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Northville Cemetery Massacre, The


  • NL VHS
  • German VHS
Release: Aug 04, 2010 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
It should be noted that the German version (by ITT-Contrast) temporarily runs faster than the Dutch version. However, this evens out by the half of the film. Not only because of this, the Dutch version is longer.
German version (ITT):72:09 (excluding end credits) 72:32 (including end credits. In this case, a black screen is shown at the sound of music)

The German VHS is cut as well.

Dutch version (NL):76:37 (excluding end credits) 78:21 +/- 10 sec. (including end credits)
NL 01:03:38
Some guy signals the pilot to go down.
9 sec.

NL 01:09:51
After the massacre, the sheriff and the father look at each other and then turn around. In between, one can see the dead man with the shirt.
25 sec.

NL 01:11:47
The Dutch version lacks the complete ending of the film, which won't be described further here, since that would be a spoiler. But this one can say: there is a shooting. The Dutch version sets in when all the dead bodies are seen from above.
31 sec.

End credits
The end credits of the ITT version runs 23 seconds. The end credits of the Dutch version, including the text sign, are about 120 sec. long (+/- 10 sec.). Due to a tape jam, the exact run time could not be detected.