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  • Alternate Cut
  • Original Version
Release: Apr 06, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the shortened alternative version and the uncut IFD version (both included on the German DVD by AVV / WMM)

- 4 cuts
- Runtime difference: 389.3 sec (= 6:29 min)


Ninja the Protector is another trash grenade from the infamous IFD film forge, which advertises with Jackie Chan, who is in no way involved in the production. Concerning the film itself, we recommend reading the report on the BBFC 18 VHS, where our author Odo duly described the confusing extent of this Godfrey Ho work in the intro. In any case, it is important to note that the German VHS was shortened by 6.5 minutes, which included plot scenes as well as two violent scenes. These parts were in English with German subtitles on the uncut German DVD by '84 Entertainment.

On December 13, 2019, the German label AVV continued the in-house IFD Legacy Edition with its partner label WMM. Ninja the Protector was only released on DVD in a mediabook, but the master supplied by IFD is now in 1.56:1 format and thus shows more picture information than the old DVD.

Among other extras, a newly created bonus cut is especially interesting, although there is nothing spectacularly "alternative" about it. The violent peak towards the end, which is missing on VHS, is included here, but the lengthy erotic scenes as well as everything with non-German dubbed material have been removed here. At one point, the insignificant beginning of the follow-up is missing.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: Alternative version on German DVD by WMM / Original version on German DVD by WMM

15:56 / 15:56-18:10

There is a longer scene missing in which David or Warren is shown walking on the beach with his girlfriend. After a while, they lie down on the ground and "hot" love scenes of the two follow, while they are washed by the waves.

133,8 sec (= 2:14 min)

18:15 / 20:29-22:31

Another longer plot block: Warren is seen in the dressing room, combing his hair in front of a mirror. A somewhat more mature lady comes in and looks at him lasciviously. She tries to get at him by pouring a glass of water over her and pretending it was Warren's fault. As he dabs it dry, Susan comes into the room and tells Warren that he is expected outside. Then she greets the lady who presses a bundle of banknotes into her hand. She thinks Susan should give her 10.000 US dollars. Susan replies that this is no problem and goes outside. There she meets Albert, also called Four-Eyes, and his girlfriend Lili. Susan tells him that he should be more careful, since someone from their ranks has already been killed. They talk briefly about Warren and then say goodbye.

121,5 sec (= 2:02 min)

39:01 / 43:17-44:22

Again, a love scene with David is missing.
The first 2 seconds of the following shot are missing.

65,2 sec (= 1:05 min)

48:48 / 54:09-55:17

The only cut that can also be classified as violence reduction: Four-Eyes takes off his belt and hits Lili with it. The two of them run through half the apartment until he throws her on the bed and attacks her.

68.8 sec (= 1:09 min)