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An American Werewolf In London


Pan's Labyrinth

Gaming Instinct

original title: Spieltrieb


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Aug 06, 2017 - Author: Basic.Master - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Director's Cut

12 differences, consisting of
9 extended scenes in the Director's Cut
3 alternate scenes

Originally, only the Theatrical Version was released. The longer Director's Cut was supposed to be for international markets only, hence the comparison. In other words, the Theatrical Version is only available in Germany. In any other country where this movie has been released, one can only get the Director's Cut.

Time index refers to
Theatrical Version / Director's Cut
0:34:55 / 0:34:55
Extended Scene Director's Cut
Alev and Ada are sitting on his bed where he is supposed to deflower her with a dildo because he is impotent.
833 frames = 33.3 sec

0:34:58 / 0:35:30
Extended Scene Director's Cut
The conversation continues.
187 Frames = 7.5 sec

0:35:30 / 0:36:09
Extended Scene Director's Cut
Alev has the dildo and lets his hand slide down the dildo.
38 Frames = 1.5 sec

0:36:02 / 0:36:43
Alternate Footage - Director's Cut
Alev keeps penetrating Ada. Her eyes are filled with tears and she presses his head against her body. His body and the dildo are moving in sync. He then stops and tosses the dildo on the ground.
496 Frames = 19.8 sec

Alternate Footage - Theatrical Version
Alev stops (alternate take: they look less beat) and tosses the dildo on the ground. There is no shot of that in the Theatrical Version though.
134 Frames = 5.4 sec

0:36:19 / 0:37:14
Alternate Footage - Director's Cut
Close-ups of the two of them. Alev gets up and moves away from the bed. Ada puts her panties back on. He smokes. She looks at him and leaves. The subsequent shot of Ada leaving boarding school starts a little earlier as well.
813 Frames = 32.5 sec

Alternate Footage - Theatrical Version
The shot of the bed is longer: Both are sitting there contemplatively.
110 Frames = 4.4 sec

0:51:42 / 0:53:05
Extended Scene Director's Cut
When Alev leaves the gym - his roommate Tony showed up - Ada and Smutek start kissing passionately. He also lifts her up.
158 Frames = 6.3 sec

0:51:52 / 0:53:22
Extended Scene Director's Cut
Smutek pulls down Ada's panties.
30 Frames = 1.2 sec

0:51:55 / 0:53:26
Extended Scene Director's Cut
Smutek goes down on Ada. She starts moaning. Cut to Alev who is back and watches the whole thing from the distance. Smutek looks up because he wants to see Ada's face. They kiss and he takes off her jacket. They hug and walk away from the sports equipment. Then a further cut to Alev.

782 Frames = 31.3 sec

0:52:03 / 0:54:06
Extended Scene Director's Cut
Ada and Smutek a little longer when they are having sex.
66 Frames = 2.6 sec

1:09:46 / 1:11:52
Extended Scene Director's Cut
In the Theatrical Version, Ada und Smutek only kiss for a moment. In the Director's Cut, Smutek drops his pants. Then he has sex with Ada while they kiss passionately.
485 Frames = 19.4 sec

1:09:51 / 1:12:16
Extended Scene Director's Cut
The conversation starts earlier. As a result, the shot is longer. The subsequent shot starts earlier as well.
67 Frames = 2.7 sec

1:13:05 / 1:15:32
Alternate Footage - Director's Cut
Ada's answer is a little longer.
459 Frames = 18.4 sec

Alternate Footage - Theatrical Version
The previous shot in order in order to hide the missing part of Ada's comment.
32 Frames = 1.3 sec

1:32:06 / 1:34:50
Only the DVD contains end credits (not considered as length difference).