A man approaches TS from behind and talks to him.
Theatrical Version: "Hey, weren't you the guy that broke up with Brandi Svenning?" / Extended Cut: "Hey, man. Didn't I see you on CNN?"
TS punches him in the face and the guy falls over backwards.
TS (to Brodie): "What the hell's your problem, anyway? You're supposed to be the impetuous one, not me. Why are you fighting me?"
Brodie: "I'm being rational."
TS: "Or you're being scared. You're scared you may want to follow my lead and win Rene back!"
Brodie: "Rene who?"
TS: "Whatever. Just do me a favor. Meet me by the stage once the show starts. I'll gonna need your help."
TS goes away and without Brodie. Brodie: "Where are you going?"
TS (from the off): "Shopping."
Brodie: "What the hell am I supposed to do?"
{The guy who got hit by TS attacks Brodie.
Brodie: "Hey, man! It wasn't me!"}

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut


Stan Lee passes TS (somewhere in the mall).
Extended Cut: TS: "Mr. Lee?"
Stan Lee: "Yeah."
TS: "Excelsior!"
Stan Lee: "You got that right. See you."
TS (to himself): "Cool."

Brodie, TS and Jay are behind the stage.
Theatrical Version: Jay: "Homeboys got a case of the mad munchies."
Gill: "Hey, Rowdy Roddy. Isn't this the guy Svenning had arrested?"
The next shot starts earlier. (0,13s)

Brodie, TS and Gill are sitting on the stage and participate in the show.
Extended Cut: Brodie: "Now, the Second Suitor sounds like a figure of mystery. Like I belong on the grassy knoll."
Brodie imitates a pistol with his hands and aims at the audience. They laugh.

Mr. Svenning is sitting behind the audience of the show and has pulled one of his employees to him.
Extended Cut: Previous shot runs longer.
The employee stammers.
Mr. Svenning: "Never mind. You go tell LaFours to call the police. I want the fucking Department down here now to arrest those guys. Now! Go!"
He lets go of the employee.

1:17.22/1:42.17 ***
Content of the curly brackets just in the EC.
Jay is behind the stage.
Jay laughs and Tricia taps him.
Tricia: "Brodie told me to give this to you."
Jay: "Are you watching this shit, man? It's fucked up!"
Tricia: "I don't think I wanna be here when that tape does what I thing it's going to do."
{Jay: "Why the hell not, man? This shit is dope. (looks up) Holy fuck. He'll kill him."
Tricia: "Who'll kill who?"
Jay: "LaFours, man. Silent Bob, he's my fucking board, man. (shakes Tricia) What am I going to fucking do?"
She punches Jay: "Point him out."}

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut


EC: Tricia approaches LaFours, who is standing on an higher floor at the railing.
Tricia: "Hi! Would you be interested in partaking in some psycho-behavioral research?"
LaFours takes off his hat and strokes through his hair.

Brandi also sits on the stage.
Theatrical Version: Next shot begins earlier.

EC: Brandi: "I don't know. The usual baggage. He lacked a sense of romance. He almost ruined my father's career. He got me implicated in an attempted murder."
TS: "That was an accident!"

Brodie: "[Jesus] Christ, man! There are just some things you don't talk about in public."
Theatrical Version: Shot is maintained.

EC: Alternative Shot.

Theatrical Version: Brandi: "I was in love. But I thought that I had a partner. Somebody who wouldn't fall to pieces when things didn't go his way."
Next shot begins earlier. (0,21s)

EC: Brandi: "I was. But you complicated my life."

Theatrical Version: Brandi: "My father needed a contestant for his show, TS. What was I supposed to do?"
TS: "Show a little backbone."
Brandi: "Show a little backbone? What did you do? When I walked away, did you make any effort to repair that breach? No, you just ran off and cried on the shoulder of Bumble the Boy Wonder over there."

EC: Brandi: "Well, you placed me in such a damned uncomfortable position with my father ... Twice even. What was I supposed to do?"
TS: "Show a little backbone."
Brandi: "I was ready to show a little backbone. And then you had to show up with Bumbler the Boy Wonder over there and screw things up further, proving that you never took the situation seriously."

The last shot in both versions was taken from different takes.
Theatrical Version: Brandi: "So you're here now and you're ruining my father's new show. You're airing all our personal business on stage. You've gone this far, TS, why don't you just tell them the whole story?"
TS: "There we were, mere hours from spending an entire week together ..."

EC: TS: "I've never done anything but show interest in you. Our whole goddamn romantic career I doted on you. The minute things got dicey, you cracked. There we were, mere hours from spending an entire week alone together ..."

Theatrical Version: Brandi: "The girl who was meant to be sitting in this chair died in a pool."

EC: Brandi: "(laughs) He got us shot at by the Federal authorities. He brought his troublemaker friend over to my house where he proceeded to allow news cameras to take naked videos of my father."

Theatrical Version: Previous shot runs longer. (1,21s)
Brandi: "[And when I tried] to explain this to him he was such an asshole about it that even though it killed [me to do it, I broke up with him.]"

EC: Brandi: "[The he had] the audacity to inform me that on this vacation that we were supposed to take that he was going to propose to me without even discussing it with me first."
TS: "We've been talking about getting married since high school."
Brandi: "Well, he could have approached my father, man to man [and made his intentions clear.]"

Theatrical Version: Brandi: "You know, [I've been crying all day.]"

EC: Brandi: "He could have apologized for all the problems that he caused."

1:21.19/1:46.58 - Dialogue alteration
Theatrical Version: Additional shot.
Brandi (voice-over): "But what did he do?"

EC: Brandi (voice-over): "But what does he do instead?"

Theatrical Version: Next shot begins earlier.

Brodie: "[...] he pulled his shit together, risked life and limb [...]"
Theatrical Version: Previous shot runs longer.

EC: Alternative shot.

1:23.22/1:48.59 ***
Content of the curly brackets just in the EC.
Jay pulls Brodie behind the stage.
Brodie: "Are we set or what?"
Jay: "Good to go."
They do a special “handshake“.
{Jay: "Hey, did you see the fruzz out there?"
Brodie: "No."
Jay sighs with relief: "For a minute there, I thought that we were in trouble."}

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut


EC: A policeman rappels from a railing. Some more come up the escalator. They encounter Mr. Svenning.
Mr. Svenning: "What in Christ's name took you guys so long? Get your asses up there and arrest those guys. The one with the girl and the one with the microphone."
Policeman: "For what?"
Mr. Svenning: "Trespassing, public lewdness, FCC violation. (Puts his bag to his mouth) Food poisoning."

Jay is still behind the stage.
Theatrical Version: Jay: "Goddamn. This is one wacky game show."

EC: Jay: "No wonder why she walks all fucked up."

EC: LaFours and Tricia are in a bounce house and make it shake. LaFours gets up but Tricia pulls him down again.

1:27.26/1:53.39 ***
Content of the curly brackets just in the EC.
Willam sits on the stairs of the stage.
Willam: "What the hell is wrong with me?"
Jay: "If the tape was out of your reach, how the hell did you get it?"
Silent Bob pretends to be unknowing.
Jay: "The Jedi mind trick!"
Silent Bob nods.
Jay: "Holy shit! Motherfucking Yoda and shit!"
Silent Bob: "Adventure? Excitement? A Jedi craves not these things."
{Jay: "Holy! You spoke."
Silent Bob: "There was never anything good to say before."}
They leave.

Theatrical VersionExtended Cut


Mr. Svenning: "It was just a warm-up. Oh please, please [...]"
Theatrical Version: Next shot begins earlier.

EC: TS: "Hey, want a cookie? It's on me."

EC: Two policemen approach Mr. Svenning.
One of them: "Excuse me, sir. Are you the producer of this program?"
Mr. Svenning: "Of course I am, you stupid shit. And I want those two guys arrested."
Policeman: "Sir, you are under arrest."
Mr. Svenning: "What? What for?"
Policeman: "For broadcasting lewd or indecent images in a public forum and violation of about 19 FCC regulations."
Mr. Svenning: "Jesus Christ!" He bows down and throws up.
Policeman: "And for vomiting on my shoes."

End credits.
EC: Insertion: "Svenning finally got his network position."
He leans against a wall and browses through a magazine. One of his colleagues looks to the camera whereupon Mr. Svenning pushes him aside.

EC: Shannon looks to the camera through the bars of a prison cell and screams.