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Sunset Riders


SNES Version
Region: Worldwide

SEGA Genesis Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Jun 13, 2013 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: DaxRider123
The Game:
Originally released as an arcade game, Sunset Riders is about 4 bounty hunters who get money for arresting bandits in the wild west. The game itself doesn't really have a storyline: Steve and Billy are armed with pistols, while Bob and Cormano carry shotguns. The SNES Version includes all 4 characters and 8 levels. bietet alle 4 Spielfiguren und alle 8 Level. Unlike the arcade/SNES version the SEGA Genesis version was altered: you can only play Billy and Cormano. Additionally, you can only play 4 levels which are split up into 2 rounds. In the first round of each level you have to free a girl, while in the second version you fight the boss. The bosses of the Genesis version are called: Simon Greedwell, Paco Loco, Chief Scalpem, and Richard Rose. Additionally, the Genesis version also offers a 2-player mode.

Comparison of the Images:
SNES:SEGA Genesis:

Comparison between the SEGA Genesis version and the censored SNES version.
Bar Girls:
The bar girls which you have to free in the SEGA Genesis version wear less clothes.

When the player is hit by flames, you see a burning-animation in the SEGA Genesis version - not so in the SNES version.

The final boss "Chief Scalpen" in the SNES version was re-named to "Chief Wigwam". Additionally, all Native Americans were replaced by regular bandits.