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  • Italian DVD (Movie Version)
  • German DVD (Movie Version)
Release: Jun 12, 2018 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Italian DVD (Movie Version) and the German DVD (Movie Version).

The differences:

The Italian DVD contains 8 additional scenes with a total length of 2 minutes and 50.5 seconds.
The German DVD contains 11 additional scenes with a total length of 6 minutes and 56 seconds.

After the book "Salem's Lot", one of Stephen King's works, was released in 1975, it took 4 years to make a movie out of it. The movie sporadically sticks to the source material but it completely differs now and then. There was s sequel in 1987 and a remake in 2004. Although one had agreed to do a motion picture, the decision was overruled. Now it was supposed to be a TV mini-series because almost 700 pages of content was simply too much for a 90-minute-motion-picture. For its European release, the decision to make a movie version with a length of almost 100 minutes out of it was made. This means 76 minutes of plot were removed. Although the torso does concentrate on the basics, important plot elements are missing and the results are a lot of plotholes. That being said, there are two Movie Versions: Both versions contain footage that is missing in the other one. The most striking difference in the Italian Version is probably the scene with Cully and Crockett though. In the German Version (and also the Extended Version), Cully holds Crockett at gunpoint. In the Italian Version, he puts his gun in Crockett's mouth. Said alteration is listed in the IMDB as well by the way. Also listed is Bill Norton's death but that is not true. The scene is identically equal in every single compared version. Speaking of which: Last but not least, the (comparison with the Extended Version).
4 Min
Ben makes himself at home at his hotel room. Behind him, the owner appears and a conversation follows.

Owner: Are you a writer?
Ben: Yes.
Owner: What do you write?
Ben: Books.
Owner: Have I read any?
Ben: Have you read any books?
Owner: Your books.
Ben: I don't know. How do I get breakfast?
Owner: Oh, the kitchen's open to all. Just keep your things stored separate. Do you work at night?
Ben: Sometimes.
Owner: You can't work too late, because you...
Ben: I won't.
Owner: Well, I hope you like it.
Ben: I'm sure I will.
Owner: How come you came here?
Ben: Real estate man sent me.
Owner: No, I mean to Salem's Lot. Strangers don't usually come this time of year. Not yet.
Ben: I'm not a stranger.
53 sec

11 Min
Ben and Ben with his family are sitting at the table, eating together. When they are done, Susan and her mom clear the table.

Bill: So you're staying at Eva Miller's? I'll tell you, she was quite a dish. We kids ues to watch her sashaying down the street.
Mrs. Norton: Bill.
Bill: well, we did.
Mrs. Norton: Men.
Susan: Men.
Mrs. Norton: Would you like some coffee, Mr. Mears.
Ben: Yes, please.
Susan: How do you take it, Ben?
Ben: Black.
Susan: Dad?
Bill: You know what I think of caffeine.
Susan: And you still drink coffee.
Bill: Mornings only, and I don't recommend it. Yeah, Eva married this fellow called Weasel Phillips. He came up to about here on her. Thin as a heron's leg. Smelled like a skunk. Never made a living. Couldn't figure out why. They got divorced, but he's still living over there. Life in a small town.

Subsequent to the conversation, one can hear Ben's car start outside. Inside the house, Bill and his wife talk about Ben.

Mrs. Norton: What is he really doing in Salem's Lot?
Bill: Writing a book, he says.
Mrs. Norton: Did he say about what?
Bill: No, he didn't say, and I didn't ask him.
51 sec

17 Min
Mike's entire conversation with Ned in the truck is missing.

Ned: What's this all about anyway? You got any idea?
Mike: He wants Boom-Boom Bonnie to think he's going to Portland. As a matter of fact... Crocket himself set up this trip.
Ned: Larry Crockett? What's he got to do with this? Larry Crockett and Boom-Boom Bonnie? What's he gonna do?
Mike: Well, what would you do if you had a 12-gauge sitting in your garage?
37 sec

18 Min
Cop: Let's move it out, fellas.
Mike: All right, we're going.
Ned: Do you want to pry it open?
Mike: No, no. Let's just get it to the Marsten place. Get rid of it.
The lift up the crate with the crate with the hoisting crane in order to get it in the truck.
Mike: Hell of a way to make 50 bucks.
19 sec

21 Min
Some missing dialog between Mike and Ned in the truck.

Ned: It's cold in here.
Mike: Yeah. It sure is. It shouldn't be. It's a warm night. Turn down the heater.
Ned turns down the heat. Then he takes a look at the crate.
22 sec

23 Min
Mike and Ned go up and then walk up to the crate in the shipping space.
16 sec

30 Min
After Cullie catches his wife Bonnie cheating on him with Cully, the Uncut Version a little dialog.

Cully: Well, well, well.
Crockett: Cully.
Cully walks up to them and he points his shotgun at them in the process.
Cully: I guess I owe Weasel Phillips a case of beer after all.
Bonnie: Cully, look this isn't! He broke in! He tried to rape me.
+7 sec

30 Min
Exclusively in the Italian Version: Cully longer when he points his weapon at Crockett.
Cully: Get up.
Bonnie: Cully.
Cully points his weapon at Bonnie and tells her to shut up with rage.
Crockett: Please don't do anything! You don't want to go to jail, do you?
Cully: I'm not going to jail for killing the man who raped my wife! That is what he did, isn't it, honey?
Bonnie: Yes.
Crockett: No! She invited me, I swear.
Bonnie: You invited, him?
Crockett: Yes.
Bonnie: No! He called me and he said that he had to talk me and...
Cully: So you invited him over?
Being upset, he points the weapon at Bonnie again.
Bonnie: Cully, no.
Crockett: Cully, you don't want to go to jail for the rest of your life for what is a lie.
+37 sec

30 Min
Exclusively in the Italian Version: Crockett goes to the living room, followed by Cully pointing his gun at him.
Cully: Turn around, Larry.
Crockett: Look, I know how this must look to you! I can understand how upset you are... but let me explain what happened.
Cully: Grab the barrel, Larry.
Crockett: Hä?
Cully: The barrel! Grab the barrel.
Crockett grabs the shotgun after Cully tells him to.
Cully: Easy! Very easy.
He uncocks his gun,
Cully: That's it. Now, this shotgun's got a five-pound pull on it and I've got about three on it now! Good boy. Cully und Crockett lachen. Cully: Now hold it up front on your face. Crockett vergeht plötzlich das lachen. Cully: That's it. Right in front.
Obviously scared, Crockett reaches for the barrel and it in his mouth.
Cully: Careful. You move that barrel, Larry, and I'll blow you away. Good. Just hold it, Larry. Hold it steady. Steady, Larry. Don't move. Don't move. There. You see how much self-control you can have? It's terrific. You're doing fine, Larry. Just fine. Close your eyes, Larry. Close them.
Larry closes his eyes, Cully pulls the trigger. But no shot is being fired which is why Crockett drops te shotgun, tumbles against the wall and finally to the frontdoor.
+96 sec

31 Min
In the Italian Version, the shot of Danny's parents waiting for him at the hospital is longer.
+2 sec

36 Min
Additional scene with Straker and Gillespie.
Straker: Ciao, Constable.
Gillespie: Ciao?
Straker: Ciao. That's a familiar Italian expression meaning goodbye.
Gillespie: I didn't know you were Italian.
Straker: I'm not. The word is.
Gillespie: Well, you learn something new every day.
Subsequent to the last comment, Gillespie opens the door and leaves Straker's store.
29 sec

48 Min
Exclusively in the Italian Version: After Mark refuses to open the window "Vampire Danny" is floating in front of, there is an additional shot of the latter plus a further shot of Mark.
+4 sec

54 Min
Inside Straker's store, June goes to her son Mark and shows him some antique she just found. She wants to buy it for Mark's dad's birthday.

June: Wouldn't Dad like this?
Mark: I guess so.
June: Oh, Mr. Straker. My husband's birthday is next week, and I... Oh, dear.
Straker: It's quite reasonable, you know.
June: There's no chance that...?
Straker: I'm sorry, but...
June: I understand.
Straker: I could hold it for you till the end of the week without any obligation.
June: Oh, I'd appreciate that. Thank you.
Straker: Done.

June and Mark leave the store while Ben comes in.

Straker tells his costumers a few things about the antiques in his store while Ben takes a look around. He finds some old object and picks it up in order to take a closer look. Straker shows up and they start talking.

Straker: English.
Ben: Georgian.
Straker: Oh, you have some expertise.
Ben: No, not really. I just know something about silver. My aunt had some Georgian. We had to sell it when she died.
Straker: What an unfortunate way to acquire knowledge.
Ben: My aunt was housekeeper at the Marsten house, your house.
Straker: Oh, really? That's interesting.
Ben: I've always been curious about that place.
Straker: Perhaps I can satisfy your curiosity.
Ben: A lot of peculiar things have happened in that house. The man who built it murdered his wife and a servant. And though it was never proved he was suspected in the disappearance of several children.
Straker: Yes, it was terrible, wasn't it?
Ben: Interesting.
Straker: Remarkable, yes.
Ben: Mr. Straker? Do you believe that evil can be inherent in a house?
Straker: About as much as I belive that trees have souls. Well, perhaps they do. Oh, you're the writer. On vacation or vocation?
Ben: I am writing about the Marsten house.
Straker: And you'd like to visit. Well, why not? Mr. Barlow is on a buying trip, but the moment he arrives. You'll enjoy Mr. Barlow. And he'll enjoy you.
164 sec

60 Min
Only the Italian Version contains rotational shots of Burke and "Vampire Mike" while Mike keeps telling Burke to look at him.
+16 sec

71 Min
Missing shot of Majorie and Ben in the German Version,
+2.5 sec

71 Min
For the last time, the German Version lacks several shots of Majorie and Ben who holds his selfmade cross up in the air.
+6 sec

72 Min
After "Vampir Majorie" vanishes, footage of the empty stretcher and severa objects falling down is missing. Then Ben and Bill and the subsequent scene of the driving car is cut as well.
11 sec/b>

89 Min
The shot of Bill is a little longer.
2 sec

89 Min
Rotational shots of Bill and the door to the Marsten house he starring at.
12 sec