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Release: Jun 09, 2017 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB


Despite the rather bad critics, Fifty Shades of Grey was a huge success at the box office and grossed more than $570 million worldwide - thanks to the hype. Two years later, the sequel Fifty Shades Darker was released theatrically. Not really hyped, bad critics again, it "only" grossed almost $380 million worldwide. Next year, the final chapter Fifty Shades Freed will run in theaters. The question is: What kind of critics will it get and what will be the box office result this time.



In order to lure potential costumers, an Unrated Version which approx. 3 additional minutes was released on Blu-ray & DVD. Said Unrated contains more sex and nudity and also alternate, more explicit takes. Well, explicit might be a little exaggerated because after all, the result is not what it could be - despite its R-rating. The same goes for the here compared sequel which is even more harmless and does not contain a single full frontal nudity shot of Dakota Johnson - not even the Unrated does. There are more than 13.5 minutes of additional footage and yet, actual footage that is "unratedworthy" is hard to find: There are 2 extended sex scenes plus 1 additional one. The problem is that one does not get to see much, Anastasia's breasts are strategically covered. The remaining footage consists of additional plot scenes.



At least, 3 of the additional plot scenes are worth mentioning. For instance, only the Unrated shows Anastasia's mother Carla, played by Jennifer Ehle. She appears in 2 scenes when she is talking to Anastasia on the phone. For that reason, she is only being credited in the Unrated - both in the opening and end credits. The second huge difference is a long scene in the middle of the movie that shows Anastasia and Christian playing billiard and having sex. With a length of 5.5 minutes, this is the longest additional scene in the entire movie. Last but not least, there is the chopper crash. Only the Unrated contains the crash resp. the emergency landing in the woods which makes the whole thing a little more dramatic.



Compared are the R-Rated Theatrical Version and the longer Unrated Version, both released by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.



There are 19 differences. The Unrated is 819.63 seconds (~13:40 minutes) longer than the Theatrical Version.

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4:11 Minutes
Anastasia talks to her mother on the phone. First, they talk about Anastasia's new job, then about how her relationship with Christian ended.
33.2 sec

8:45 Minutes
Anastasia tells Christian to wait. She goes to Josť to say goodbye, then she and her ex leave. Josť does not like it but what can he do? On their to the restaurant, Christian takes Anastasia to some alley, pushes her against the wall and they kiss. After a while, Anastasia stops. Christian seems understanding.
71.9 sec

9:57 Minutes
Due to the additional scene, the subsequent one with Anastasia and Christian at the restaurant starts earlier. The reason is the waiter who wants to take their order. In the Theatrical Version, that question is audible at the end of the shot of Christian at the atelier.
0.96 sec

14:53 Minutes
Anastasia goes to the window andd closes the blinds. The camera pans to the street and one gets to see Leila watching Anastasia's apartment.
24.23 sec

27:03 Minutes
Chrstian talks to one of his guys about Leila. Anastasia asks if he knew the girl but all he says is that he was going to take care of it.
18.81 sec

1:04:26 Minutes
The sex scene with Anastasia and Christian is longer.
11.3 sec

1:14:14 Minutes
Anastasia puts the documents on the desk. Then she goes to her new office. Being in there, she gets a message by Christian. He wants to know if she still had a job and she answers she had gotten Jack's job. Christian congratulates her.
48.34 sec

1:18:33 Minutes
Christian and Anastasia keep kissing when they leave the elevator and they do not stop in the hallway either. When Christian gets a call, he lets go off Anastasia. She goes in the room next door and prepares the billiard table. Christian shows up and they start playing. But of course, there is something at stake here: If Anastasia wins, she takes him to the Red Room. If Christian wins, he gets to choose. They start playing and Anastasia loses eventually. He choses to take her right there on the billiard table.
318.65 sec

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