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  • BBFC 12 Theatrical Version
  • US Theatrical Version
Release: Nov 03, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British DVD (BBFC12) from Sony Pictures and the uncut US theatrical version (PG-13) from Columbia Pictures.

For the British theatrical release, the movie was presented to the BBFC in an edited form. Sony had received a statement from the BBFC that the movie would most likely receive a 15 rating. A 12A rating could be easily obtained, however, by cutting and altering some scenes. So the film was edited and presented to the BBFC that did not demand any further changes, so the movie was shown in UK theaters in a cut version with a BBFC12 rating.

On DVD, the movie was released in its cut BBFC12 version, too, in the UK. It's highly probable that this is the cut UK theatrical version. This version was compared to the US PG-13 DVD ('Theatrical Edition'). As a result, the US theatrical version contains more scenes of violence than the other version. The UK DVD was also mitigated by the use of alternative material.

The UK BBFC 15 DVD/BD is uncut. This concerns the Director's Cut as well as the also included theatrical version.

Runtime of the UK DVD w/o end credits: 2:05:07 PAL
Runtime of the US version w/o end credits: 2:10:42 NTSC = 2:05:21 PAL

1 prolonged black screen in US version (1.8 secs.)
5 cuts
1 reinserted scene in the UK version
1 time alternative material prolonging the US version
1 time alternative material prolonging the UK version
= 13.4 secs.

Thanks goes to Gavin Salkeld for the information that the UK DVD has been censored.

Time index: UK DVD / US DVD

The black screen at the beginning is a bit longer in the US version.
1.8 secs.

During the reanimation efforts on the Cardinal by Vittoria at St. Peter's Square, after blood has spattered on Robert's face, a close-up shot of his bloody face is missing in the UK version.
1.12 secs.

Shortly thereafter, there is another shot of Robert and his bloody face in the US version.
2.6 secs.

Before Robert can save himself in the church by jumping over the handrail, there is a shot of the burning Cardinal and a moaning sound in the US version.
2.56 secs.


UK DVD: 3.36 secs.
US DVD: 5.68 secs.

When the assassin treats his injuries in the van by giving himself a shot in the wound with a syringe, different material is used in the two versions.
In the UK version, you can see the man in a somewhat longer shot. He pulls the syringe out of his shoulder. In the US version, you can see a close-up shot of the wound. The man pulls the needle out of the wound and pricks again a bit above. Then you see his face while injecting the drug. In both versions, he says: 'Father... they make me a sinner.' In the UK version, the phrase starts a bit earlier from the background.
2.32 secs.

UK versionUS version

When the Camerlengo is burning, there is a shot of Chartrand looking at him inserted in the US version.
1.72 secs.


UK DVD: 1.72 secs.
US DVD: 1.56 secs.

Now, you can see Chartrand in the UK version, too. In the US version, however, there is a close-up of the Camerlengo still burning. In both versions you can hear him scream.
+0.16 secs.

UK versionUS version

When the Camerlengo is lying on the floor, the US version sets in a bit earlier. In the UK version, you see the Camerlengo lying around motionless. In the US version, you can see him still moving. Screams can be heard, too.
1.44 secs.