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Drunken Master II

original title: Jui kuen II


  • Japanese Blu-ray
  • Chinese DVD
Release: Mar 31, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia
Comparison between the Japanese Blu-ray from Warner and the Chinese DVD from Thakral.

We've already reported a lot about Jackie Chan's Drunken Master II. It should be known by now that the film in it's international version was robbed of the entire end scene (small press conference & a Jackie, mentally handicapped by alcohol). The US version at least still had the press conference but the affected Jackie was also withheld here. The Blu-ray released in October 2018 in Hong Kong, Korea and Japan is identical in content and above all: it's codefree with English audio tracks/subtitles and for the first time uncut.

When we reviewed this release again more thoroughly, we noticed another highlight which was overlooked in the previous cut reports. Apart from the final scene, there is already a sequence in the middle of the film, which deviates curiously with alternative material. When Jackie sings "I hate my daddy" in a restaurant (totally drunk) the Chinese DVD shows a different scene for a minute with differently mounted- and exclusive shots. Basically, it's quite unspectacular but still a clear difference.

The regional Asia Blu-ray version, which is uncut regarding the ending scene, proceeds in exactly the same way as the various releases with either the international or the US version. We have reviewed this again with the following versions: The German VHS, German DVD and both bonus versions on Disc 2 of the Japanese Blu-ray version (= each international version) as well as the US DVD and British Blu-ray (= each US version) are identical here. Only the China DVD shows the alternative shots. The laserdisc from Hong Kong, which also comes with the complete ending could not be conclusively examined so far, but allegedly only the international variant of the singing scene is to be seen here too.

Runtime specifications are arranged according to the following scheme:
Japanese Blu-ray / Chinese DVD in NTSC
Deviating credits at the beginning.

Japanese Blu-rayChinese DVD

54:46-55:26 / 54:41-55:17

After the scene with the musician and until the arrival of the thugs, both versions show alternative shots.

Blu-ray 3,4 sec. longer

Japanese Blu-rayChinese DVD

55:34-55:48 / 55:25-55:36

The two follow-up shots on the Blu-ray were already a few frames longer. Here the difference is even more striking: The camera view of Ken Lo is interrupted by another view of the singing Jackie. Only then does the henchman speak to Ken, which also happens in an alternative take (see the person in the background).

Blu-ray 2,9 sec. longer

Japanese Blu-rayChinese DVD

55:50 / 55:38-55:39

The chef is seen a moment longer and the full-shot detail a slightly bit earlier.

1,4 sec.