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Ex, The (aka Fast Track)

original title: Ex, The / Fast Track


  • PG-13/Unrated
  • German Version
Release: Oct 02, 2011 - Author: Buster - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Tom Reilly has everything the heart could wish for, a job as a soon-to-be chef in a luxury restaurant in New York and a beautiful woman who will soon give birth to a baby. But everything is about to change when hotheaded Tom pours ketchup over the owner of the restaurant in the heat of the moment, so he loses his job. Now the young family is forced to leave New York, they move to Ohio so that Tom can work in the ad agency of his father-in-law. There he gets to know Chip Sanders, the ex of his wife, who gives him a hard time.

The film was released in the USA in two different versions: as PG-13 DVD and as genre-typical Unrated DVD.

The two US versions differ a lot: in the Unrated version are missing scenes which are contained in the PG-13 version. The other way around, the Unrated version contains scenes which are missing in the PG-13 version. Surprisingly the PG-13 version is longer in total than the Unrated version. Moreover there are almost no new explicit scenes in the Unrated version. Just the scene in which the protagonist dreams of his mother-in-law in a cheerleader dress telling him to follow her and then watching his wife having sex with his competitor could be counted as an explicit scene which was maybe too much for the American PG-13 rating. But this can also be doubted for there isn't shown any bare skin.

FSK 6: 78:21 Min. PAL (without end credits)
PG-13: 81:07 Min. NTSC (without end credits) / 77:48 PAL (without end credits)

Compared were the German FSK 6 DVD and the US PG-13 DVD.
01:16:56 -> Timecode FSK 6
01:16:57 -> Timecode US PG-13 in PAL
01:13:09 -> Timecode US Unrated in PAL
Chip Sanders arrives in Barcelona, he has some communication problems.

Chip Sanders: - Hola, Señor. Dónde está rampo, Señor? Señor, hola?
- Chip Sanders, new creative director. I need to get inside the building.
- Do you see I've broken both my legs? Is that tough to see?
- Guess what? Old Chipperoo's gonna take care of things himself.
- This is what a man who needs help looks like. Don't worry. Are you late for an appointment or something?
- Is that what it is? You must be late.
- How about this door? Can I just get this one?
- There's no mistake at all. Sir, I work on the fourth floor. It's Chip Sanders.
- Please don't break my arms too. Just lift me up and place me back in my chair.

33 Sec.

This scene can be seen during the end credits in the US version, there's no runtime difference:
PG-13:FSK 6:

There's missing a scene in the end credits of the US version of Tom and his friend watching TV:
PG 13:FSK 6: