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US Blu-ray with Theatrical & Unrated Version

Silent Hill



The Koker Trilogy

Fifty Shades Darker


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated
Release: Jun 09, 2017 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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1:41:11 Minutes
Additional dialog during the chopper flight. Ros explains the moutain in front of them is a vulcano called St. Helens. Christian tries to keep everyone calm and says it was simply the faster way to their destination.
26.03 sec

1:41:45 Minutes
Christian: "Don't worry."
1 sec

1:42:05 Minutes
Further shot of Christian and Ros when the chopper is going down.
3.21 sec

1:42:13 Minutes
Shot of the dashboard while Christian tries to get the chopper under his control.
1.54 sec

1:42:16 Minutes
Christian keeps trying to get control of the chopper.
9.13 sec

1:42:28 Minutes / 1:33:00 Minutes
In the Theatrical Version, Christian says "Hold tight!" several times while flying through the valley.
The Unrated is much more dramatic. Christian keeps trying to fly/get control of the chopper and kind of crashes. But at least, he brings the bird down.
35.07 sec / 2.88 sec

UnratedTheatrical Version

1:47:48 Minutes
Christan tells his family, Anastasia and Josť exactly what happened. They all are happy and relieved that everything went well. Josť then wants to leave and so do the others.
67.19 sec

1:53:31 Minutes
The sex scene contains a bit more footage.
5.42 sec

1:53:56 Minutes
After having sex, Anastasia is sitting on Christian's lap when they confess their love for each other.
17.94 sec

1:54:14 Minutes
Anastasia is on the phone with her mom again. She tells her mother she and Christian were back together and they were going to get married. She also ensures her mom she was not pregnant. Her mother is pleased.
104.86 sec

1:57:52 Minutes
Christian's speech is longer: He thanks his parents. His mother is so touched, she sheds a few tears.
23.73 sec

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