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Korean Connection, The

original title: Billy Chan


  • US DVD
  • German VHS Version
Release: Sep 18, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US DVD and the German VHS Version

- 31 cuts
- Length difference: 696.8 sec (= 11:37 min)

Both versions (especially the US DVD) contain numerous small jump-cuts with a length of less than 1 second. In order to keep it simple, none of these are not going to be mentioned in the following comparison. Also, a few scenes are longer on the US DVD.

The martial arts flick The Korean Connection from 1976 is a tough one when it comes to the different versions: After its theatrical release in Germany, the movie got a VHS release in Germany as well. Other releases worldwide are very rare. One of these releases is the US DVD with is approx. 10 minutes shorter than the German VHS.

These two version are being compared here. The German VHS Version is the longest one but compared to the Korean VOD Demand, there are a few jump-cuts as well. Luckily, most of that footage is also on the US DVD. But as already mentioned, there are more than 10 missing minutes as well: Usually as result of a bad master but there is also some plot missing and those cuts were made intentionally.

Which is also weird: There are some recuts and additional effects on the US DVD. As a result, the dramaturgy has changed a little in at least three scenes - this is especially striking at the end of the movie: Only the US DVD contains a happy ending in which the hero saves the girl from the bad guy and kills him. In the Original Version (like the German VHS Version and the Korean VOD Version), this confrontation takes place earlier and the girl commmits honor suicide a little after that.
Furthermore, the coloring of a flashback in the first half of the movie is different. It kind of looks like the good, old grindhouse flicks.

All in all, the US DVD is not exactly the cream of the crop due to its numerous cuts. But then again, the recuts and the original aspect ratio make that release at least a little bit interesting.

Time index refers to
US DVD in NTSC / German VHS Version in PAL

Please note: Due to its enhanced quality, the screenshots have been taken from the Korean VOD Version (if possible). As for the few missing scenes in the Korean VOD Version, the German VHS was used for the screenshots - easy to spot due to the different aspect ratio and the short remark in the comparison.
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In the US Version, the title pops up on purple background. The German VHS Version shows the German title (selfmade in an incredibly cheap way) plus the credits at the end of the opening are in Italian. Since the German credits are obviously incomplete, screenshots have only been taken from the US DVD and the longer original opening of the Korean VOD Version.

German VHS Version 13.4 sec longer

US DVDKorean VOD Version

01:43 / 01:53-01:54

The baddies make a few steps forward.

1.1 sec

02:40-02:41 / 02:50

Jump cut in the German VHS Version when the guy is rolling on the ground.

+ 0.7 sec

03:31 / 03:38-03:40

Jump-cut in the German VHS Version when the guy is rolling on the ground.

2.3 sec

04:25 / 04:32-07:03

The baddies walk away longer. The introduction of the old quak Billy is currently working for follows. It is about some kind of magic pills the old guy keeps pitching. At the end of his introduction, he makes a pitch for Billy Chan and his martial arts skills. Sort of wasted, Billy stumbles out of his tent and people in the crowd are discussing that he used to be skilled fighter before he started drinking. Billy then attempts to tread down some pieces of wood but he misses and keeps lying on the ground. The old guy starts yelling at him.

151.6 sec (= 2:32 min)

06:18 / 08:53-08:55

The baldhead is going down a little longer plus the camera zooms in on his two buds a little sooner.

2.7 sec

12:31 / 14:57-16:14

When Billy remembers the time he spent with Yan Suk while walking across the street, there is a flashback which shows to two of them playing in water.

Then Billy on the street again and also in a barn: He wonders if he should have done something different back then. This part is also in the US Version but later.

Last but not least, there is some footage of Yan Suk yelling at her brother.

77.2 sec (= 1:17 min)

12:53 / 16:35-16:57

Yan Suk's keeps complaining until Billy shows up with flowers.
The German VHS Version contains a jump-cut here because (in the Korean VOD Version) Billy actually tosses the flowers on the ground and the scene of the two of them digging starts earlier as well. At that point, the Korean VOD Version also lacks some footage. This means that every single version is incomplete here - the US DVD lacks more footage than the other ones.

21.3 sec

13:21 / 17:23-17:29

Additional shot of them facing each other and making a few steps forward.

6.2 sec

13:37 / 17:45-17:49

Another missing shot in the US Version.

3.7 sec

14:25 / 18:36-18:39

The fight starts a little earlier.

Please note: Here, the Korean VOD Version lacks way more footage. To be more specific, the subsequent 20 seconds are missing here but they are in the US Version.

2.6 sec

15:11 / 19:24-19:35

At first a block, then some chasing and a first shot of the fight (that shows Billy).

10.8 sec

15:13 / 19:37-19:40

The fight continues on higher ground.

3.2 sec

18:11-18:15 / 22:33-22:36

Interesting: Before Billy has another flashback, there is a grindhouse style alteration before little Billy gets his butt kicked.
Said shot also lacks the first few frames.

US Version 1.1 sec longer

US DVDKorean VOD Version

19:44-19:50 / 24:00-24:14

Same goes for the end of the flashback: In the US Version, the screen is blue for a little while.

In the German VHS Version (& the Korean VOD Version), the regular shot of little Billy is longer instead. His mentor then drives him back - he just sits there contemplatively.

German VHS Version 7.7 sec longer

US DVDKorean VOD Version

Alternate / Recut
22:44-23:10 / 27:03-30:09

In the German VHS Version, Yan Suk is crying outside because her brother died. She also bitches that there was no reason whatsoever to kill him in the first place. Billy just watches her and hides behind a tree when she takes a look outside. Yan Suk then runs outside and calls Billy's name. She wants to know who killed her brother. Billy walks away silently and mumbles that he actually knew who did it.
All of a sudden, the three baddies show up and after a long discussion, theyy start kicking Billy's butt but the flute player intervenes.

The US DVD here shows two previous scenes (please see 12:31 / 14:57-16:14) of Bily.
When the girl (Yu He) grabs Billy's shoulder, the versions are back in sync.

German VHS Version 161.1 sec (= 2:41 min) longer

23:20 / 30:19-30:47

The flute player talks to the baddies who then rather chicken out instead of participating in the fight again.

This alteration makes it quite obvious that the US Version tries to hide the presence of the three baddies.

28 sec

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